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1 Week diary - opinions please


Fighting the bulge

After my undeserved STS last week (i should have had a loss) i am going to try and up the food in my diary as i know that sometimes i dont eat when im hungry, added to the fact that i did massive amounts of exercise last week i think i just didnt consume enough.

This is what i've come up with;

B - Beans on wholemeal toast (B) with 1 butter bud (1/2 syn)
S- Orange & Nectarine
L - Pasta with Courgette, tesco BBQ chicken (1/2 syn), passatta, chilli flakes & tbspn worcestershire sauce
D - Rump Steak (fat removed), egg, tomato, beans, SW wedges with a mushroom sauce (pg 78 of SW mag)
Pud - Banana, Meringue (2.5 syns), cheesecake muller (1 syn) ASDA GFY Aerosol Light Cream (100ml 2.5 syns)
Drinks - 2 x ASDA diet blue charge. 8 x 500ml water, 500ml fanta zero
TOTAL - 7 syns

B - 1 slice of bacon, beans and egg
S - Boiled sweet (1 syn) Banana, 2 oranges
L - tesco BBQ chicken (1/2 syn), wholemeal Pitta (B), Lettuce, 57g Tesco LC Coleslaw (2 syns)
D - Lamb steaks in Rogan Josh with onion & mixed peppers (SW mag p22) with rice
P - Cheesecake Muller light (1 syn)
Drinks - 10 x 500ml water, 2 x diet blue charge, 1 x diet lemonade
TOTAL - 4.5

B - 2 weetabix (B), 250ml SS Milk (A) & a banana
L - orange
D - Roast Chicken (14g skin - 3.5), roast potatoes & Parsnips (in frylight), brocilli, sweetcorn battons & carrots. Aunt Bessie Yorkshire (2 syn), 4 tsp Bisto chicken gravy (4 syn)
P - Cherry Muller Yog
Drinks - 7 x 500ml water, 3 x diet blue charge, 1 x diet lemonade
TOTAL - 9.5

B - Omlette, milk (1/2 A) with tomato & ham
S - banana & orange
L - Roast Chicken, lettuce, wholemeal pitta (B) 57g LC Coleslaw (2 syns)
D - Chicken, stuffed with 21g mozzerella (1/2 A), jacket potato and beans
P - Strawberry muller
Drink - 8 x 500ml Water, 2 x diet blue charge

B - 2 weetabix (B), 250ml SS Milk (A) banana
L - Batchelors pasta & chicken
Drink - 15 x vodka (37.5 syns) & diet coke, 4 sambucas (16 syns)
TOTAL - 53.5

B - Bacon, Egg, tomatoes Butchers choice sausage x 2 (8 syns), 28g black pudding (3 syns) on wholemeal toast (B)
L - Chicken thighs (skin removed) with lettuce tomato cucumber & 50g LC potato salad (1.5 syns)
D - Roast chicken (skin removed) with lettuce tomato cucumber, peppers, new potatoes, AH cous cous (1 syn) & 50g LC potato salad (1.5 syns)
TOTAL - 15

Mon - having a random red day!
B - Banana & Fibre plus bar (B)
S - Orange
L - Tesco LC Chicken Salad sandwich (8.5 syns + B) Grapes
D - ASDA Lamb shank in mint gravy (1 syn) & veg
Drinks - 2 x Diet Blue charge, 5 x 500ml water
TOTAL - 9.5

Either Friday or saturday we will be going out for drinks.

I had made this as acurate as possible so please let me know if you spot any mistakes!! I am also aiming to drink 10 glasses of water per day

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Excited about the new me!
Hi Pesty

I've taken a look and on:

  • Tuesday after you Steak meal - as it doesn't contain enough veggies, you'll need to increase your SF fruit straight after eating, as that will count hun.
  • After you brekkie on Weds, your snack fruits, if you eat those straight after your brekkie, it'll digest the same time, so better losses as they are SF fruits.
  • Lunch on Thursday, you'll need to increase your SF as well, as sweetcorn won't be enough to be 1/3 plate of the meal, add tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions?
  • Dinner on Friday - Lamb Rogon Josh, add veggies to this meal as well, just stir in Brocoli and Carrots, thats what I do, makes it go further :) and digests better.
Other then that, with all your meals, just make sure that after brekkie has your SF fruit straight after it, so that digests the same time, You can still have SF fruit again for snacks too.

Hope I haven't pulled it apart too much hun, but its really ok, just a few titsy bitsy bits, that you could just adapt. And I really think that your weight will drop next week from this weeks Body magic anyway, but this is a brilliant way to get those extra results. And your've saved your syns before you use them, for your drink end of the week..which is much better then taking them back after too :) xxx


Fighting the bulge
Not at all Eternal!! That's why its on here, i need it to be ripped apart to help me to make it perfect :)

For tonight (tues) im going to up the amount of mushrooms in the sauce and have lots of tomatoes with fruit straight after :)

All brekkies i'll make sure i eat some fruit straight away and take some to work for snacks too.

Good spot on the Thurs lunch!! I hadnt noticed! I will add lots of peppers, sp onions and tomatoes and have some fruit too.

I'll do the same to the rogan, peppers onions and maybe some veges on the side!

If you've got anymore to add but didnt want to offend then please do!!! Your being really helpful and doing me a HUGE favor!!



Excited about the new me!
No not at all, in all honesty, thats all I saw and its only weeny adaptions like increasing SF with your meal, and if it doesn't contain enough, add fruit straight after, at the same sitting if you know what I mean. The SW cons said thats the way to get them in, if you struggle with the veggies during the meal. How many glasses does 9, make in lites? They say to aim for 2.5 litres a day, and water really helps to flush the fat, lol.. Know that from doing CD and its works with SW as well, so if you can increase you water if undre 2.5 litres, then try as that will help.. just not on your WI day, lol.. xxx


hey Pesty just noticed you said you were going out for drinks and counting your vodka as 2.5 syns, please bear in mind that many pubs now sell vodka and other spirits in 35ml shots which ups the syns cant remember to what though.

I have made this mistake before so thought I should let you know xx


Fighting the bulge
hey Pesty just noticed you said you were going out for drinks and counting your vodka as 2.5 syns, please bear in mind that many pubs now sell vodka and other spirits in 35ml shots which ups the syns cant remember to what though.

I have made this mistake before so thought I should let you know xx
Thank you huni, I have checked with my pub and their shots have stayed at 25ml. I know the land lady quite well and have a hissy fit if they accidently give me normal coke lol. I still check everytime i go :)

Its definitly a good thing to mention on threads though as some people dont know and end up accidently over syning so thank you xx


Fighting the bulge
Thanks hun, so far so good!! Ive just finished my 5th glass of water and so have done my 2.5litres for the day. I am still going to aim for 8-10 tho.

I hope i do lose this week, im sure it must be that im not eating enough. I always think im eating too much and so have small portions through the day and then binge on a big dinner so im hoping but keeping up the snacks & portion sizes i will be ok.

Im going to update the list at the top if i deviate so that on monday i know exactly what ive had for my WI result! xx


Fighting the bulge
Well, day 1 is done :)

I have updated any changes but i pretty much did it 100% - although i did let myself down on the super free foods!!

I had to remove the nectarines aswell, i bought them sunday and they're all squished and gross so i'll be off to buy some more fruit tomoz :)

Thanks all for looking :) feel free to pop back and i'll update on how im doing xx


Fighting the bulge
Feel free hun :)

They're all pretty straight forward recipes but if you want any (from the mag etc) let me know :)

I have had to swap fridays Rogan with tonights chicken curry as i've noticed the sell by date for the lamb is today!! Ive already prepared it all (with lots of onions and peppers) and put it in the slow cooker with a big sign on it saying TURN ME ON AT 12:30!! lol

I had a boiled sweet this morning (1 syn) and 2 glasses of water done so far today, I managed 8 in the end yesterday - which im happy with :) xx


Fighting the bulge
Just had my Pitta bread and OMG it was LOVELY!!!!!

It really stops a salad being boring! Just stuff it all in the pitta!! haha, on my 6th glass of water now - and as expected in weeing for England!! xx


Excited about the new me!
Hi Pesty.

I know the feeling of weeing for 10 men, lol.. I'm up about 3-4 times in the night as I drink so much, but are you noticing a difference? Stops that bloatedness too and your sking starts to look really clear too, hair easy to manage. Great stuff this H2o, lol.. Pitta bread, yummm, like that with mexican chicken and shredded lettuce in. xx


Fighting the bulge
Im not noticing the difference as yet. I normally drink quite a lot, i would say 5-6 glasses but am hoping that the extra 2-3 glasses a day will make a good difference!

My skin is a bit better today i think?!!?



Fighting the bulge
Good evening!!!

Today went well - only had 4.5 syns which is a bit naughty but i ate sooooo much dinner i couldnt manage anything else but a yog 1 hour later!!

Dinner was very VERY yummy i highly recommend it!! I will post the recipe in a sec.

I had a small amount of rice and LOADS of onions and peppers and tomatoes!!!

Really hoping for a good loss this week and it is really helping me posting on here being 100% honest - that way i know if im naughty i have to tell you all and I dont want to get told off! haha



Fighting the bulge
Lamb Rogan Josh

Serves 4
Ready in 2 hours and 40 mins

Fry Light
2lb/908g boneless lamb shoulder cut into chunks (i used lamb steaks and left them whole)
2 onions sliced
3 garlic cloves crushed (i used granules)
2 tsp ground ginger
2 cinnamon sticks (i didnt use any)
5 tbsp curry powder
2 x 400g cans chopped tomatoes
1 tsp artifical sweetner
7fl oz/198ml beef stock
1 red & 1 green pepper sliced (i used some frozen mixed peppers)
salt & pepper
coriander to garnish

1. Spray a large lidded pan with fry light, brown the meat & set aside

2. Add onions to the pan & cook over a medium heat for 10-12 minutes stirring often. Add the garlic, ginger, and cinnamon and stir fry for 1-2 mins. Add the browned lamb and curry powder and stir fry for 2-3 mins.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes, stock, peppers and season. Bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to low and cover. Simmer for 2 hours until the lamb is tender.

4. Serve the curry with rice and garnish with the coriander.

** I personally just threw all the ingredients into the slow cooker with the browned steaks on top and cooked on high for 4 hours!!**


Fighting the bulge

Ive put courgettes and brocilli in my pasta today as i have run out of tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn!!:eek:

I need to go shopping! I will get some different veges for my roast tonight as dont think i will fancy more brocilli lol

I'll be drinking less water today as im off to London for a meeting and then another meeting back in Chelmsford - i dont want to be weeing every 5 mins lol xx

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