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15 stone to a perfect 10

Me too could eat a babies bum Am substituting it by cooking for the family and drowning myself) it feels like With water)
Keep strong we can do this !!! I just keep telling myself do I want to be thin or eat right now !!! I won't get thin if I don't make a change drastic or otherwise
If I can maintain been fat for 10 years I am hoping I can commit to getting thin for 3 months
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Went for a walk with the dog to get some air and actually enjoyed the porridge when I came back lol
I need to up my water not doing too well so far on that !
What day do you weigh ?
Sorry been awol as on nights. Day 5 here doing good still on plan don't weigh in till Tuesday night but started New Year's Day as had a few products. I little worried I won't get a good first week loss as I did three days and dropped 5lbs before seeing her so her scales might not show. Isn't it strange I am worried about that and I know I will get to goal anyway so what does it matter......this stupid brain of mine hope your doing good lovely xxxx
I am 12pm my time so 11am UK time eeek maybe if I walk the 5 miles there wearing cling film under my clothes I can loose some extra lbs
Although my lady has a fancy pants machine that gives you your whole body read out !! Not that I wanted to know I am essentially all fat and water lol
I need to have some food today I am so weak with the cough. I can't sleep, I cough so much I'm sick so I'm gonna rest and eat today im gonna mainly stick to protein but I can't help wondering if I'm still so I'll because my body is already weak and I'm not helping it out x
I really think you should give yourself a proper few days off to recover you sound so poorly
A few days either way won't make a massive difference and if it gives you a chance to feel. Enter again that's more important
Sending you lots of hugs xx
Thank you. I seem to be getting worse not better. I'm gonna take the weekend I think and get back to it Monday. Don't get me wrong I'm not gonna order a domino's (even though I really want to) but I am not gonna have any products.

What's your plans this weekend? X
I read today about the virus going around that causes the cough you have apparently a lot of people have if and the doctors can't give you anything for it which sucks !! I definitely think you should take a few days off and just reset you need to rest and look after yourself so you have the strength
No plans really counting down the hours so I can go to bed so it's one day nearer to weigh in
Yeah I read about it its so annoying I've had antibiotics but they didn't touch me. If I could just sleep I'd be OK!

Well my day of eating haant really happened I had a slimming world burger and a yoghurt lol.

Tuesday will be here before we know it x
I genuinely thought I would have but no appetite not sure if I am happy or sad about it.

I had a much better sleep last night- still not a normal nights kip but so so so much better and less horrific coughing- fingers crossed it's on its way out!

Having another day indoors my only plans are to get my work clothes ready for the week and to watch films and eventually wash my hair haha.

Not sure about food today will see what I fancy x

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