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100 days later...


Taking it Day by Day
This is my 100 day journey in a nutshell.
The important bits first:

Start weight 17.6 stones, Now: 13.3 stones
Overall Loss: 4stones 4 lbs

Dress size at start: 22/24, Now: 16

Inch loss: "only" 5 ½ from bust (DH will be pleased with that ;))
8 ½ from waist (I now have a waist)
9 from my tummy (I can't see this, as still HUGE)

The last 100 days were an emotional rollercoaster. I can still remember sitting in that first meeting, and giving this diet a few weeks, and worrying about how dearly it will affect my pocket but I wouldn't change a thing now.
Has it always been easy, OH NO. In one aspect I think it's the easiest diet I have ever done, but at times it can be so hard and really testing. I had days where I was a complete monster (especially in the early weeks) because I felt deprived and hungry (probably emotional hunger more than physical), followed by days where I just felt great about this whole process.

I had no major hang-ups, I had one planned meal and a few coffees with milk (no, not during milk week :whistle:) but otherwise was amazed at my ability to stay with it and challenge those voices in my head. The counselling has given me some great tools and the confidence to identify and challenge crooked thinking, of which there is a lot. One of the most challenging things was having to cook for DH and 3 kids every day but I was determined to keep this up, and it can be done (my tip: have a shake or some Mariegold whilst cooking)

The absolute best thing was when I went into NEXT last week and was able to fit into size 16 jeans, I can't even remember the last time I was that size because it must have been way back in my early teens. I honestly didn't believe I could get this far but now I believe I can get much further and actually be a "normal" person. It really scares me to even think about this, as I feel like my fat was always my security blanket (just looking down and seeing my ribs when I lie down freaks me as it is a long forgotten experience) but I feel it in my heart that I can and want to do this and I will just have to be brave and accept this challenge and all the emotions that no doubt will come with this.

I have some saggy skin (especially arms and tum) but I expected this as my skin wasn't the firmest to start with, so I think this will be different for every person. I am confident though that it will improve somewhat as I have lost the weight very fast and the skin will need time to adjust, and I rather live with this (and some big knickers) than be my old size again.

And now? I will carry on with development as I still have another 3stones to lose. I will need to do some serious soul searching to set myself some new realistic and achievable goals and write them down (another thing I learned from the counselling).

I will go on holiday to visit my dad in Germany next week, this will be very emotional for a number of reasons. One is he hasn't seen me since April. I am hoping that he will be really pleased to see the new me. The other is that I am just sooo sad that my mother didn't live to see the new me, as she was always concerned and worried about my weight and I know how much she would have appreciated and enjoyed seeing me finally conquering my weight.

Basically I wouldn't change a thing and am only sad that I didn't find out about LL a lot earlier (but then again maybe I wouldn't have been ready for it then) but am pleased I found it when I did as I was getting downhill very very quickly...

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Congratulations on your success! I'm almost at end of foundation though I joined my group 2 weeks in so it was a bit shorter for me. But like you I am now headed for development. I hope visiting your dad goes well, I'm sure he will be thrilled with the new you!

Well done!


likes posting.
well done Julia what an amazing post im so pleased for you.I hope your visit with your dad goes well,one thing im looking forward too is getting on a plane & the seatbelt fitting & the tray comes all the way down.Its all the little things that i can do again that excite me, like painting my toe nails without doing myself a injury!


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a huge congrats on ur 100 days success. im sure ur dad will be gobsmacked and as for ur mum...in my belief shes around and knows how fantastic u have done. u mjust be so proud of urself and im sure others r. im sure i will be totally freaked out if i ever discover i have ribs as well. mind u...i'll be shocked when i only have one chin lol. well done to you xxx
Hi Julia,

Wow! you are an inspiration to us all. Let us know what your dad says when he see you, he'll be soooooooo proud. I too wish i'd found LL much sooner.

Best wishes



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Hi Julia,

Congratulations and well done on your wonderful achievement!!!

4 stone and 4 pounds in 100 Days is fantastic!!!

Your post is just brilliant!!!

Love Mini xxx
Juliakno what a great achievement in just 100 days, I cant wait until you post your before and after photos
Thank you so much for sharing with us its very inspirational
G: 12st0lb
Fantastic , I couldnt believe it when I read your post , it could have been mine, as our start weights and finish weights and dress sizes are so similar! Well done , and good luck with the next 3 stones!


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Congratulations! Amazing achievement and you really seem to have your head screwed on the right way about all this - well done!
Dear Julia

What a lovely (happy and sad) post and so inspirational. Well done on your fantastic achievements. Your dad will be so proud and so happy to see you and I'm sure your mum can see how far you've come.

It will be a special moment when you go back to Germany. Remember to set yourself some new Development goals - that's really important.

Good luck for Development!! Enjoy your holiday.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx
Amazing well done Julia

I am so proud of you that is amazing you must be like a new woman. Keep up the good work.


Taking it Day by Day
with regards to my before/after pictures, I would love to post them on here (I was really, really shocked with my before pictures) it's amazing how the brain plays tricks on our perception. i knew I was large but THAT LARGE:eek:. But anyhow, despite DH being in IT we still haven't evolved enough at home to own our own scanner, so does anyone know of any High Street shops (or any shops) where I might be able to scan them in??
With 3 kids off on holiday at the moment I just don't seem to have the time (and patience) to go round the shops much, so any tips will be much apprechiated, otherwise I will do it after the hols when I can think straight again....
If your LLC took them on a digital you could ask her to email them (my LLC is doing this next week so I get to see my before/afters!). Otherwise the photoshop at Boots have scanners where you can scan in photoes and have them enlarged etc but also they will put them on a CD quite cheaply and quickly so you could do it there?


Taking it Day by Day
doh:doh: talk about thinking of the obvious. I must truly be braindead. I didn't even think about asking LLC, she should have them on her digital camera.....
Will ask her and hopefully problem solved, otherwise will have a nicetrip to Boots (need to buy stuff for our hols anyway)...


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Just wanted to agree with the others, what a fantastic inspirational post. Congratulations on your achievement, a fab weight loss in 100 days.

I'm only halfway through my journey, but posts like yours really keep me going.

Good luck in your next part of the programme, and enjoy your holiday, I'm sure your Dad will be truly gobsmacked.

lots of love

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