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  1. leanne641

    leanne641 Full Member

    Hi all! I'm not new I'm just starting again! 3rd time lucky

    First time I got from 11st 8 down to 10st 4.. Then I got too comfortable, ate and ate and was too scared to weigh myself.. Until I saw a photo of myself and I knew I had to do it.. I'd put it all back on, I was 11st 9 so I got myself right back into it and that time I actually got down to 8st 13lbs my lowest ever weight and I felt amazing! Lately I've been feeling it creeping back up slowly over the past year and a half and I know I weigh 10st something...

    I'm wanting that same motivation when I got into the 8s and this site was my motivation.. I had no meetings, I wasn't doing it online and none of my friends were dieting

    Has anyone got the same kind of stats as me? I would love to support each other!

    I'm starting tomorrow (well today but weighing when I wake up - damn nightshift) so I'll post all my stats then

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  3. xxpinkladyxx

    xxpinkladyxx Full Member

    Hello just been reading your thread.
    I'm currently on sw & thinking of going back to ww I'm currently 10.10 & 5'6 wanting to get to 9.12 the lowest I have been with ww is 9.13 I seem to get so far get too comfortable & before I know it I'm back in the late 10s-11 stone.
    I refuse to give any more of more my money to dieting groups as it costs a fortune, going to try do it alone & weigh myself at home wkly.
    Do you do any kind of exercise? X
  4. Pinkpony89

    Pinkpony89 Member

    Hello, I'm 10st 10 wanting to get to 8st 7lbs as I was year and a half ago.

    Had a rough year and comfort ate through it so now it's time to get back on the wagon and focus but... Like you I've got no one else and doing it online.

    Let's do it together =)

    What day have you set for weigh in?

    Pp x

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  5. amba_eliza

    amba_eliza Full Member

    Hiya, here to subscribe as in similar to you. I've started a week ago and lost 2lbs this week. I'm now 9 st 12lbs, want to be 9st 0! Have been 8st 10lbs at my lowest before. I find the maintaining the hardest bit so here this time to chat to others doing weightwatchers to try beat the Yoyo habit this time. X

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  6. edelicate

    edelicate Full Member

    Hi Leanne, I've similar stats to you, I lost 3lbs last week and wish for the same result this week. I weigh in each week with WW on Tuesdays. Here to subscribe x.
  7. Pinkpony89

    Pinkpony89 Member


    Lost 5 lbs in two weeks if doing ww. Really impressed as I didn't feel I was "dieting". Got motivation to go on!

    I'm now 10.5st so hopefully in another two weeks I'll be under that 10st mark.

    Goal weight: 8.7st

    I'm going to bath at the beginning of May & will be going to the spa in my bikini =/ I've worked out its 7wks away so hoping to loose at least 2lbs a week until then.

    Good luck everyone x

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  8. edelicate

    edelicate Full Member

    Hi PinkPony, well done on your loss! That's a fantastic result in such a short time. I'm still tracking and walking. Hoping for a good weigh in this week. I've 8 wks til the wedding. So if I fair a lb per week I'd be very happy. Good luck with your journey:)
  9. Pinkpony89

    Pinkpony89 Member

    Edelicate that's so exciting!!!

    It's so achievable just got to stay focused!

    I've had a sneaky mid week look at the scales & I'm down to 10.3 which means I've done half a stone since joining 3 weeks ago. I'm amazed! And I don't quite know how I've done it but it's given me so much motivation!

    Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be 9s trying to get into the 8's

    PP x

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  10. amba_eliza

    amba_eliza Full Member

    Well done that's great. I'm down to 9st 8lbs now so it really works when you stay on track. Although had bad food weekend so not many weeklies to get me through to Friday's weigh in! So I'll be happy if I stay the same this week! X

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  11. Pinkpony89

    Pinkpony89 Member

    Hi amba I always do that with my weeklies. I have a really good treat on a sat. I'm always shocked when I still stay in those points and then still lose weight! I'm sure you'll loose this week too!

    I thought I was going to put on because this weekend I've had dominos, a Chinese and a big bacon baguette I actually went over my weeklies!

    It was weigh in today & I've lost another 4lbs. I'm not sure how though lol. Hopefully I won't see an impact next week.

    Well done on you weight loss! Let me know how you come in on wi day x


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  12. amba_eliza

    amba_eliza Full Member

    Wow that's amazing Pink Pony! Well done on your loss.

    I shall keep my fingers crossed for weigh in on Friday then!


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  13. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :)
    well done on the loss after a fast food weekend! thats fab x
  14. amba_eliza

    amba_eliza Full Member

    Hey you were right, lost 1lb! Well pleased with that x

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  15. Pinkpony89

    Pinkpony89 Member

    =) well done amba it feels so great when that happens doesn't it?! Makes me feel like keeping going.

    I've had a bad week =( it's been Easter, I've eaten chocolate & been out for meals etc etc so I knew it wasn't going to be great but I didn't know it would be this bad... I've put on 4lbs taking me to 10.5 =|!!!!!

    I'm really disappointed in myself because I was doing good & now this has set me back.

    One thing I wanted to do was to weight 9st 7lbs by the beginning of May for my trip to bath & I'm now thinking that's probably not going to be possible.

    Anyway I need to stop mooching around feeling sorry for what I've done to myself and get on with moving forward.

    Speak soon x

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  16. edelicate

    edelicate Full Member

    Hi Pink Pony. I felt the same a while back when I gained 3lbs. Woz such a shock but I just kept looking ahead.. It can be done:) I'm still plugging at the lb per week. It's sooo slow though... Upping the exercise this week and hopefully I will see results at last. Determined this time. Just need to keep moving. Best of luck this week- you can do this:)
  17. amba_eliza

    amba_eliza Full Member

    Hi Pink Pony, only just seen this! What a pain, that seems a lot for only a week off plan. Get back on it though, you know it comes off quick when you stick to plan. Xx

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  18. amba_eliza

    amba_eliza Full Member

    Ahhh I put on 2lbs this week too! I blame Easter!!

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