10 days of hell


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Hi all
Anyone miss me lol
Ive been quietly dying for the last 10 days, Ive had the flu (if I was a man it would have been the worst case of man flu ever)
Ive felt sorry for myself
Ive felt down
Ive felt like death warmed up
Ive been blocked up but streaming,hot but cold (you know the one )
anyway I ate food, warming, feel good, flu beating food (it didnt beat the flu ) didnt make me feel any beter and i couldnt taste it
Today was the first day I ventured outside the house
the fresh air has knocked me sideways
the first place I went was too my CDC to be weighed
ho hum 6lbs on
So Im back too it now im not dying anymore
just waiting for that death warmed up feeling to come back tomorrow :(
Hi Whirlwind

Glad you are feeling better. Most of that 6lbs will be water! You will lose it this week. Get back on SSing and you will be in the warm ketosis bubble in no time. Good Luck
Hi Whirlwind

Sorry you've been so poorly. But if you get real flu it really is terrible. Flu is a very overused word. I had it twice and both times it's taken me a very long time to get over. So take good care of yourself!!!

Hope you get back on track with the diet. It may be worth considering starting with a higher calorie CD plan and moving down, see how your body feels.

Good Luck

Thinking of you

Dizzy x
That realy does sound hellish - hope I'm not too late getting my flu jab next week ! I bet that 6llb is water and just plain inactivity. You'll probably lose it really quickly. Glad you are back on track!
((((((((((((((((big hugs for whirlwind)))))))))))))))))))))))

Of course we missed you xxxx

As said the 6lbs I expect is just water and you'll soon have this off by next week x

Good luck for getting on track and :D smilexx
Thanx everyone
My bodies still aching a little and Im really knackered but at least my hot tofee and walnut has just hit the spot
Do I stay away from the bars for a few weeks,is it like starting all over again ?????
Hi Lisa...sorry to hear you were ill....unfortunately, I think it might be like starting again...probably best wait til ketosis is well established before having bars...

My lilttle girl has had the flu jab, but I wasnt allowed....not fair!!!