11 and 1/2 stone to lose 2lbs at a time

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  1. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Hi guys my names Shanna and i'm fairly new to the site {joined 3 days ago}, just wanted to start a thread to kickstart my journey. I'm 23 and 21st 7.5lbs and hoping to lose 1-2lbs {preferrably 2lbs} a week to eventually get down to 10st and try to have a baby. Any minimins in the same boat i'd love to hear how ye are getting on and maybe what ye are doing for excercise/slimming clubs etc.

    I joined ww last night and i'm doing their propoints system. As for excercise, was very disheartened at start on the week as tried to go walk but couldn't walk for more than 10-15mins without feeling like i was gonna die in a heap on the floor :D.

    I'm from Ireland though and at the moment there is a tv documentery called operation transformation where 5 people from all over the country are chosen to led the country into healthy eating and excercising. You can follow members through the website {www.rte.ie/ot} and see their daily meals including recipes and also watch the excercise routine they'll be doing that day. The excercise is 20mins long including warm up/cool down.

    I'm following Charlotte and i started day one of charlotte's excercise today and it was brilliant. Really felt the burn but unlike the walking where at the end i just felt sore and upset for not being able to do more, with this i kept pushing through it even when it was hard and at the end of the 20 mins felt great. I'm going to do the same routine again at 6 o'clock and again at 10 o'clock before bed and that'll be 60mins of excercise done today. Also hoping to start aqua aerobics in next few weeks.

    Would love to hear how the rest of ye are getting on xXx
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  3. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Hi Shanna :)

    Soooo glad you started a diary, so I can follow how well you're doing here.

    I promise the walking will come with time, it just takes a bit of getting used to. Before I started walking last year I couldn't get up the bank near my mum's house without having to stop, within a few weeks it was a doddle. I haven't done any exercise for ages, so I'll probably be exactly the same as you, but as we've got a choccy lab now he's going to get lots and lots of walks :D
  4. clairehadgy

    clairehadgy Member

    Hiya and welcome I'm new to :) the more you walk the easier it gets,when I first started loosing weight last year I could jut about manage 15mins without feeling shattered but within a month I was managing a 45min hilly walk and could have gone on for longer,can't wait till the weather drys up a bit and can get walking more again as both me and my dogs love it.Good luck xx
  5. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I think i put too much pressure on myself at the start because i was thinking "oh ya i'll have no prob walking for an hr morning and evening" and sure like i said i could just about do 10 to 15 mins. Gonna keep at it though and like ye say it'll get easier.
    ShakeEmUp i'm loving the idea of a dog right now. Going to try and convince himself to let me have one. hehehe ;)
  6. x-emily-x

    x-emily-x Member

    Good luck hun :)

    I know what you mean about feeling unfit, you think you'll be able to walk far no problem then after a few minutes you're looking for somewhere to sit down and try and catch your breath lol
  7. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    That's exactly how I was. Had my walking route all planned out and had to cut 2/3 of it because I couldn't do it. But ya know what we're all determined ladies and I know I'm stubborn so if something knocks me down I'll get straight back up and keep going until I knock it down in return!!!!
  8. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    Welcome hun. I was like that too with the walking but built it up week by week and manage around 3 miles now. you'll get there in time.

    good luck xxxx
  9. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    That's amazing. I'd love to be doing 3 miles. I used to walk my sisters dog twice a day every day years ago and now I can barely do a few mins. It's crazy how quick you lose it. But like you said it'll get easier and I'm def going to keep at it.
  10. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    If you've got enough time for a dog maybe think about getting one? It's company for when you're walking. I probably seem odd as when I'm walking with Bruce I'll talk to him :giggle:
  11. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    ShakeEmUp: haha I used to be the same with my sisters dog. I'd love a dog but my fiance has an aversion to them. He got bit twice when he was younger so he's been scarred ever since the big baby. :) How're you getting on today?
  12. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Awwww the poor thing, I was scared for ages - was absolutely petrified, but since having Bruce, I have to say it's been pretty amazing.

    Not doing brilliant food wise, but have had one hell of a day and made the mistake of going into co op earlier when I was hungry.

    How's your day been so far?
  13. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Awh don't beat yourself up hun as long as you try that's all that matters. I was ok-ish today. Kind of struggled with what to eat. I made a huge salad and was going to use those quorn chicken like pieces but they were completely horrible. Also I'm so sore from excercise yesterday. Front of my thighs kill when I stand up and sit down so all in all feeling a little put out but sure I always knew it was gonna be hard so just trying to work through it.
  14. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Have you seen the normal chargrilled chicken pieces you can get? If you're not vegetarian hun, it might be worth a try, I know they're fairly low syns on slimming world
  15. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Ooh might try them so. Needless to say i was disgusted with the stupid Quorn ones. And i was starving when i had started making it and then when it went wrong had to start from scratch with only annoyed me more. Ah well though todays a new day and i suppose i'll know for next time. Going cinema tonight with himself so need to try and figure out how many points the popcorn will be. I have 48 points to use daily but haven't gone over 34 last few days and yesterday only use 22 so should definately have enough for a little treat :)
  16. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Hiya, welcome to the forums and good luck with your journey! Stay strong :) I know how hard losing weight can be - been going up and down and up and down for a while.
    I lost 11+ stone 3 years ago or so, due to some very bad times in my life I regained some - not all of it though (thankfully I worked my mental issues out :)). I did it on Lighter Life Total though - a bit extreme, but worked for me, to be completely removed from having to make any decisions about what I'm eating and what I can't have.

    It's not for everyone - I see many successful weight losers on the forums having lost similar amounts through Weight Watchers / Slimming World etc!

    There's a diet out there for everyone, find the right one for you, stick to it and it'll work! :D

  17. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    Hope you enjoyed the cinema last night x
  18. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Morning hun. Yup it was great crack. Saw pitch perfect it was hilarious. It was nice being able to have a little popcorn and malteasers. Manages to keep it within my daily allowance too so feeling great about that. Had a bit of a freak out this morning though. Himself was saying he thinks I'm doing really well and that I was doing everything I could and I don't know why but I kind of freaked.
    It just kind of hit me that my first wi is Wednesday and I'm just so worried. What if I haven't loss weight? Cos James is right I really have done everything I possible could. I've followed the ww plan to the letter and I've excercised every day but what if I've done all that and I don't lose anything?
    I'm just so nervous now. Dunno why it hit me so suddenly. So glad I can come here and vent.
  19. ShakeEmUp

    ShakeEmUp Full Member

    I bet you will have lost weight, as long as you follow the plan and exercise you're sure to, it might not come off amazingly quickly, but as long as you're losing that's all that matters :bighug:

    BTW, I love, love, love Pitch Perfect!!! You know the bit where they do the mashup of Bruno Mars and Nelly ... that bit gives me goosebumps as it sounds so amazing :D
  20. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Thanks for the support hun, you've no idea how much i appreciate it. As for pitch perfect that was my favourite part too i even downloaded the soundtrack from itunes. So so good. The humour in it is brilliant too. I love the part where fat amy is like "My real names fat patricia" hehehe so random but so good.
    How're you today???
  21. ShannaF

    ShannaF Full Member

    Hi also to Minerva so sorry thought my reply had posted last night........guess not though. Congrats on your brilliant weight loss so far. Love yhe hair in your pic too xXx

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