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18 pounds in 4 days is probably just for someone who has lots of weight to lose. It certainly is not sustainable. What diet are you are now? If it is working then stick with it.

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i brought into that diet few years bk. worst thing ever. heres the breakdown:
breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit and black tea
lunch: 2 boiled eggs and runner beans
dinner: hamburger (literally beef mince with salt n pepper cooked) with runner beans.
only water and black tea. it worked but i put on more weight after i stopped cus its\water weight you lose and muscle.


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What do i have to loose, other than weight?!

Emm .. money and your health?

My advice would be to go for a healthy eating option rather than a quick fix. I've been following your posts (not a stalker I promise!) and you keep looking for some magic cure-all whether it is VLCD, slimfast, cambridge, and now this fad diet.

At 5ft 5" your BMI is already at the very bottom of the healthy BMI range and you have been talking about wanting to lose a stone. That would take you well into the underweight category. Sorry but I really don't think you should be trying to lose weight.

If you are unhappy with yourself try some toning exercises or build your self-esteem instead.

Take care
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boiled eggs and runner beans must be just about the strangest lunch possible!


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These diets that seem to good to be true - usually are

Give it a wide berth


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I guess ultimately the only way to do it is healthy eating and exercise. I might help kick start using Slim Fast for a couple of weeks. Two shakes and a balanced meal. I think even that right now would be a struggle.