1st Anniversary gift idea for men?


biker babe!
its my 1st wedding anniversary on Sunday and i havent got a clue what to buy DH. PLEASE....any ideas??
I personally don't do gifts but I do do 'experiences'.

How about giving him a homemade voucher for whatever would float his boat ;) :D
aye aye! :D ;)

i cant afford a lot as we are off to turkey in 10 days...he cant drive, cant read, doesnt like arty stuff....in fact he is a pain in the ar*e to please..the only thing he REALLY likes is motorbikes....
i just want to get something he can either keep or use...
Hi Mike!

Thats a really cool gift!

My bf is a bit like Wheelie's, and hes not lovey dovey, so I cant get him anything soppy, but thats quite a cool way of saying how much he means to me! I think ill get it for him at some point!
Excellent! Is a little token that says a lot.

Well done on the anniversary Katie...it's mine on sunday too only slightly longer..29 years.
Maybe I will let my beloved make me breakfast in bed :D
Actually I am going out for the day not with beloved OH but with my horse lol. In honour of the occasion I did ask if he minded lmao
I think 1st is paper so I gave my husband a framed pic of our family on our wedding day and a home-made certificate of the words to our first wedding dance (Endless Love).
good ideas guys.
i was going to get him a subscription to MCN (motor cycling news) but i dont think they do them. He already has other bike mag subscriptions so ill have to see what i can come up with xxx