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1st August to 30th August - consecutive shredding

2nd August - day 2 complete

Shredded just before 9pm, after walking dog!!

So hot, so sweaty, but glad day 2 is out of the way!!

28 days to go!!
5th August - day 5 complete

Shredded at 9.30am!!! Have a day off work to do wedding things, and thought I'd get the shred over and done with nice and early....feels so good knowing I don't have to think about exercise for the rest of the day!!

All showered getting ready to take dog for walk and get breakfast

25 days to go
6th August - day 6 complete

Shredded at 6.45pm; really had to push myself to do it today, was ok once I started, but the getting going part was a killer today!!

24 days to go
8th August - day 8 complete

Shredded at 8.45pm, normally zumba on Monday, but didn't today, so will try and go Wednesday instead!!

22 days to go
9th August - day 9 complete

9.10pm shred tonight!

Feeling good as I only managed 7 consecutive days in July, so I've at least well beaten that!!

21 days to go...I can do it!!!!!
10th August - day 10 complete

Shredded at 8.50pm, straight from zumba and boy was it tough!!

All showered now, time for a cuppa and a little choccie treat

20 days to go
11th August - day 11 complete

7.30pm shred tonight

Glad I shredded, but had a bit of a blip diet wise, no need to go off the rails, no explanation why I did, but it's done now, will just have to move on and be good until sunday, when I've given myself a day off from dieting, not shredding though!!

19 days to go


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Sorry to interrupt your diary mojorocks, but just wondering what shredding is? Some sort of special exercise?

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Hi yeah sorry I wanted to ask the same question, r u doing the jillian michels 30 day shred? If so I would love to join as I started my 30 day shred on the 1st as well! Unfortunately I missed one day because of a bad headache but I got back on track! Xxx good luck with what ever you are doing! It's great when you have a goal like a wedding to work towards!xxx
Hi ladies,

Yes, it's jillian michaels 30 day shred.

It's a hard slog, but it has wonderful results.

Well done Naz, keep up the good work, nice to know I'm not alone in this august shred :)



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After seeing your post I read up on shredding and like all the positive reviews it was getting so I've ordered my copy. Will be joining you guys when it arrives if that's UK.

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