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100% atkins - my journal


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Hi All

Well I have been on minimims for years and done several VLCDs in that time. Yes I have lost weight on them too but never kept it off.

I did atkins way back in the 80s and lost easily on it but old habits crept back in before I got to goal, but I remember finding it easy to stick to and I enjoyed the foods.

So I have read and reread DANDR and today is day 1 of induction for me.

I have got to say that I am a bit confused about some things and I have several questions which I will have to come back on and ask as I remember them lol

Anyway this morning I went to Tescos and did my atkins friendly shop so hopefully I am all set to go and I havent messed up on my first day

Would appreciate it if someone would comment on what I have eaten today as Id like to correct misunderstandings and mistakes asap

cheers all - - reading this part of mini's has really inspired/motivated me

B: 2 slices cooked ham, 1 oz cheddar, I hard boiled egg
S: 1 pepperami
L: prawns in hellmans mayo on watercress,rocket,spinach salad (about two cups) with paprika and a dash of extra virgin oil
S: 1 Babybel
D: Ribeye steak fried in butter/olive oil with about 100g of tender stem broccoli and chopped mushrooms
E: half an hours walking
W: about 2 liters so far

i am worried about the pepperami

also - i need a good carb counter book ( pocket size if poss)- can anyone recommend one? I looked at a collins one on amazon but reviews say its ok but you need to weigh everything its not done in portions and also that it is almost all packaged foods rather than basics and home cooking etc

oh I also bought some linusit milled flax - is anyone else using this and if so how?

Thanks in advance
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Im starting next week and looking at wat youve just eaten totally inspires me. Ive been on exante for 3 weeks and really really cant wait to eat again.Your meal looked divine xx
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Hi shona

I did exante too and w8 and cambridge lol

Yes the weight dropped off with all of the above but I missed eating so much that as ssoon as I reached target or thereabouts I went NUTS BARMY BONKERS and ate everything in sight

At least with atkins you dont feel deprived

Good luck for next week

and ty for the welcome tazbabe


This is for life
Hi Slushy and welcome:D

Peperamis are my favorite snack - so easy to have for emergencies :)


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As far as I understand it we can have full fat cream cheese like Philadelphia but not cottage cheese

hope someone more knowledgeable will correct me if I am wrong.


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Thanks Bren

I have read the book at least three times plus scoured the internet for the answers to my questions - have to say I have found more info here on this forum than anywhere else
Oh wow faberooni. Ive read the book b4 but am learning so much on here. Cant wait to start next week now. OOO im having ribs, pork, ham, salmon, chicken korma etc etc.......just got to finish my shakes off first lol
Slushy you've definitely done your research and you will fly from here on! Thanks for your egg noodles substitute on the other thread btw - dying to try those with thai green chicken or chicken curry. :)

Shona, welcome also and best of luck with Atkins. :)


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waterworks - i got that recipe from a diet which is atkins based called somersizing - it was all done by an american actress called suzanne somers - - she was famous for advertising thigh masters lol

she had about three recipe books out at one time but they didnt sell very well over here - if you look carefully and know what you can and cant have there are some fab ones

im making her buffalo wings with blue cheese dip i think tomorrow : )
Ooooo, must look on Amazon Slushy - thanks!


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Thanks Jim

Waterworks if you get any of her books do be aware that she has blended atkins with food combining so you will find carbs in there - just pick and choose your recipes carefully

Well day 3 for me today and I woke up early ready to get out of bed ( unusual for a Monday) - - - weed on a stick and am in ketosis

Did a few chores and then drank my tea and had my two hard boiled eggs for breccy while doing facebook and emails etc then headed into town to the bank and stuff

Bought a great carb counter book which is all UK foods and which has even shaded all the foods recommended on atkins induction - how kind

Nearly had a wobble in the book store though - in fact w h smith made me a bit cross - looking at the richard and judy book club books and theyre offering a bar of galaxy for £1 with any book bought - not really necessary but I suppose its good for willpower training : )

Am planning on just cold cuts and salad leaves for lunch then I am attempting to make a low carb chili for my supper - will search for a recipe now and will post on what are we eating thread when my minds made up for sure

Enjoy your day all
Oh I've just noticed you're only down the road from me Slush. :D

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