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ProPoints 100lbs to lose - Carriegirl21's Diary

Hi :wave_cry:
I didn't know where to start this diary - on this bit of the board or in my blog section?
I'm putting it here for now & see how it goes!

I'll try & make this short but I'm a total rambler!

I've done countless diets & weight loss plans since I was a teenager - I mostly did Slimming World but went to my 1st Weight Watchers class last October.
I was doing fine - lost 10lbs & then they changed to ProPoints..... This was a huge change!! I don't do well with change! ;)
So I gave it a go but Christmas spelled disaster for me - I went totally off plan & gained 13lbs! I was so ashamed that it was that much that I couldn't face going back to class & having another person write that on my card... and I never went back.

It was the worst thing I could of done as since then I've ended up 7lbs heavier than when I joined :(

I used to write a diary on another board & found it really useful so here I am starting another one :)

It's been a hard year so far & I've been unwell for most of it... but coping with Pain through food played a HUGE part in how I ended up at this weight in the first place - and I want - no, I NEED to take control of my eating.

I don't want to get any bigger because I am hating myself so much right now for letting myself get this heavy AGAIN and I'm totally fed up of being so low about my appearance.

I don't want to look in the mirror & be utterly disgusted.

I don't want to come home from a shopping trip crying because I couldn't find any clothes that looked nice.

I don't want to feel terrified of Summer because I'm so uncomfortable with my appearance that I still cover up my whole body even when it's boiling hot & I end up almost fainting from being heavily dressed in the heat ;(

SO ... That's what I don't want... so what DO I want? ...

I want to stop hating my appearance as it stops me doing things I want to do.

I want to feel like I'm making my body healthier.

I want to not have such a massively hard time buying clothes.. I want to buy what I actually like - not just what fits!

I want my weight not to be the thing that holds me back from moving forward with my life - It controls everything I do - and I hate that I let it.

Well I'm sure there's more but it could go on forever :eek:

The 2lb loss on my Ticker - I lost before I officially started counting points again but it was what I needed to spur me on to get back on track.
Alas I stuck to my Pro Points like a saint for 7 whole days - filled in a homemade Tracker 100% honestly ... then weigh in day came & I'd STS!!!
I was so disappointed! I still can't understand it - usually the 1st week sees big loses for people but I would of been happy with even a small loss :sigh:

I don't go to a class so I weigh on my Wii fit board - on a carpeted floor which is less than ideal!

I did lose my motivation that day just because I'd worked so hard to stay on track - for the first time since Christmas I'd managed a whole week!

I'm trying not to let it stop me as I'm telling myself that at least it wasn't a gain.
I won't weigh next week but the following week I will have done 3weeks on Pro points so I'm really hoping to see a loss by then! Not sure what I'll do if I don't!!

Wow this was a crazy long post!

Will leave it there for now - If you made it this far - thanks for reading! I obviously had a lot to say today!
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Overweight or undertall?!
hi carriegirl21

first of all, don't worry if you have put your thread in the incorrect place, if that is the case the moderators will move it to where it should be!

secondly, all the best on your weight loss journey. i have only been doing propoints for 7 weeks and it is fitting in with my life very well (although long weekends like this and the next are proving to be a bit of a challenge with only 29 daily points, already drank most of the weekly ones :beer8:)

thirdly, this forum is a god send and you will get all the support you need, i get more from this board than my weekly group, if you have a good week you'll get congratulations, if you have a bad week you'll get virtual hugs lol

all the best, have a great weekend and keep posting, YOU CAN DO IT xxx
:D Thanks so much for your reply!
This board is amazingly active compared to the one I used to write on - I keep coming on here for motivation - it's awesome :0clapper: Ha! Those clapping hands really made me laugh!

I have 47 daily propoints at the mo! But that's because I'm crazy tall & round ;) I must remember to drop a point at every stone & half stone marker.

I need to get my posts up quick so I can get my Avatar!

Hope you have a great weekend too :D

Oh my Gosh - I've just fallen off my chair! You've lost over 100lbs!!! That's incredible:happy096:
You've given me serious inspiration now as My goal is to lose 100lbs - thanks so much for posting - I'm going to accept that my body is going to be slow at losing as it always has been & just to keep on keeping on:D

I've been checking up on my points - trying to triple check if I've been pointing things wrong & it turns out sometimes I have been remembering old points values instead of pro points values! :eek:
Luckily it's only a few low point things so I've been able to adjust my tracker without too much drama :p

I was counting My shot of (Medicinal but that doesn't make it sugar free now does it?!) Brandy as 1point instead of 2ProPoints :slap:

I also need to buy a new set of kitchen scales as mine are massively unreliable & I want to go back to re-weigh my regular foods to check I'm not way off with my amounts.

I've had a good day food-wise so far - I've still got 5PP left & I'm going to use that on my 85% Dark Choc yum:17729: Haha! I love some of these Smilies! Not used any for a long time :)

I really want to post more so I can view more things... Going to go for a wander round the boards :)



Overweight or undertall?!
morning cg

i bought a set of digital kitchen scales from argos which are fab, i couldn't justify buying the weight watchers ones as they were a lot more expensive. the thing i weigh the most of them is potatoes as before i started ww i was doing extra easy on sw where spuds were unlimited! 100g of new potatoes is a lot less than i imagined lol

i fell off the wagon yesterday, the first time in 7 weeks though so hope i haven't done too much damage, had a few too many beers then ordered a kebab, oops!

back on track today though, a clean sheet with 29 dailies but meeting friends at the pub later so may do a bit more damage again :break_diet:

have a great day x
Hey Elaine :) Hope you Don't feel too bad about falling off the wagon yesterday - It's hard when you've been totally on track for weeks & then it happens - hope you get back on track ok & Hope you enjoyed your pub today! :D
I had a pair of regular scales before & won't be buying the WW ones now either - can't justify the extra money! Definitely need to get some quickly as I'm panicking about guessing things like Flora & Philadelphia!! Am sure I'm eyeing things up wrong!

So onto today's update...

I've been feeling pretty bad today - Am feeling all emotional & that usually sending me straight to food but I'm still within my daily points even tho I did have a bit of Easter egg - which wasn't really that nice!
I've switched to Dark Chocolate recently because I tend to binge on Milk Chocolate & to my utter shock I seem to have gone off the milk stuff a bit! It kinda taste a bit too sweet now?!! Am pretty sure that won't last haha;)

I need to get better at spreading out my food during the day though - I tend to have breakfast quite late & then just have a pot shot for lunch or miss it completely & wait for dinner which I'm having the same thing every night - Noodles & stir fry with Quorn chunks (6pp total) So I'm keeping all my meals really low point just so I've got loads left in the evening for my treats!
Nighttime is my worst time for wanting to eat so that's why I try & save as many as possible. I know it's not great but if I tried to force myself to only have say 5PP worth of treats at night I know I'd feel under way too much pressure & would go over my dailies every night - At least doing it this way to begin with I'm hoping it will help me stick to the plan rather than freaking myself out by changing too much at once & then abandoning it altogether!

Hmm That's all I can think of for now :wave_cry:



Overweight or undertall?!
hi cg

back home from the pub and diet is safe for now! i have used all my weeklies so need to be extra good until wednesday WI but this is doable.

just having a mug of coffee and a ww choccie bar before i go to bed, if i stayed up i could be tempted to nibble on crisps but have the willpower to resist (i think lol).

so i have 29 daily points for monday, tuesday and wednesday so time to knuckle back down and be sensible....

.... and then it all starts again next thursday night when i finish work for another long weekend! i love the extra time off work but it plays havoc with my diet lol

be good and take care xx
Ooh well done on sticking to it today at the pub! :)

I ended up not having a great day - kept going back for more bits of the easter egg! I'm ok points wise - it's just i'm eating it to try & cheer myself up & i don't want to do that anymore.

I'm finding that if i feel myself wanting to go mad on snacks i can sometimes stop the urge by eating a piece of chewing gum - the minty taste puts me off eating!
It's mostly down to sheer control though... i have to try so hard to stop myself making the wrong choices.
I'm also worried that i'm sounding very negative already on here & i don't want to come off like a negative Nancy all the time!
I'm only in my 2nd week of ProPoints but all I seem to do is moan... I don't want to be that way.
I get really inspired from reading other newbies diaries & they often sound so positive :)
I think it's just down to me having done this many times before so i'm almost assuming i'm going to mess it up as that's what i've always done.
Wow - that is the worst attitude i could possibly have!!
I've got to sort myself out, get on the positive train & have even a drop of faith in my ability to do this!
I'm also tempted to not post this as i'm a bit ashamed of feeling this way - but what's the point in a diary if it's not honest?

I also need to start working out more - it will just be the wii fit to start with but i've got EA active & just dance games also & for me they really do feel like exercise!

Hi poppet!! Thanks for reading my diary so now it's ur turn :) I read it all...

I kno exactly what u mean about depressing summer/ shopping trips etc and I kno that I don't want that for another year! My bestfriend is getting married in august 2012 and I would like to be at or near goal! I can't hide from a camera that day and I dont want to let her down!

I am a total chocolate junkie and binger! U was on SW for three years and lost nothing - because I could stick to it for about a wk at a time! I found myself promising to start tomorrow! And there were lots of tears and tantrums! Even though I have done WW before this time it gels! I have bought measuring spoons for £1 from Asda (not the ridiculously priced WW ones) to measure cheese etc! I have there £7.50 electric scales too ;)

I spent a whole day writing pps on everything in black marker so now I kno the damage if I have a slip! I even have a treat box with lots of Choc in it!! And somehow I am managing to only gave 2 or 3 bits which when u were having full packets of bars each day is good (ashamed to admit!)

I also have lots of lovely iced desserts for this weather all markered up!! Lol I hope some of this ramble helps!

What is your name? I'm carly aged 26 and about to qualify as a solicitor! I would love to motivate each other as we have the same start weight!

Have u been warned about multiple pps? The key ones I found are:

WW White Danish bread - 1 slice = 1pp, 2= 3pp, 4=5pp

Back bacon - 1 rasher =1pp, 2=3pp, 4=6pp
Potatoes (old) - 100g = 2, 200g = 4, 400g = 9 (good if cut in wedges or chips with a bit of frylight and herbs/spices or for a treat the old el paso mexican spice is 3 for whole packet - yummy with cheesy topping!!)
Wasn't finished lol... Stupid iPhone app (also beware that I can't see weights/ losses and stuff down left on phone - will see on comp when I get on :))

Where was I...
Asda lighter cheese is the best for taste and being like normal cheese! 50g = 3, 60g = 7

Asda little chicken dippers (28 in a pack) = 1each and I checked multiples and they are still just 1 each!

[can u tell I shopped at Asda this week - normal morrisons and been encourage to try aldi for things like meat and veg :)]

Asda chicken Kiev is just 8 :)

Asda low fat cottage cheese - 100g = 2, 300g = 5

Crumpets - 1 = 2, 2= 5

Fish fillet in breadcrumbs = 6

Extra light Philli - 1tbsp = 1, 100g = 3

Pitta - 1 = 4, 2 =9

WW sausages - 1 =1, 2 = 3, 4 = 6

Hope this waffle helps! I have a gym membership with my best friend but most days can't face being the fat lass in the gym (not told my friend coz we have been members for nearly a year and it would seem silly to say now...)

I have just dance 1 & 2 and MJ (not a big MJ fan and the game is a bit of a letdown), I also have wii fit and sports so will try to do then everyday and hit the gym with my best friend when she wants to lol

U can do this CG1!!! U will get to goal this time! And maybe one day we can hit topshop together and get skinny clothes :)

The best thing about WW is weeklies for booze or a yummy meal out! It's not restrictive! We can do it!!! Hugs xx
Hi Carly!
Woooooooo!!! I'm so exited by your post!:D
Thanks for all that info - it's going to be so useful!
By the way I use far too many of these - !!!!!!
I can't help it - I just write them all the time;)
I love the Colour of your hair in your Avatar! I've just hit 20post woop! So I've uploaded my pic also - I'm being all silly & paranoid about posting a pic of my face - none of my family or friends know my weight & I'm so ashamed of myself that I wouldn't want them to somehow find out through here haha Anyway -
My Name is Carrie, And I would love to motivate each other on here:happy036:
I also started using this site through my phone app last night & was sad when I realised I couldn't see peoples stats or the smilies! So will definitely still be reading on the computer also - love having the app though - I post on it when I can't sleep :)

It's so good to find someone of a similar starting weight who is also near the start of their journey - I just went through my points to re-calculate my regular dailies and I git a huge & horrid shock!
Every morning I have 2 cups of coffee with Elmlea single in it & I'd somehow managed to count the elmlea as 2ProPoints .... but it's actually working out as 5ProPoints!!!
5PP on Fake cream?!!! Are you kidding?!!
I'm really mad at myself for getting it wrong because that means I was under counting just my coffee points by Oh.My.Gosh. 21ProPoints!!! Great - I'm almost crying now as That's almost half my weeklies! This definitely requires a Emoticon..... :busted::banghead:

I'm SO Glad I found out now!!! Also that would easily explain why I didn't lose in my first week! 21 points - that's almost half a Dominoes pizza........ :rant2:

I know what you mean about being mega careful about multiples - I just use my phone app (Don't have an i-phone, got an HTC but i still get a free non-official app;)) & calculate most things in multiples & write it all in my little notebook - I was also a major chocoholic & Crisps are my demon food! Generally both together & far too much!
I have switched to Quavers & I have also by some miracle (Seriously - I am probably 10stone of Cadbury twirls!) switched to Dark Chocolate - It doesn't seem to trigger my binge brain so much so I have a bit less & I'm finally starting to prefer the taste of it! Some of the Dark choc is rank though - I like Green & Blacks 85% & Divine 70% cocoa - best part is as they are 100g bars they are 2squares for 1PP :D:17729:
So they are really easy to count & do come in a little lower than milk choc as they have a bit less sugar I think... well anyway - If I demolished a whole 100g bar it's still less than 15PP Which isn't a disaster so I feel quite safe around it - Put a bag of Twirls in front of me - probably 40PP & I could finish them all!! oops:eek:
Sorry if I'm rambling - I just have so much to write it seems!:blahblah:

I Love my Wii - I've got Wii fit & Wii fit plus, EA active (awesome!) EA active more exercises & Just dance 1 - want the second one and never got Wii Sports!
My favourite is still the Step & the boxing :D

On the subject of iced deserts -
I can't believe that a whole proper Solero is only 2PP!! And I'm in love with the mini magnum Limoncello flavour - 5PP but worth it!

OK I've really gone on long enough hehe Thanks so much for the support - it really helps knowing I've got this board to come & talk on - I've got faith in you & we can do this!! Can't wait to get to 50posts so I can get even more use out of this site:D

And ohhhhhh! To Shop in Topshop is my dream!! Not blooming Evans & catalogues!! ;)

Liked reading that long post! U sound just like me! Whole packets of timeout (9!) eek very bad!! We can do this! I'm lucky I dont like coffee so no cream for me...

How has today gone for u? Xx
Is EA active for the wii? Maybe that can go on my list! I only have wii fit plus... Is wii fit dif? X
When is ur WI hun? X
Heya :)
Couldn't get on yesterday & I really missed the board!

Thanks Elaine for the Solero info - it's strange because when I put in the nutrition off the box (Berry flavour) It came out as 2pp but I didn't end up liking them that much so won't be getting them again ;)

Lol Carly - My posts get soooo long sometimes!
Yeah I had an 'issue' with Time outs also... with a few cuppas om nom nom! :17729:

The Wii games - Wii fit & Wii fit plus are different yes - But I only use the Wii fit plus now... I wouldn't really bother getting the first if you already have the second.

EA Active is for the Wii & also uses the Wii fit board & Nun-chuck :D

EA Active "More workouts" is even better in my opinion - but I looooove it - It does require the Leg strap that comes with the original EA Active game but I think you can buy them separately if you don't want both games.

"more workouts" is so cool - it's got the best step aerobics - really gets you out of breath and the boxing is brilliant - you get to 'spar' with a virtual trainer and then hit targets :D

As the games takes your weight into account I'm inclined to believe the calories burnt prediction - although I did a 15minute boxing & step workout today & it said I'd burnt 160cals which sounds a lot for 15mins but then I was properly knackered from it! :character00115:

Is the Just Dance2 better than Just Dance1?

I really want more work out type games :D

My weigh in day is Tuesday at the moment - what day is yours?

Hope you're having an good day :)

Just a quick entry to say - it's all gone horribly wrong!!!
I lost 2lbs, then STS, then Gained 2lbs back! (The horror!!) Then today I Lost 1lb....... I wasn't even going to write this down but again - It's the truth & that's what this diary is for!

I think I know a few things that I've done really Reaaaally wrong though...

Firstly - the Elmlea fiasco! I was under pointing it by 3PP a day =21 a week oooooops!
I've switched to Milk by the way hehe :eek:

Secondly - I was under pointing Quavers at 2PP a bag instead of taking multiples into account which over a week probably under pointed by at least 10PP (Yes I have a quavers addiction:eek:)

Thirdly I was Pointing my Brandy as 1PP Instead of 2PP - Another 4PP not counted.

Fourthly - I was on 47PP a day instead of 46PP - another 7PP over!!

So all of that comes to 42PP not counted for both weeks I've been on Pro Points!!
Which is almost a whole day over (And yes I used my weeklies also:eek:)

Soooo there we go! Big massive messed up mess!!
I'm glad I know now about these things because I would of gone on for weeks counting it all wrong & getting really upset.

So here's to a new week - of doing it properly - and never using my eyes for weighing things!


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