10 is almost 10 well 11.1

I think its time I start my diary here.
I have one on DL, but I have been liking it better over here.
I have been on LL for 97 days
I have lost 4 1/2 stones
with 3 more to go......and if that can happen in the next 2-3 months I will be very happy!!!!!
I have not cheated once [and wont ]
I have been out to dinner with my husband, family and friends.been to parties
had a party that I did all the cooking
just really gotten on with my life doing this crazy diet.
I am so glad we can have coffee and tea!!!!
I have felt alittle silly a few time sending back water becouse it had lemon in it.
but it is just what I am doing and thats it.
Its all good.I am looking and feeling great !!!!
never better on a diet.
so that is just what I am thinking about at the moment. Susan
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Well done susan, I can feel your vibes and they are all good.
Looking forward to hearing all about your final journey, you are more than half way there, bet that feels so good
Well done on your amaazing weight loss! I'm positive that you will reach your goal in no time at all!
Have a great day
I have less than 3 stones to lose !!!!!!
I am in the 12's !!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy !!!!!!!!

PS my ticker is wrong , needs to be up-dated
Wow in the 12's! Thats fantastic!
I know what you mean about your tracker, mines all wrong as well! LOL. I always have trouble changing it, I'm not much good on technical computer stuff!
Have a lovely day
I am back at the gym 6 days a week
I hope its dosnt slows my weight loss..But it will be worth it in the end.
I have had a trainer put me on a program I will be doing vibration training and swiss ball training and also do power walks on my days off when I have time in the afternoons.
My legs hurt the last two days, getting back into it , I really love it and I am very lucky the gym is near to my house.I have no reson not to go...........
Congratulations being in the 12's that is fab, well done.

Love Mini xxx
Well, Im into about size 14 in about everything
I went out with my cousin last night
she said she is a size 14. Do I look that good ?
Its just hard to believe sometimes .
Im even a 14 in jeans [ a bit tight at the gap , perfect at M&S ] I am buying cheap until I am at my goal [ size 10 ] getting dressed is so diffrent now, it so much easier to look good !!!!!
I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just told my husband that I weight 2 stones more than him now , he said how could you were the same size. bless him
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Getting very close to goal!!!

If you want to change title of your thread go to the first post you have made on the thread and click on edit and then go advanced and you wll be able to change your title:D

Love Mini xxx
Hi Susan!

Just wanted to say congrats on getting into the 12s!!! What a wonderful feeling! Your vibes are really positive - keep them up, for all of us!! It's so great to read a thread like yours when you're feeling down and like giving up! Keep up the good work!!!

Sarah x
I am staying on LL

If I had it all to over again , I not sure what I would do , but I am going to stay on LL until the end. I love my LLC , The other parts Im not so sure about , I would love the change......
I cant believe I have come this far.
And I am going to see it to the end 100%
since May 15th I have lost
just over 5 stones
just over 2 to go.
5 stone lost! That is amazing, well done. That is very very very inspirational.
How has it happened so quick ?
I can say it but Im not sure I really know it yet.over 5 stones lost.
I just want to get to the end.
And let the hard part start. real life.......

Well done. You've done brilliantly!

I just want to get to the end.
And let the hard part start. real life.......

Teehee. I remember feeling that. Just add 'end of this stage' to the above.

And let the hard part start. real life.......

Whether you find it hard or not will depend on how big your problems were in the first place.

The maintenance part isn't so hard in the short term. It's keeping it going for the rest of your life that's the toughy. Be prepared ;)

It's wonderful when you lose a load of weight isn't it? Sometimes I feel that I'm luckier than others who have never had a weight issue as I can really appreciate being slimmer :)
Hi 10,

i loved reading your thread, you sound so much like me - it too am so amazed at how i transformed through this wonderful wonderful diet!!!

2 stone to go is amazing - you'll be at goal in no time at all!! I'm finding maintenance tough but that's cos i'm a greedy so and so but just be warned that you have to stay very very focussed or it can all be piled back on in a heartbeat!

The fact that you're loving yourself so much right now will ensure you keep it off !!!

Look forward to your next update.

Wow you truly are doing fantasticly!
Well done!! :D I do love reading inspiring stories..
people are starting to say to me, 'you look great', and I will say, well Im alomst there.
they will say no I think you there , but Im not

Do you think some people are looking for a slimmer version of an overweight you, rather than you actually being slim?

I found that. I remember someone telling me I looked like I had lost enough and when I said I wanted to lose more she said "but then you'd be slim":confused:

Not thin....slim:confused:

Anyway...keep on trucking, like I know you will. You're doing fab :)