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15 minute rule.


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Bolded text received from Cambridge. Thanks Debz :thankyou:

“We recommend that once mixed according to instructions our products are consumed within 15 minutes, this ensures optimum flavour and texture satisfaction.”

"The 15 minute rule does also apply because the nutrients and vitamins are heat and light sensitive so the longer you leave the product once mixed the more you will lose. (Only very small amounts will be lost)"


Porridge and spicy tomato have been altered to cope with the microwave process (for porridge) and boiling water (for spicy tomato).

Microwave porridge for longer than 1 minute and more nutrients will be lost. Same goes for cooking other packs, which remains a no-no as they haven't been adapted to allow for any cooking

So, for the moment, please do not cook packs at all if you are on SS.

When time allows, the lab will be testing to see if mousse can be made in advance, and whether shakes can be frozen. So it's advisable not to do this until we are informed of the outcome.
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I mix my chocolate shakes with boiling water, well i boil the water then leave it for 5-10 minutes and then mix and drink whilst moderately hot, i cant bear it cold or lukewarm. Am i still getting the nutrients? i drink it within the 15 minutes.

Thanks xxxxx


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That's fine :) As long as you are not mixing the shake with the boiling water.

But. You really don't need to leave the water for that long before mixing. Just 2/3 minutes should be enough, or a very quick splash of cold water in the kettle after boiling and a swirl before adding to the powder :)


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I'm the same on the hot shakes - can't stand them cold. I shake mine in a lock and lock round container and put a bit of cold water in first to mix the powder then add the hot water on top. It does occassionally try and spray me but I put a bit of kitchen towel over the top, shake it once gently, then let the pressure out by unlocking one part of the lid then shake as normal and that does the trick. Which all sounds far more complicated than it actually is hahahaha

The porridge I can't stand cooked but shaken with hot water its really nice.

I do freeze the chocolate tetra packs in a container as well to make them into chocolate ice cream and I must admit that there are plenty of times when I fail to drink my meals within 15 minutes as I get easily distracted but so far I feel fantastic so don't think its doing me too much harm - at least I hope not!
Hiya, why cant u put hot drinks into a container?

I think its just splashes out like you said Mifford!! - i put a teatowel over mine too, they are pretty revolting but im on Day 4 (attempt ten million) and i have not been led into temptation, the sickness has gone and i dont feel hungry at all, i havent even had my first shake yet. I just weighed myself and have lost 5lbs since monday, am really pleased. Well done on your weight loss - 7lbs? is that for the whole week, i hope i get that too x


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that is indeed for the whole of the first week so if you are only on day 4 there and it sounds like you've just entered ketosis there is a good chance you may well beat me this week :)

Oddly I used to love the taste of the shakes, couldn't stand them when I re-started last week but by the end of the week I'm back to loving them again. The chocolate one hot is to die for and I'd happily have that whether I was dieting or not lol

Keep up the good work - you'll be amazed at the difference when you get to the end of your first 7 days and it sure as heck makes the next 7 easier :)
i know this is naughty but i found the recipes for the shakes and soups and cook mine :D only because im now addicted to making the chocolate muffin with vanilla sauce! Is this really really bad. :S
Hi y'all,

Just a quick query, i've just started this morning on the Cambridge Diet.....Again! I did start lighter life about a year or so ago and went over to CD as it was cheaper and more convenient, unfortunately circumstances meant i had to stop, and i've now put all the weight and more back on. The thing is i can't afford to start buying the packs again until the end of the month and i want to start today, but i've still got LOADS of packs of both left from before. They are out of date, some up to a year, but thought seeing as it's only powder, i'd give em a whirl. I tried a banana one this morning and it tasted fine, i just wanted to check in with people as to whether i am doing something really terrible by using up the out of date packs.

Thanks guys.

Hey all.
I tried a apple and cinnamon porridge for breakfast this morning and found it incredibly salty, would it do any harm if i maybe added a sweetner to the water when making it.?

Funny how peoples taste vary. I've had a couple of forum people ask me if they can add salt to it :D

Yes, you can add sweetener. Not the powdered type though. Only the tablets for SS/SS+

You can crush the tablet.... That's fine :)
Funny how peoples taste vary. I've had a couple of forum people ask me if they can add salt to it :D

Yes, you can add sweetener. Not the powdered type though. Only the tablets for SS/SS+

You can crush the tablet.... That's fine :)
WOW.. adding more salt haha.. crikey i think i would shrivel like a slug if i added anymore haha.

Thank you for the reply, i shall do that from tomorrow.
Today is day 1, so maybe it was just because it was new.
I find th porridges salty too I love the oriental spicy soup I'm on day 4 SS+ with the 200ml milk I love the choc mint milkshakes done in blender with ice cubes too it's lovely and cold and seems thicker


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Mint choc is gorgeous, definitely with ice cold water though. I tried the choc orange shake and almost threw up. Thought it was so bad I just had 2 shakes that day lol.

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