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10 cal soups



a bit different everyday
:) hiya yummy
i think the general answer you will get is if it is not in the diet then you cant have it, and you would probably be better off having a big glass of water or a hot drink like pepprmint/green tea before a meal, you might find that these fill you up just as well as a 10 cal soup, the more you stick to the diet the quicker you can finish it, so for 10 cals i would say forget it and stick to the thing :)
you are doing so well and you havent got so far to go now so keep on head down and get through it!!
anyone else have an opinion?
nat xxxx;)
Have you got a link - which post is it?
Surely by doing this you're making the diet something that it's not? I mean I 'm not a purist, but when you start changing the diet, it's no longer the diet, is it?
That confuses me a bit to be honest, although I do understand why people want to make this easier of course xxx
thanks natayou, i know i should stick to it cozijust cant wai to get back to eating normally. the weight is coming off so fast but it seems like these last two weeks have draggedand that im going to bed at 8 because i cant resist temptation of hubby eating his dinner and me finishing the leftovers. ill stick at it and see what happens overthe next week or so but i might finish ss early and so aam x x x
You're doing so well Yummy Mummy would a 10 cal soup really make that much difference to you? It's definitely not easy when other people around you are eating normally but hang in there it won't take too long the way you are going;)
thnaks tartan lass, i know i should hold out and i am doinf well but i dont know how much longer i put up with not being able to eat. hopefully that bars will make a diffrence as im able to start having them as of this weeks weigh in (thursday) thanks all for the advise
ok i dont even know what flavorsthey do so i think ill give them all a go. any recomendations?
Yummy, flavours I tried are cranberry (crunchy) caramel (bit like a real Cadbury's caramel taste wise) Malt Toffee (bit like Curlywurly taste wise) and Orange (I did not like this one, left me with a nasty aftertaste)

There are also Chocolate and Peanut, I think that's them all. Hope you find something you like :)
thnaks i will get one of each at least .

I'd avoid them if I were you, although they're low in cals unless you know exactly what's in them it could knock you out of ketosis, which'll just make you hungrier and make the diet harder to do. Also packaged soups often have a high salt content, which will make you retain water and totally hinder your weight loss.

Stay strong & focussed - you can do it. :)

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