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  1. Nuts

    Nuts Of course I can!

    Cambridge (well trying)
    Hi all

    Ive restarted more times than you can shake a stick at!! :fyi: :cry:

    BUT I have a great incentive - weve just booked a villa holiday to Cala D'or in Mallorca - its exactly 10 weeks away tomorrow and I think I need that to get down to a weight where I feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Cos I know I will!

    So all those that know me - sorry im a flake! - BUT - I have 10 weeks of total "I HAVE TO WEAR A SWIMSUIT" motivation and who knows, i may well just wear a BIKINI :character00238: <<<< Thats a ray of hope! lol

    So Im back, walked in the door, don't turn around now cos im not going to be fat anymore - no i've ate some stupid things and I've been silly to myself but I'll be slim - yes I'll be slim WHOH WHOH! cough sorry got carried away!

    Im on one as from first thing in the morning. I've a HUGE choc cake in the oven for an 18 birthday Saturday, i've meatballs on the hob for tonight.... but tomorrow its SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE (isn't that a song too!).

    1,2,3,4, 'com on baby slim down with me! (Im music mad tonight!).


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  3. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member

    Low Carb
    Hello :wavey:

    I'm going to Cala Galdana in Menorca 10 weeks tomorrow :D

    Also trying to get down to a weight I won't feel totally like a beached whale wearing a swimming costume.

    You can do it - I think it is easier to focus when you know it's for a specific goal :rolleyes:

    Good luck - hopefully we'll both be considerably lighter by hols !!!
  4. Nuts

    Nuts Of course I can!

    Cambridge (well trying)
    Hi Ellie

    Bring it on eh!

    We can spur each other on with pictures of our intended destinations!

    Just imagine our head being totally free of "fat" feelings and just enjoying a holiday - wow I haven't done that for donkeys years - dunno about you.

    Can't wait to go away a slimbe - so we can spur each other on - have a bit of competition and all that ... some focus too.

    You've got a head start on me with 33lbs - WELL DONE YOU!!!!!! Hat off to you!

    I've not got on the scales - too scared to but I will in the morning - then set me ticker and then I'll be right with ya Ellie


  5. Nuts

    Nuts Of course I can!

    Cambridge (well trying)
    Friday Feeling

    Morning all. :bliss:

    Ive just downed my first shake and must say it wasn't too bad - although I have to go get some ice... the tap water alone just ain't cutting it!

    So thats the first bit out the way - avoiding the toast - which I've achieved so woohoo!

    Have to go to my parents' Pub today as it was flooded out on 20th July and has been shut ever since. Today is D Day as to whether the carpets/floors etc can be laid - the lady with a special meter is coming to tell me the humidity - FINGERS TOES/ARMS/LEGS crossed everyone!. If its ok then we are full steam ahead with a major refurb.

    I've packed my parents off on holiday as its an ideal time to go away with it being shut - just means the reno work falls down to me to manage - but its a small price to pay for happy parents - just wish I didn't have 3 cakes to do in the next 3 weeks - otherwise i'd be stress free (oh and work as well!).

    Another reason it has to pass today is that next Saturday is my Dads 60th Surprise Birthday Party - AND HE HAS NO CLUE and at present WE HAVE NO VENUE! ........Im having a PMA day today


    If it doesn't pass then I think the..........:hitthefan:

    So good luck to all those on CD - may it be a bright and breezy day for you today. Im positive at the moment I hope it stays this way.


  6. RED

    RED Full Member

    I'm also a constant restarter!!! And I also have a 10 week goal as I am off to Tobago to renew my wedding vows...tried the 790 but kept falling off the wagon as the meal kept me tempted rather that controlled...so I need to kick in to ketosis....so far today I feel ok....just gotta get through the evenin as that is my danger zone!!!
    Good luck
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