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11 weeks ago!

11 weeks ago today, it was valentines day, my husband and I was going for a meal, I ordered a starter, main course with side order of garlic bread and 2 sweets, yes!! TWO sweets, I could not decide between a chocolate cake and a muffin type cake so I ordered both with extra cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Can you believe that!!!! this will NEVER happen again, this diet has learned me that you can have what you want (just not all at the same time) there is no need to be greedy, just enjoy food and stop when full!!!!!
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Great realisation! - no need to be the way we were ..... This diet gives us all the chance to step back and become aware of the whys and wherefores in the past and put them right.

For me the main thing has been the realisation that the world need not revolve around alcohol!! It really doesn't make much difference - when you take it out of the equation nothing really changes. I'm also noticing that my brain is sharper than it has been for years, and I was putting any noticeable changes before down to my age!!! xx
Regarding the alcohol, I used to drink on 3 of my 4 days off, now I am happy to have a drink on only 1 of these. Cant say I drink less on a night than I did before, but at least its only once now instead of 3 times.


Here we go again!
Apart from the weight loss, obviously, the best thing about LT is making us realise our bad eating habits from before. My portion control was non-existent and could eat for england and win a gold medal. I had no full up feeling and just kept on eating.

Can't wait to start eating again (8.5 weeks to go, not that I'm counting or anything) and working on these things that I didn't know was happening before. LT has taught me a lot.


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I agree with everyone. I have realised that I can say NO to food and food offers and also stop overloading myself. I dont need to feel pressured from others (at home, work or out socialising)to just go ahead and eat something for the sake of it. Im fine without. Great isnt it?
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Hi MiniB, I know exactly how you was 'cos I was the same. I don't have a "you're full" switch in my brain at all! And I was bought up to clean my plate...with bread if need be!!! Got to say it's a bit scary thinking about eating again...I SO don't want to put back the weight and I've burnt my bridges by giving away all my big clothes as soon as they were loose. I shall be on this forum forever, I think!


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argh, the dreaded portion control, or lack of it in my case!

definitely hoping that LT sorts that one out for me.

I think a lot of us are still quite in the dark when it comes to alcohol calories and the Government is meant to be upping the ante of educating us on that. I've got a little credit card sized thing somewhere telling me how many donuts/pizzas certain drinks are equivalent too - pretty shocking. And yet so often when you go out for a lot of drink you end up having something extra to eat - chips/burger/kebab even toast/.crisps when you get home, that you just don't need!

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