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10 weeks to drop a dress size....

.... is it possible? Who knows but my summer holiday is in 10 weeks time and I'd really like to give it a go. I'm currently a size 16 which I am now in having lost a stone and now out of my 18s.

I have just come back from holiday and having just got my stone award before I went and I've got 4 days to do some damage limitation before my weigh in on thursday. I went completely off plan whilst away (and enjoyed every minute!) so I know I've put weight on. Lots and water and speed food are on the menu this week along with gym sessions (I'm aiming for 3 before thursday).

I am going to go and buy myself a pair of size 14 trousers which will be hung on the front of my wardrobe as an incentive. It worked with the size 16s I'd bought from Asda which I wore whilst on holiday - although to be fair they are a bit tight after my indulgencies!

Today is day 1 and I'm just waiting for my shopping to come so I can make a start on my (hopefully 100%) holiday countdown. :D
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it's always good to have something to aim for and esp if you already have dropped a dress size I'm sure you'll do it- nothing like a holiday countdown for motivation! x
Thank you Patches :)

Yesterday was a good day:

HeA - Milk
HeB - Bread



Ketchup - 2
Butter - 3
Total - 5

Day 1/70 completed 100% :)
Yesterday was another successful day although I don't think I ate enough.

HeA milk
HeB none

cous cous


Syns - none

It was an odd day because I went to see John Bishops last night over in Liverpool (absolutely fantastic!!) which meant i didn't really have time to eat at the nightime hence not eating much.

Day 2/70 completed 100%
Gym session 1/40 done
Day 3

Yogurt x 2


Syns - none oops

Day 3/70 completed 100%
Gym session 1/40
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Day 4.

HeA milk
HeB porridge


Passata/tinned tomatoes

Syns - couple bites of sausage roll - 2
WW sausage - 1
Gold Bar - 5.5
Snack a Jacks - 4.5
Total - 13

Day 4/70 100% complete
Gym 2/40
Exercises 1/50
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Blimey - my post had got pretty far back down the list. I don't think I'm going to be very good at updating this every day.

Anyway thursday at weigh in I'd put on 2lbs from my holiday which I was expecting but food wise did ok. I couldn't go to my zumba class so I did some tree clearing in the back garden which has made me ache lol. I'm counting that as my gym session. Yesterday I went to the gym and did my exercises. I did really well food wise until after my tea. I felt tired and stressed even though the kids were in bed and was craving sugar. I ended up having cake and chocolate and a bit of icecream :( I'm at the beginning of the week though so should be able to pull it back by keeping to 5 syns for the rest of the week (today I'll be using 10).

I've been having loads of speed foods too!

Day 6/70 - 1 night offplan
Gym 4/40
Exercises 2/50
Ok so the answer to can I drop a dress size in 10 weeks is for me no!!! I just can't seem to stick to the food plan. The only thing stopping me putting on tons of weight atm is the fact I'm loving my exercise.

After weigh in last week I was determined to have a good week and get myself back on track but I've pigged out everyday since. I'm going to have to go back to taking each day as it comes.

I'm really upset with myself so don't want to go on and on but today I'm going to stick to plan and for now that's all I can do.
Blimey - I really need to keep up to date on here. Last week I lost 1/5lb which is good considering what I ate. This week I'm annoyed. Today is weigh in day and I have done loads of exercise this week and have only had a couple of days where I have gone over a bit on food but this morning my scales say the same as last week. ARGHHHH!!!!

However, I will wait until after weigh in before having a good rant and getting my head inot next week.
well done on your loss
Thank you patches :)

I'm having a mixed week this week. I was good food wise friday but ended up having 2 BBQs over the weekend where i didn't stick to plan at all. Yesterday was good though - lots of speed foods. I'm on day 7 today of the 30 day shred and went to zumba last night. Hopefully all this exercise will help lose the lbs. I'd be quite happy doing exercise if it meant I could eat more of the stuff I like eating.


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Good luck for tonight...

You have my sympathies, i have problems sticking to plan as well.. At least you go to the gym, i really hate exercise lol!!

Have you tried just taking each day as it comes, i feel proud when i've managed one day and if i don't, well then i'm trying not to let it influence a whole week and think [email protected] it i'll start again next week..

I've managed three days on track so far, so i'm not the world's best but i figure 3 days out of 7 isn't bad going!!

Hope u have a good day x
Hi Pommy :)

That's a good idea just taking each day as it comes. I tend to have a pattern, I seem too go mad on thursday after weigh in and then I'm good on friday but then satrday and sunday are a struggle. I'm good them thorugh the week until weigh in. I seem to be losing weight just sticking to plan 4 days a week and actually I'm happy with that. Obviously I'd lose it much quicker if I stuck to plan everyday.

I lost another 1.5lb this week taking me to 16.5lbs altogether. I'm so happy I'm still losing weight after all this time - previous attempts at SW had me giving up after a few weeks due to mega slow weight loss. Exercise makes so much difference. Most noticably to my mood.

I did session 8 of the 30 day shred this morning and because of missing wed and thur this week I'll do another later to catch up. I'm off to a spa with my best friends too this weekend. Life is good atm :D

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