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15 Stone To Lose - Help And Encouragement Gratefully Recieved!

Ok guys, so after a year of sodding about I've finally decided that enough is enough and I need to do something about my weight!
I'll be honest with you all, I truly, genuinely have no idea how I got to be a 27stone 21 year old... seriously.

I'm going to be signing up to go to a slimming world group on the 5th of september when a new group is starting locally to me and I plan on changing my life!
Now I'm not very good with motivation and seem to have a slippery grip when it comes to staying on the infamous "wagon" so that's why I'm starting this thread in the hope that you guys will keep me going.
Whether I'm being lazy or just naughty, I'm generally asking for a quick slap and a good telling off from you lot if possible!

Please help me get a life for myself, I can't say get my life back because I've never really had it to start with!

Love to you all
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Hello there Emma, you are where I was at when I was 21 roughly I think, glad you are doing something about it now and not leave it like I did and now at 30 I got to my heaviest at nearly 37 stone, but down to 28 something now and feeling alot better in my self and able to get around easier. x
hi emma its good to see you back good luck hun xx
Hiya Emma, good to have you here! I'm 25 n I've got about 13stone left to lose after losing 1st 6 so far so we're in a similar boat! Look forward to chatting with ya :)


But you can call me Elise
Hi there Emma

First off, well done for finally taking the plunge and deciding that you are going to make this drastic positive change in your life. Seriously, you don't want to be where I am, in your thirties, wondering why you've spent your whole youth fat, so seriously well done!

Secondly are you genuinely, completely unsure of how you got the size you are? Because, if you don't know how you got here, you will find it hard to change the habits that are contributing. In my case, for example, there are reasons I can't change, as to why I'm fat - my original weight gain has a medical root, plus, if there really is such a thing as a "fat gene" the my dad's side of the family DEFINITELY has it, (most of the women are a LOT shorter than you and are probably heavier) but they are only 2 contributing factors for me. The reasons I'm still fat and that I'm only only 2 stone lighter than I was at my very heaviest (which was about 7 or 8 years ago) are mainly that, although I generally eat fairly healthily, I do eat too much, especially when I'm stressed, and I'm the laziest sod on the face of the planet when it comes to exercise! My eating and exercise regimes are things I can change, even if I can't change the first two things! Do try to be honest with yourself about whether there is anything you have done to contribute to this that you can now change. If you can think of any changes you can be making try to make as many as possible straight away don't wait another 2 weeks until SW-day - that's been fatal for me in the past, 2 weeks can mean a huge drop in motivation.

You are only 21, you can get yourself a brilliant life, but try not to put it all off until you are skinny, though! Make sure you have mini-goals on the way to your main target and make sure you give yourself treats when you hit them!

Try to write down the things you want to do when you are thin enough to do them, and put them somewhere you will regularly see them, or put it into a diary or blog on here. More importantly write down all of the reasons WHY your life will be better when you are thin. Make sure you also write down how you think you can achieve all of this - e.g. you won't ever reach your target weight on SW alone, you'll need to think about exercise too (I may not like it, but I do my best to force myself to do some).

They say that
it is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves, and here is my last piece of advice, one that I should try to follow all of the time myself - don't say "sod it" when you, inevitably, fall off the wagon at some future date and lose your way with the diet. Have a takeaway or a night out, or whatever, but then do your very best to jump straight back on the old wagon rather than deciding you'll do it in a few days... or weeks... or months!

Sorry this became a novel:eek:, but I hope it helps.:D
All I can say is thank you Elise, see this is exactly what I need :)

Of course there's a reason I'm fat, I obviously eat too much and don't exercise enough, but being 100% honest I don't eat enough to weigh what I do. Though I guess I must do or I wouldn't be where I am now... heh

But thank you for such a helpful and inspirational post, I'll be reading that again when I need a boost of motivation :)


But you can call me Elise
I know how you feel, I often think I don't eat enough to pile weight on as easily as I do, even when I "overeat", as I describe it to myself, I rarely reach the "calories my body needs" for someone my size to maintain weight in any day. But those calculators are for the "average" person, and who's really "average"? You probably have a very sluggish metabolism, like I do; it makes it more difficult to lose weight, but it isn't impossible. Which means we can do it and the sense of achievement will be all the greater when we do get where we want to be! :party0049:
I'm a lot older than you but have always been big. I've spent most of my life regaining what I've lost plus some. With me I've found its more about the type of food you use your calories for than the actual number of calories consumed. If I do high carb/low fat that equals instant gain.

Start small, take it one day at a time, don't guilt trip yourself over the odd piece of chocolate or bag of crisps.

Keep a food diary between now and when you begin SW see what you actually are eating and where improvements can be made. A lot of this journey will be about the mental side, working out where you've made mistakes in the past and putting them right this time.

Good luck.
good morning emma just popping in to say hi and hope you have a good day xx
Good morning ladies! (and gents)
Today is looking good so far, I've actually managed to force breakfast down me at breakfast time for once which I find quite tricky.

I was saying to my OH last night, I think things are different this time around. This time last year when I decided to start SW I didn't want to go to a group, I was stubborn and wanted to do it on my own at home (Again being lazy there) and the most important thing was that my mindset was totally wrong! I was thinking about how much I have to lose rather than how I'm feeling now - excited for it to start coming off!
I'm so thrilled that I've obviously got to that same fork in the road and for once in my life I've chosen a different path, but the right one. I know this won't be easy, but there's no use sitting here worrying about how hard it's going to be and how long it's going to take! If I can't sit still because I'm too excited to start seeing the numbers go down on the scale I must have chosen right :)

I'm buckling myself in for this ride rather than grimacing at the sheer size of what needs to be done.


But you can call me Elise
Hey Emma, well done for sticking to it!:happy096:

What's your first mini goal and what are you going to do to treat yourself when you achieve it? Honest, it's really important you break it down into "bite-sized" chunks and that you do something nice for yourself when you achieve one.
My first mini goal is to lose 1 stone, and when I do (and for every stone after it) my Mum is going to buy me a bead/charm thing for my Chamelia Bracelet which she recently got for me :D


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Only 2% of obese people have the so called fat gene. Most big families are big because each generation of child is taught how to eat and cook and be inactive as their fat inactive parents are. Its conditioning in most cases, not genetics.

Wish i could blame the gene like :)

well done on turning your life around and deciding to lose weight. Slimming world is truly amazing. So easy to follow, you can eat loads and its bot a restrictive diet. Push for your body magic awards. Exercise will help tonnes. I know at 27 stone that sounds daunting but even short walks are a massive step in the right direction. And all the awards and certificates tou get from slimming world are great. Makes me feel like a kid again its weird feeling such a sense of accomplishment getting a shiny sticker!!!

I too am joining slimming world and at 23, I have just tipped the scales at 28 stone. I joined the gym in June!

Been losing weight slowly at the moment (avg 1lb a week) which is better than nothing, but I need to be shifting more and SW will help with that!

I'm going to also need a lot of encouragement. I have one thing in mind at the moment; We want a baby. Whilst we haven't started trying yet, I need to be in a better position than I am now.

I just need to keep motivated I guess, and this is one big motivation!
Hiya Emma, and everyone else in the thread :)

I have a similar amount to lose too - I've only set a mid-way goal to get under 18st so far though - I've reached it about three times in adulthood and I always snap and fall off the wagon in a spectacular fashion! Don't know where the final goal would be as I can't imagine getting there yet, we'll see how we go I reckon :)

I'm also on SW and in my fifth week and doing it from home (for various reasons) using books from ebay/my mum. I think it's a great plan for when you have a lot to lose.

I'd recommend starting a food diary on here for motivation, people will be happy to help if you're struggling, and will also be too happy to nick your meal ideas if you come up with some tasty stuff lol. I've just started one this week and think it's helping me already - I'm making sure I'm 100% honest about what I have so it makes me think twice about what I'm eating :)

Best of luck with the plan, looking forward to hearing how you get on!
I've already got a food diary, but I've found that if I'm eating the wrong things I tend to forget to update it which is terrible!
I've started using it again though and am determined to fill it in no matter what i eat!


Mens sana in corpore sano
Hey Emma,

I feel like I'm in the same boat as you - Loads to lose, been messing about and got stuck in yo-yo cycle for the better part of a year. I feel myself wavering a little, but I'm sticking to it (nothing to lose but weight I suppose), starting by getting back to my 3.5st loss (1st to go) and then finally getting that 4st shiny that has eluded me for a good 8 months.

I will pop in from time to time, I find this place is an absolute treasure trove of inspiration...I can't believe I've never really even looked at the WEMITT's section of MM :eek: when it's so obvious this is where I belong.

Stick to it, good luck when you start class!
just popping in to say hi :wavey: hope ur ok have a great weekend love val xx

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