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13th weigh in


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well i went to the chemist this morning and i lost another 7lbs!!!!! not bad for my 13th week..i nearly fell off my chair lol only thing i can think of which might of helped with that is that ive increased the gym to 3x a week cause i was a bit worried about muscle loss but thats all - as i said the other day, id decided to start refeed today anyway so that was an added bonus..im now 2lb under my goal weight making it 68lb loss which im really pleased about.

last night i didnt sleep well cause i was dreaming about food all night and that id messed up after going onto refeed and was back eating rubbish again..i woke up with a start and was glad it was only a dream lol

i went to glastonbury today, walked up the tor and then walked into town and visited the great health food shop there and im gonna have 4oz of herby tofu tonight with a small bowl of assorted salad veggies..you know what..i cant wait :D

h xx
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WOW!!! Thats fab!!! :happy096: Although i must admit, hearing that exercise helps weightloss isnt something i want to know as I am very lazy! :p


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Woohoooo you go girl!!! 7lb is fantastic for week 13 must def be the gym! You should be so proud honey and i hope you enjoy your first meal xxxxx
that is fab fab fab!
so chuffed for you - enjoy your refeed!!
the portions they tell you to have are HUGE it's great (although half my tea is in the fridge lol)
7 lbs - awesome!
fran :)
WOW 7LB thats fantastic I want some. Well done Harri who's getting hotter and hotter xxxxx;)


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Harriet, wow, thats is just absolutely amazing, am so glad its taken you under your target and am sure it'll make you even more determinded to follow the refeed to the letter. well done you. xxx


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just a quickie to say that i had my tofu, marinated in a bit of balsamic vinegar, warmed up over my half bowl full of assorted salad veggies, in a little lime juice, salt and pepper and IT WAS THE MOST WONDERFUL MEAL I HAVE EVER TASTED lol it took me ages to sit there and chew each mouthful though..just shows how i must have shovelled my food in before...i enjoyed every damn mouthful BUT i do have to say im feeling guilty which i know is really stupid, but its still there....now its panic mode incase i gain weight...why oh why do we get these stupid feelings?!!

tracey if you see this, did you feel like this?

h xx


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and thanks for your great comments guys...hugs

h xx
:eek:I bet you do feel guilty giving us a mouthful by mouth full account of your food scoffing, hope you enjoyed it:p xxxxxx


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Oh yes hun big time!! I actually had a few days where i cried all the time and flt so down! I had to weigh myself every day to check which actually helped believe it or not! Honestly hun what you ate is fine as long as there is no fat at all. It seems strange doesnt it that after not eating your body cann cope with increased calories! Clearly it can hun so please try not to worry just no fat xxx


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SNAP...its a good feeling isn't it hun......half a stone IN A WEEK!!!!



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re saying wht i ate, i thought it might help with ideas for refeed..maybe i shouldnt say?!

xx tracey thank god you felt the same..its wierd to feel like that after what weve been doing for so long..

(and yeah it has crossed my mind to, to hop on the scale tomorrow and every day til i get weighed in next week to see if it makes a difference)

h x


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well done on yours shazpaz..i meant to have said earlier but didnt get round to it

h xx
Only kidding babe you deserve it XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Obviously you have to leave a bit of leway because you would obviousy be a little heavier after a meal, but in the morning? Made me cope better especially as i had lost! I hated that feeling and really felt quite panicky had to rush to the shops for scales. However hun i am calm now, very happy and getting a bit more daring with my meals now im more confident xx


weighs a lot less
talk about food as much as you like ,isnt balsamic vinegar lush i had it on everything when i did the refeed xx


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Lil you made me buy it and i used to have it just on my fingerlol
Hey Lil i had smoked cod tonight cooked with salt, perrer and lemongrass!!! Check me out hey! lol x
Went to see mum and dad today and she gave me some oven bags, mum said she does fish in them in the dinger and in the oven anyone any expierience on them c'mon lill you'll know?

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