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11/08/11 is D Day

Hi all. I've had such trouble trying to get back onto TS since my thyroid treatment. But this morning I feel like I need to do this regardless of how I feel. I can't keep putting off starting as I know how great I feel when I'm on TS. My skin looks amazingly clear after a week, my tummy reduces in bloating, my mood improves hugely when I realise I'm going to get to my target. It's just the scary beginning I find some troublesome. Thanks for listening.
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Good Luck to you! I just started my TS journey yesterday. Were you on exante before? If so how much did u lose and in what space of time?
HI Magi. I was on Lighterlife a couple of years ago and lost 4 stone in the 13 weeks. Unfortunately my overactive thyroid acted up and I stopped. I've put on about 3 stone (partially due to the thyroid adjusting) so am ready to tackle my weight again. I've just had radioiodine treatment so I'm not expecting huge losses until I get onto thyroxine. Everyone's different but they suggest if you follow the diet correctly you can lose a stone a month. It's probably slower if you have less to lose. Hope that helps.


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Good luck, Penny.

It's really useful to note the positive feelings you get when on TS.

I've just started today for the first time after about 18 months on the SW plan, and am quite excited by it.
Good luck starting again as it's really hard, I am also starting again today after a 2 month break after losing 4 1/2 stone but maintained by low carbing, 2.30pm atm and doing ok, hope the rest of the days goes ok, evenings I find are always worst! x
Evenings are terrible. I am just so used to doing certain activities (you know what I mean), that I struggle after about 4pm. I'm determined I'm going to do this.


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I have 'had' borderline hypo thyroidism so no treatment for me. I have found this diet made me feel so good, and I suspect I wouldn't even be considered for treatment now I've lost weight. You are doing the right thing .... good luck.

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Hi Bobbi. Saw your separate weight loss post and hypothyroidism doesn't seem to have slowed you down. How are you finding doing vlcd?


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I feel great. It was nov last year when I had the tests because my thyroid was very slightly swollen. There's treatment available but I wasn't bad enough - instead the doctor gave me weight loss medication. I didnt manage on it, didnt like the fact weight loss was slow and the side effects weren't worth goung through for a pound a week.

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At the moment I just constantly feel unwell. I've had blood tests today which will hopefully show I'm underactive. Otherwise, I'm not sure what's up. Regardless, I've been dipping in and out of Exante but tomorrow I'm hitting it head on and will commit to 5 months of TS. I'm not so keen on AAM since I feel quite happy when I'm in the TS zone.

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