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12 syns - whole sponge cake!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Mrs V, 13 October 2010 Social URL.

  1. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Yes, thats right 12 syns for the whole cake!
    I was given this recipe in class last night and I've just made it...yummy!! Its better cold than hot, as I thought it tasted a little eggy when still warm - cold, proper sponge!!! :D

    6 eggs
    2oz self raising flour
    couple drops of vanilla essence
    2 tsps baking powder
    6 tbsp granulated sweetner
    Mix the eggs and sweetner and vanilla essence in a large bowl with electric whisk, beat until it triples in volume (about 10 mins)
    Sieve flour and baking powder and fold into mixture.
    Share between two sponge tins and bake at 200C for about 11 mins (could be a little bit longer)

    The filling I chose (because I fancied a victoria sponge style cake)

    4 tsp Hartley's Best damson Jam (All Hartley best flavoured jams are 0.5 per tsp

    Absolutely delicious with a cuppa!

    I cut the cake into 4 and worked it out at 4 syns per wedge - and I mean wedge!!!
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  3. Wendyswoo

    Wendyswoo Full Member

    I've got this in the oven now

    Gonna mix some quark and choc options together for my filling xx
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  4. emz741

    emz741 Member

    I have some eggs to use up so will make this tonight, thanks! x
  5. *honey

    *honey Silver Member

    mmmmmmmmmm, yummy, think i will try this in the week :)
  6. Mel1981

    Mel1981 Full Member

    woop woop, got my brother coming down on saturday so going to make this and I have been wanting cake for a few days, thanks MrsV :)
  7. fatinfrance

    fatinfrance New Member

    Sounds yummy. Could be lush with the syn free lemon curd as a filling.
  8. heidiloobylou

    heidiloobylou Member

    syn free lemon curd

    whats the recipefor this please,ive lost mine!:cry:
  9. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

    mmmmm sounds yummy especially with the lemon curd filling :)
  10. jojogonnabeslim

    jojogonnabeslim Gold Member

    He he i do the choc version 1oz flour 1oz coco powder x
  11. Janine 40

    Janine 40 Full Member

    yum yum, thank you. xxx
  12. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

    how many syns does it work out using cocoa powder i like the sound of that :)
  13. jojogonnabeslim

    jojogonnabeslim Gold Member

    1 oz cocoa powder is 4.5
    1 oz flour is 4.5
    baking powder is 0.5 per tsp.....i've never used this in my cake so don't know if it makes a difference? so that 9(or9.5) syns for the whole cake then wotever syns you use on fillings ....enjoy :D
  14. maypole

    maypole loves to eat

    have bought my cake tins today :D
  15. Champ

    Champ Full Member

    Which is the syn free lemon curd, please? Love anything lemoney! :p

    thanks .......
  16. Tishbish

    Tishbish Silver Member

    this sounds too good to be true!! i;m going to try it tomorrow yummy
  17. Nut_Brown_Hare

    Nut_Brown_Hare Did it!

  18. laura2481

    laura2481 Silver Member

  19. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

    ooooh i've just made the cake and some free lemon curd to go in it dying for it to cool down so i can try it lol
  20. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

    just had a slice wow it's soooooo yummy, i made the free lemon curd but used bottled lemon juice in it and didn't add quark was lovely :) cut it into 4 big pieces 2.5 syns per slice
  21. MissO

    MissO Member

    As a big cake fan this sounds great!

    What size tins did everyone use? So we are saying the whole cake is 12 syns so if I ate a quarter wedge that would be 3!!! (minus fillings obv)

    Last edited: 28 October 2010

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