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10lbs = 1 dress size?? Truth /Old wives tale?

Hi all :wave_cry:

My lipotrim lady said this morning at weigh in that every 10 lbs lost equates to a dress size. Anyone know if this is true or is it just an old wives tale? :confused:

I would love to think i have dropped a dress size and am only 4 lbs away from a second but I somehow dont feel that I am:sigh:
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ive lost nearly 2 stone and gone down 1 size, but they are tight and not comfy, so prob need another half stone for a comfy fit so thats going to be 2.5 stone lost and 1 dress size for me! i think the smaller you are the quicker you are to go down a size, so for instance a size 8 or 10 will prob drop a size after loosing 10lbs yes, but the bigger you are im guessing the more you have to lose to drop down a size... thats just my theory on it anyway lol, i guess also its alot to do with peoples body shape etc and where the weight comes off x


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Oh god I wish!!

4 stone was 3 dress sizes for me last



Here we go again!
Last time on LT, I went down 4-5 dress sizes with just over 7 stones! If only that were true!
I think it depends on personal size. I've lost 16lbs and haven't dropped a size yet. But then I'm much bigger to start with. Someone who starts smaller may find 16lbs a massive loss and go down a dress size. Like most things on this diet - it's 100% personal! x


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I think it is also how the current size fit you, if you're squeezing into a 16 then it might take more than 10lb to get to a 14, but if a 16 fits you great if a little loose then 10lb might get you to a 14.

My mate lost 9st on a VLCD and went from a 24 to a 12, so 6 sizes in 9 stone, but when I did it last and lost 2 stone I was 18 to a 16.

And don't forget stores are horrid about being a 16 in one shop and a 14 in another or an 18 in another - standard sizes isn't really true IMO :confused:

and well done on your 10lb's :)

and I'm using 16 as the first figure that came into my head, obviously not sure what yours is
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Ah sugar it anyway - and there was me dreaming that I was nearly 2 dress sizes down. I told ye i look in the mirror and see someone else!!!

I knew it inside though as I dont think I have even dropped one size yet!!!!

Ah well - it was lovely while it lasted.

Heres to another week!!


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Hi hun,
I've lost 19lbs and have gone down 2 dress sizes! But alongside the diet I have been exercising and toning a lot which I think probably had a big part to play.
T x
I lost 3 stone and went down 2/3 dress sizes but the 14 was from New Look and I find they come up bigger in their jeans so....Yeah I don't know about that. But like everyone else has said its purely personal.

Good Luck xx

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