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Green Day 1 syn Samosas


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I mentioned this recipe in the threads, and thought I would share it on here for anyone who is interested.

It is a bit of a fiddle, but they are REALLY yummy, and they freeze very well too (before the cooking stage) - so I make the whole batch, freeze and bag them up, cooking them from frozen when 'needed'.

Vegetable Samosas

abridged from SW Curry Feast

Makes 18 (although I made 24 with this amount of filling)
green - 1 syn each
red - 2 syns each

1 tbsp mild curry powder
1 tsp amchoor (dried mango powder) - makes it 'tangy' you could leave this out, but it is better with
400g potatoes, boiled, crushed (ie mashed with no milk etc)
110g peas
4tbsp chopped coriander leaves
1 fresh red chilli, chopped
3 (or 4) large sheets filo (each sheet makes 6)

frylight on non stick frying pan over medium heat. add the curry powder, amchoor, potatoes and peas, stir fry for 4 - 5 mins. add the coriander and chilli, season with salt, set aside to cool.

heat oven to 190/ gas 5

lay out your filo - work quickly! keep unused filo under a tea towel (etc) so they don't dry out

cut filo in half widthways. then cut each half into 3 even strips lengthways, giving a total of 6 pieces per sheet.

lightly spray your first strip with frylight. add a tsp of filling at the bottom of the strip, and fold the pastry diagonally to enclose the filling and make a triangle. fold the filled triangle over and over again until you get to the end of the strip. This is actually easy to do, but impossible to explain!!

repeat with all remaining strips and filling.

freeze at this stage if wanted - lay on a tray to freeze, then bag once frozen. cook from frozen exactly the same as below.

place the parcels in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment (etc). spray the samosa with frylight and bake for 15-20 mins or until golden brown and crisp.

serve warm.

Hope this helps someone recreate the takeaway!
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Mmm sounds yummy x
thank you fr this recipe it sounds sooo yummy can't wait to try them:)

do you have any pics please, pics are always good :)

how long could you possible freeze them for please


loves food and cooking
Next time I make them, I shall snap them :)

I don't know about freezing times probably 3 months or so - in honesty they never stay in the deep freeze longer than a month here :eek:


loves food and cooking
I don't know!!! I don't see why not though - they are just the sort of thing that would be lovely in a picnic.

I shall try it soon and see :)


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Wow! Sounds delish. Thinking of also making a non-vege lamb version. Can you recommend how I could do that...use the same recipe and just add the minced lamb? What do you think? Thanks a bunch, you're such a star!!


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For a minced lamb one, I would probably look at a lamb keema curry as a filling (lamb mince, tomato, spices and small diced veg). It is the filo that is 1 syn per samosa, so if you can make a filling that is free (on either plan) then they would stay at 1 syn each.

Actually, I haven't made a keema for a while, and it is lovely :D must get that into my diary sometime ...


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Thanks, thats great, can't wait to try it.


Desperate to be slim!
Fingers crossed for a quick reply... do you use fresh or frozen filo for these?

I have a taster eve either tonight or next week at SW, so thought I'd have a go at these later on, then if it's next week I can freeze them and take them next week instead. My consultant will hopefully ring me back and let me know before tonight!


loves food and cooking
I have used both fresh and frozen filo for these. Makes no difference to the taste or the syns.


Desperate to be slim!
Cool... thanks. It's next week for tasting!!!

Can you re freeze filo if it's been frozen before? I thought I'd make them over the weekend while I have some spare time on my hands.

Thanks again!

Emma xXx
Ah i love samosas! thanks
guys not actually on slimming world at the moment (on CD but will be back to slimming world in a few weeks) but anyway recipe for Kheema samosa - dont use the curry one as it is too runny! for the filling:

1 pack quorn mince/lean minced lamb
1 onion
fresh crushed garlic (about 4 cloves)
fresh ground ginger (about 1 inch)
Fresh ground green chillies (to taste)
Peas (optional - but usually what we use in indian cooking when making kheema)
fry light
salt to taste (usually more when using quorn)
Garam masala - to taste but usually no more than one level teaspoon
fresh coriander chopped - approximately one tablespoon
(1/2 tablespoons of water if using quorn mince)

fry the onions using frylight, once softened and slightly golden, add garlic, ginger and chillies... (if too dry, top up with a few more sprays of fry light)

then add the peas and mince - (and water if using quorn mince) - when almost cooked, add salt, garam masala and leave until no sauce left. Switch off and add coriander and stir in.

you should have a dry loose mixture which is perfect for your samosa :)

(some people put a dash of tomato puree in but I generally shy away for the sake of saving syns)

Hope that helps you;

sorry measurements arent more accurate, but its the healthy version of the way I have been brought up to cook indian food :)


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Cool... thanks. It's next week for tasting!!!

Can you re freeze filo if it's been frozen before? I thought I'd make them over the weekend while I have some spare time on my hands.

Thanks again!

Emma xXx
Yes it's ok to refreeze filo Emma as it has no fat in it.

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