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14lbs Gone, 34lbs To Go! --> New Journal!

Well, seeing as I'm starting CD again I think I may as well start a new journal, not that the old one was that fantastic.

I'm currently 170lbs, started at 178lbs aiming to get down to 130lbs! At the moment all I do all day is sit at home. Doing nothing so it's EXTREMELY difficult not to go nibble on what becomes an entire pack of cashew nuts :sigh:
Start my new job on the 1st of March and aiming to be down 10lbs by then! Thinking about it I'm like "yeah I'll never be able to do that!" But I have just lost 8lbs in a week so hopefully I'll be able to achieve that in 2 weeks with a lot of exercise and no cheating! Oh, and I'm strictly SSing!

Shall be posting in here everytime I want to go downstairs and snack (like right now) so might just ramble on for a while...

I'm currently unemployed...*sigh* was at college but dropped out due to illness, starting an access to he education course in September, which will hopefully get me onto a Gateway Programme to Veterinary Medicine, which has been what I have wanted to do since I was 2 (apparently!) and then emigrate to Florida, (currently in sunny Hampshire:sigh::p)

Well I'm off to see what's on TV, hope everyone's okay! :)

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good luck! you dont seem to have much to lose, what do you weigh in stones? i am sure you can get 10lbs off in that time. i'll be watching out for your updates and rooting for you.....

Weighed myself again! Lost another pound:D Makes me 169lbs! Only 39lbs to go!
Still waiting to hear back from the Royal Veterinary College:sigh: Although even if they say they don't, there is quite a few accelerated Veterinary Science courses if you have done a related undergraduate degree, for example Zoology, which is my back-up:D And it'll only take me a year longer doing the Zoology degree then Vet degree, and I can do that, or the Gateway Programme then Vet Degree, both before I turn 25:D:rolleyes:Which is a HUGE relief. Or I could start college and get in traditionally:rolleyes: Which would again take the same amount of time...;)

But I think I've rambled enough so I'm gonna go, hope everyone's okay :)


Weighed myself again today and lost another pound! I'm now 12 stone exactly! 38lbs to go I think! And I've lost 10lbs since starting! So...10lbs in a week and a day:D And only 8lbs to lose for my mini-goal of March 1st (new job!:p)
Still waiting to hear back from the Royal Veterinary College:sigh: phoned up yesterday but still no luck:( Really annoying having to wait...
So glad I lost weight, took a three hour long walk carrying - on the way back - two 2litre bottles of coke (not for me) plus a huge dog who was intent on pulling me the entire way and now my legs, arm and back are KILLING me:cry:
Off to watch yet more Tv:p

Hey - great start to your new journal and weightloss so far. You seem really focussed on your future career choice and I hope that it all works out the way you want it. Whatever pathway you take will be a challenge and I think it's great your so determined. Good luck with your new job too :)
Yay!!! :)

Thanks Domino!

I now have two rabbits!!!!!!! My sister didn't want them anymore:( and my mum was going to sell them, so...they're now mine! One is currently sleeping in my lap and the other is trying to dig up my bed, lol.

Yaaaayyy!! :)

I am now officially back in the 11's! 11 stone 13lbs! Which I am EXTREMELY happy about, only 37lbs from my goal, 7lbs from my new job goal and 19lbs (I think) from the Lent challenge!:D And the porridges - AMAZING! I love them, I'm going back to my CDC on Monday to swap some chocolate ones:p

And even better, my boyfriend has an interview where I'm starting my new job - I might be working with him!


I have officially lost 12lbs - a quarter of the weight I need to lose:D Went to see my CDC today - only been 5 days - and have lost 4lbs since last time! Although I need to lose 6lbs by the time I start my new job, and I start in a week! I hope I can do it:rolleyes: After that I'll only have 30lbs to lose!!:D:D:D
I walked about 8 miles today - feet are dead - so hopefully that'll contribute to my weight loss for tomorrow, does anyone reckon its possible for me to lose 6lbs in a week?
Oh, and I've also decided to take the traditional route of going back to college, and to improve my chances, doing a degree with the Open University at the same time, it'll be a lot of work but I'm aiming to get into Cambridge University's Veterinary Science programme so they'll be expecting a lot!:p


Finding it very hard not to eat at the moment:cry: Already had two of my porridges and is not even 4 o'clock!:sigh: Better than cheating I s'pose, weighing myself tomorrow morning and hopefully should see a good loss! Really wanna get down to at least 12 stone 10lbs - I'll have lost a stone! Only 2lbs to go, plus I'd like to get into the 150's by the end of the week.
Going home tonight so should be able to find something to occupy myself with, like cats or rabbits or cleaning out the axolotl tank - smell makes me feel sick - or watching tv. Doubt there'll be anything interesting on on a Tuesday night though.
Not really looking forward to my new job, its got NOTHING to do with anything I'm interested in and I'll be there 8 hours a day:( Its to do with computers which I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever but at least I'll be able to afford a car/driving lessons/insurance. And no-one else will hire me:sigh:

Well I cheated:cry::sigh: A cashew nut turned into 15 and then internet/phones/sky went out (was home alone) and I literally had nothing to do. Plus it was 10 o'clock at night so it wasn't like I could take a quick stroll outside, unless I wanted to get stabbed of course. So I had a bit of cheese...which turned into the entire block of cheese:break_diet:
I TRIED not to:cry: I read an 800 page book through to try and get my mind of food, and then I needed a drink....:sigh:

Hopped on the scales this morning expecting to see 11 stone 12lbs+ and saw 11 stone 10lbs, which is good I guess, although should be more:sigh:

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