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13 pound countdown

Hi everyone,

I hope it's ok for a new member to start a diary here. I've been reading the site for a few weeks now before signing up, and it was the diaries of others that really inspired me to actually shift this stone and a half, not just daydream about losing it whilst stuffing my face :eek:

I've got a fairly small amount to lose, which in obvious ways is a very good thing, but which can also have its drawbacks. When you're just a stone or so overweight, it's easy to kid yourself that you're fine, happy and healthy. The fact is that a month ago I was just on the border of "overweight" on the BMI scale, and my clothes were feeling tighter by the day.

I've also got one of those faces that shows immediately when I'm carrying extra weight (tummy, thighs and face are my "fat" areas), and recent photos show undeniably that I'm no longer the slim thing I was a couple of years ago!

On top of this, I have fairly high blood pressure, which should come down if I lose a stone - or if it doesn't come down, at least the doctor can eliminate the extra weight as a possible cause.

So...this will be my diary to keep me motivated to look slim and trim (vanity, vanity:D), and to get my body as fit and healthy as I can.

I'm doing Slimming World on my own; I've bought the books but I'm not attending a class. I'm very much enjoying it, three weeks in, and I feel very positive that this is something I can maintain as a healthy lifestyle, not having to let the odd splurge bother me, and particularly not having to make a fuss about what I "can" and "can't" eat.

Thanks for reading!
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Hi snow leopard :)

I find it really useful to keep a diary in here too - it's a great motivation. Don't feel bad about only having a stone or so to lose. The point is, we are all going through the same process.

Good luck
Okidoke, so...first proper entry.

I weighed in this morning, and have lost another pound. That makes 5 pounds in totals since I started SW. :clap:

I'd had a silly couple of days where I'd overindulged on wine, so I'm pleased that I still lost, and it's motivated me to stick to my syn allowance better this week in the hope of another couple of pounds off at the next weigh in. I'd sooo love to be in the 9 stone something category in July...

Yesterday was a green day. I've been doing mostly EE, so it's been interesting experimenting with green to mix things up a bit. It feels rather odd, as though I'm eating a lot of stodge.

Breakfast: Strawberries, raspberries, muller light.

Lunch: 2 x Babybel light (part HEA) on granary toast (6 syns) with low sugar/salt baked beans.

Snack: 1 x Babybel light (rest of HEA); bowl of salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber.

Supper: Seafood (HEB) and spinach risotto made olive oil (HEB).

Drinks throughout the day were 3 x coffee with milk (HEA), water and squash (3 pints).

2 x slimline V&T (5 syns).

Total syns: 11

Very yummy it all was too!

I hope you all have a lovely day, filled with delicious healthy food and lashings of willpower :)
Hi snow leopard :)

I find it really useful to keep a diary in here too - it's a great motivation. Don't feel bad about only having a stone or so to lose. The point is, we are all going through the same process.

Good luck
Thanks Charmel! You're right, we can all empathise with each other, regardless of the numbers on the scale. What a great site this is :)
Well done on your loss. keep up the good work for next week ;) This is my first week back on sw so I have also started a diary to keep me motivated. Its working wonders.
Hey Snow Leopard

We have the same start and goal weights, so I thought I'd say Hi!! My journey has already been very long and slow, but I'm happy with the progress. I will keep a check on you to see how you are doing too, good luck xx
Morning! Thank you Charmel, Abidabi and Maverick for your lovely friendly messages!

First of all this morning I'm feeling like a bit of a wally. Not sure how I managed to figure that 1 stone + 3 pounds = 13 pounds :eek: So now I need to work out how to change the title of my thread to 17 pound countdown. Argh!

On the plus side, yesterday I managed to stick to plan despite feeling very down in the evening for various reasons. I was absolutely convinced that I needed wine and cake, and lots of it. I love baking, so there's pretty much always cake in the tin. I refuse to stop baking just because I'm losing weight - my OH likes it, and I like a piece occasionally (appropriately syned of course :p) but honestly I get more pleasure out of baking it than eating it.

Anyway, back to the point. I had got to the point where I had 100% decided that I was going to just go ahead after dinner and have a big piece of cake and the rest of a bottle of wine that was open...but then miraculously once I'd made that decision I suddenly didn't want it anymore! Very odd indeed, but I am very pleased about that this morning.

So here was how my day's food looked in the end:

EE day
Breakfast: Strawberries, kiwi and mullerlight
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Leftover risotto with huge salad
Snack: 2 x Alpen lights (HEB)
Dinner: Salmon, peas and broccoli

Drinks throughout day: coffee with milk (HEA), squash
5 x slimline G&T (12.5 syns) - I measure my spirits religiously!

Total syns: 12.5

So not a disastrous day in the end! I don't normally drink quite so much :eek: But I was having a bad day, and a month ago I would have had a bottle of wine and more, so that's progress.

Wishing everyone a lovely day,

Snow Leopard x


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Oh no! Don't feel down! Hope everything is ok now x

We like baking in this house too :) And a small piece of cake occasionally helps you feel less like you're on a diet, and therefore more likely to stick to it!

Sounds like you're doing great anyway - keep it up!
Back to the diary after a very "off-plan" weekend! It was a friend's engagement party on Saturday so I decided to eat/drink what I wanted at the party...unfortunately that led to eating a mountain of popcorn and a takeaway curry on Sunday to get over my hangover :eek:

No matter! Was straight back to it on Monday morning. Had a green day because I thought it would ease me back into things. Quorn sausage, beans and cheese (albeit grated babybel lights) was the perfect comfort dinner while OH demolished the remains of the curry, and I angelically declined!

I still can't get over the feeling that green days aren't very healthy though. I seem to eat the same as I do on EE, but with less veg and more HEs, so it seems very indulgent. Hmmm. I guess it's because I love Quorn products, and often eat them instead of meat, so even on EE I'm not really eating a lot of meat.

Yesterday was EE

Breakfast: fruit and yoghurt
Snack: grapes
Lunch: boiled egg and veg. hotdog (3 syns) salad
Snack: Kellogg's fibre plus bar (yum!) (HEB)
Supper: Quorn spag bol with grated babybel lights (HEA), green beans

Drinks: Coffee, squash, glass of wine (6 syns)

Also had a small slice of my freshly baked chocolate raspberry yoghurt cake. Oh so delicious. Estimated 6 syns based on cake values in Food Optimising book.

Feeling much more chipper today. Eating out tonight, at an Italian restaurant, so that'll be a new SW challenge for me!
Forgot to say, thank you Charmel! I was feeling a bit rubbish last week really, but happier today. Hope I haven't put on loads of weight with all my weekend excesses. We'll see tomorrow when I weigh in...

Snow Leopard x

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