13 weeks to go!! Rosemary Conley and Tae Bo!!

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  1. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I am getting married in June and I very quickly running out of time to lose weight, which I absolutely must do as I ordered a dress at least one size smaller than I currently am (I had given birth only 8 weeks before when I ordered my dress, and at the time I thought I had a ton of time to lose stone upon stone upon stone!)!!!

    I lost a stone within 4 weeks of giving birth (plus weight of baby etc), but to be fair I expect that was mostly extra fluid etc. I haven't been that good since then, especially over Christmas, and like I said, I am now running out of time!!

    I have kind of been good since 2nd jan (but not angelic!) and have managed to lose 5lbs. But considering I still want to lose of 2st 3lbs (though preferably more), that hasn't been good enough.

    I need to religiously follow not just my diet plan, but also my exercise regime. So that is what I am doing here. Hopefully if I update this thread every day with my food and exercise log, it will help me to feel more accountable and stick to the bleeding thing! I also have rewards charts stuck to the fridge with little stickers, and the other half has been instructed to tell me off if he sees me eat anything naughty!!

    So here it goes, I am following the Rosemary Conley plan, so calorie counting and not eating anything with more than 5% fat. So far I have found this works if I religously stick to it. However I need to make sure I plan my meals in advance so that it doesn't get to 10pm at night and I end up eating whatever is quickest!
    I also intend to start exercising and am going to start doing Tae Bo. As much as a big part of me wants to exercise for 90mins each and every day, I know that isn't realistic, especially seen as I have a 4 month old daughter. So, here is my exercise plan for this week:
    - Monday - Tae Bo basics - 25mins
    - Tuesday - take baby for a walk in her pram (weather permitting) / 30mins wii fit
    - Wednesday - Tae Bo basics - 25mins
    - Thursday - take baby for a walk in her pram (weather permitting) / 30mins wii fit
    - Friday - Tae Bo basics - 25mins
    - Saturday - take baby for a walk in her pram (weather permitting) / 30mins wii fit
    - Sunday - rest day

    Diet plan for the week - obviously no more than 5% fat, and I am going to roughly follow her kick start plan, so I will be sticking to 1000-1200 calories a day.

    I would be grateful if people/someone would comment on my thread as I log my progress etc. Perhaps there is someone else out there with a tight deadline and a lot to lose - we could spur each other on and perhaps set little challenges!!

    Good luck to everyone!!
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  3. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Wow!! this sounds like a serious plan girl. Do you go to a gym? Well 90mins none stop is hard so some days you might want to do strength training (maybe) with the walk.

    Good luck!
  4. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Yes a serious plan!! I've left it a little late! lol I was hoping to start diet and exercise soon after having my little girl, but best laid plans and all that! And every diet I've started before I have not stuck to for long enough. But this time I have a couple of reasons to really go for it!!

    mamaepic - you might have misunderstood me. I'm not planning on doing 90mins of exercise every day. just not feasible when you have a baby that doesn't really sleep during the day, and there is no way that I am doing 90mins of exercise after she goes to bed at 9pm!!
    No - I don't go to a gym anymore. I will just be exercising at home, fitting in an exercise DVD while my daughter is asleep, or taking her out for walks (LOADS of really steep hills around my house to get my heart racing!)

    I've got some resistance bands, and will start using them after I have kick-started the fat loss. The TaeBo workouts I'm doing should help me to tone my arms, which I really want for my wedding day.

  5. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    So, first day went well! I did more exercise than planned (45mins session of TaeBo instead of 25mins) and I had just 1151 calories. I weighed myself this morning, and have already lost 1lb! woohoo!!

    I need to find a little extra motivation today to do the exercise - feel quite tired and at this moment in time would quite happily just veg on sofa all day!!
  6. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Get moving!! Remember how good it felt to see the one pound off!!!!
  7. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    I got off sofa and exercised as soon as baby fell asleep! Did 45mins of interval training, so again more than I planned. Felt really good afterwards. Feel shattered again now. Early night I think!

    What is that smoothie for weightlosscoach?
  8. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    So, half way through day 3 and still going well. Have already done 45mins of exercise today, and when I got on the scales this morning, I'd lost 1.5lbs!!

    2.5lbs down already - whoop whoop.

    Feel better for doing the exercise - my skin looks a bit better for it as well. And my daughter seems to find mummy jumping around the front room quite entertaining!
  9. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Well annoyed this morning -got on the scales to find 2.25lbs have gone back on! Huge disappointment!!
    I thought I had been good yesterday, but I ate dinner at my mums and obviously her Enchiladas weren't as good as I thought they were (it was mainly chicken and a tomato sauce - how bad can that be?).

    Enchilada's have been banned from my menu for the foreseeable future!!!
  10. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Still on a slight bummer after weighing this morning-nothing worse than thinking you have been really good, and then not see the results. Also, my 4month old daughter is going to stay at her nanny and grandad's for the first time tomorrow night, and I am not looking forward to it! (longest we've been apart so far is 2hrs 50mins!!) ordinarily I'd be reaching for a big bar of chocolate by now.

    My partner and I have been trying to think of things to do to keep me busy while baby is away, but not been very successful so far. Think I'm going to end up cleaning the oven and clearing the ironing! :(

    And I've just realised that I shouldn't be having hot chocolate on the Rosemary Conley diet-whoops!! I've been having 2-3 a day for my chocolate/sugar fix!! I'm going to have to be extra vigilant and scrutinise every label before I put anything in my mouth from now on!
  11. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Woohooo - I can have hot chocolate made with Nesquik! yay!
    so if I need a choccie/sugar fix at the end of the day and I have milk allowance left (I generally do) then I can still have my chocolatey drink at bedtime. :)
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hey :) love your diet and exercise plan!

    Just want to say don't be too disheartened on the gain, I can assure you it's water weight not fat :) its the final weekly weigh in that counts :D

    And woohoo to the nesquick! I'm a sucker for a hot chocolate :D


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  13. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Thanks for that boost Stef2009 - when you put on that much weight so quickly it is a bit mind boggling to begin with, but when you think about it, it must have been water. I can't have eaten and therefore stored that much fat in one day!

    I quite like my diet plan - fairly easy to follow (not just for me, but also for my OH to work out what I can and can't have). As I'm on such a low amount of calories a day it takes a little planning to make sure that you don't go over your calories. But I've found that easier if you stick to a maximum amount of calories per meal - then using whatever is left over at the end of the day for a pudding / hot chocolate. I'm starting to put together a recipe folder, with loads of meals at my set amount of calories, so it should just get easier as I go along (planning wise).

    Ooh I love my hot chocolate. Well I love all forms of chocolate, but a hot chocolate is the most diet friendly to have, and a little bit filling. lovely on a cold winters evening too (would be even better if I could have the marshmallows and whipped cream!).

    Well, 31hrs togo until my 1st weekly weigh in! lol hoping for 3.5lb weight loss this week, but we'll see.

    Well done on your weight loss Stef - over 5st is amazing!! losing the last 29lbs by september should be a doddle! I wish I had had 18months to lose my weight; we got engaged xmas day 2011, so I did start dieting in Jan 2012 as well, but I found out I was pregnant before the end of the month!! So my weight kind of went the other way!
  14. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    So - I have slipped up a little on my weight loss diary, whoops. My daughter went for her first sleepover at my mum and dad's, so I was spending quality time with my other half and didn't go near the computer.

    Still get a paper copy of my diary though. We had a nice meal in yesterday (co-op dine in range) and I stayed within calories, even with having a pud. Went out for dinner today and I felt all virtuous for having a roast dinner. Loads of veggies, lean meat - couldn't be that many calories, right? WRONG!! according to the restaurant website I would have been better off having a Lasagne! ridiculous! In future I shall look at nutritional info online and pick my meal before we go out - lesson learned!!

    I have got 12weeks and 3 days till my dress fitting now. My mum and I have decided to go into competition - weigh and put money in the pot and whoever has lost the most weight by 24th april will win all the money (new clothes for honeymoon - woohoo!!).

    Thinking about playing around on photoshop - putting my head on a "fat" bride and a "skinny" bride, and stick them on the fridge. As well as my skinny photos. Another thing my mum and I are doing is taking photos of ourselves at each half stone loss, so we can look back and see the weight loss. When I get down to 14st 7 (hopefully next couple of days) I am going to take my normal photo, and also going to ask my partner to take a photo of my in my underwear, so I can see the rolls of fat etc - if that won't put me off my food I don't know what will!!

    Doing everything I can to motivate myself now - like I said, only 12weeks and 3days left to lose weight!
  15. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Morning hayley :) Yep thats correct, i spent months mithering over the 'gains' to realise there impossible to be :D I used to be a daily weigher, thankfully ive stopped now, it drove me mad lol
    Good luck for the WI!!!

    Aww thanks, although i cant say im doing well atm! Came off atkins because where in a seriously awful finincial position atm, and atkins is an expensive diet, gone back to ww so i just eat the same foods and OH and my son so not buying extra food for me, but im not doing very well, eating things i shouldnt!!

    I have looked at rosemary connaly diet 3 times in the past 2 weeks, But i duno what to do about it, clearly im not following ww, but i cant afford to sign up to anything atm, so dont know if rosemarys is do-able on ur own!?

    Ohhh 12 weeks 3 days how exciting!! And thats a really good idea with your mum, well done to you both!

    Never mind about the slip-up, you wasnt to know and have learned for nexrt time :)

    Brill idea about the pics, all i have to do is look at my pictures from january last yr and it makes me not eat lol

  16. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Ah well I'm a daily weigher at the moment - perhaps I shouldn't do that, but I feel at the moment that if I don't weigh every morning that it's too easy for weight to go back on!! Perhaps what I need to do is just focus on making sure I stick within my calories for the day, and exercise, and then just stick to the weekly weigh in! maybe weighing just once a week will force me to be even more vigilant, as I won't be able to check up the next morning to see how much damage I have done! lol
    Will try really hard this week to stick to my plan to the letter - if I can do that this week I shall just go down to weekly weighing.

    Ooooh I love Rosemary Conley - you don't get the feeling, like with some others, that she is just in it to make money. It's totally doable on your own. I have never been to the class - I'm following it using info from one of her old books, and the latest magazine. Really simple - it's counting calories and anything over 5% fat is banned! On her new year kick start diet the plan was:
    Week 1 = 4 days at 1000 calories, 3 days at 1200
    Week2 = 1200 calories daily
    Week 3 onwards = 1400 calories daily.
    She helps you to separate your calories out for the day, and by the time you are up to 1400 calories she is factoring in allowances for a 100 calorie high fat treat and a pudding or alcohol. You can buy her magazine for £2.75 and all the info you need is in there. There are things you can order from her website to make things a little easier, like the portion pots, to be honest you don't need them. you just need kitchen scales. And if you have access to the internet she has lots of recipes for free on www.rosemaryconley.tv

    I did ww for a while, but stopped after they changed the points system. it was too hard to follow (spent ages walking around asda with that stupid wheel) and it personally didn't work for me. Had been losing weight on the old points system, but weight loss stopped/crept back on as soon as I started following the new plan.

    Gonna get the printer out later and print off loads of photos!
  17. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yep it works for some weighin weekly but it works for some daily :)

    Oooh well I did the pro points before And it didn't work but I had just come off a vlcd so my metabolism was awfull, I just sts constantly, so gonna give it another go and if I'm gettin nowhere then RC it is :D

    Ohhh yay to the pics!! Xxx

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  18. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Well I definitely recommend RC if WW doesn't work out for you. Much easier to follow when you are out and about.

    Haven't done pics yet (damn printer isn't working! typical). Will try and do that tomorrow either at home or my mum and dads. Think the prime place I am going to put my pictures, and reward charts, is on the kitchen door - will see them every time I am tempted to get a snack then!

    I'm hoping that I have a good week this week. Had my first night away from the baby this weekend, and feel all relaxed and refreshed after a decent nights sleep and a pampering bath etc. Helps me to feel a little more positive about dieting, and less likely to stray into temptation!

    Have decided I am going to go and buy myself a new bra when I get down to 14st 7 - nursing and maternity bras I am wearing at the moment are doing nothing for my figure, so a nice new, properly fitted bra will make me feel even better!!

    Will update tomorrow with my 1st weekly weigh-in. At the moment I think I would be happy with at least 1lb loss - would be a good start (plus I wasn't as focused this week as I had hoped to be)
  19. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yea Deffo!! Mine will go on the fridge if I did any :)

    Ohhh love the pampering and good sleep! I need one of them :D

    Ahhhh yes new bra!! I need some drastically but I'm inbetween sizes so trying to wait till I for comfortable in one!!

    Good luck for WI today :) xxx

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  20. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    1st weekly weigh in = 2lbs lost.

    Not a bad start, but not as much as I had originally hoped. If I keep on at this rate I will only lose just short of 2st by my dress fitting, and I want to do just over 3st loss at least!! Will be stepping up a gear this week!
  21. hayley86

    hayley86 Full Member

    Stef the pampering was a real luxury, as was not having to get up 1-2 times in the night! Though to be fair DD is sleeping much better at night time - problem is I go to bed too late because I am trying to get things done/have some me time once she's gone to bed. I need to give myself a bedtime as well I think, so that I'm not running on 3-4hrs sleep some nights!!

    My problem is my nursing bras are comfy, but not supportive at all, so I constantly look saggy! lol Burden of big breasts and gravity!!

    Right, I'm off to create my inspiration boards!

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