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1st day and I am *so* hungry and have a headache :-(


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Awwww. Do understand :hugs99:

Have you taken some paracetamol and had plenty to drink ? It'll help.


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Hang on in there honey, it does get better, promise.
Hiya... My 2nd day back here and I have just finally gotten rid of a headache I woke with...
I just keep telling myself it's part of the journey... Just like going to the loo 150 times and hour :D
Hang in there everyone ...it will get easier ...you're worth a few days hun & in a few days you'll start feeling fantastic & be on your way to a new slimmer you!...:)

Remember -
distraction, distraction, distraction
(& paracetamol & water) :D

debs xx


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We all understand because we've all been there. It does get easier - I'm in week 7 and I'm really enjoying the diet now, and enjoying my new shape even more! :D


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Been there

Have a couple of paracetamol, a cup of black tes or coffee for the caffeine and some more water.

Go for a nap if you need to. Its does pass. Promise


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Hang in there-it gets so much better :) The constant weeing calms down in week 2(well it did for me anyway) and the headache will go too {{{hugs}}}


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Hi, Im on day 1 of sole source and its been better than I thought it would be so far. I've really tried to space out my meals though so still got soup and half a shake to have. i really hope this works for me!


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Hey ...
hang in there........ the first few days are the hardest but it does get easier..

1) Drink lots of water..
2) take some neurofen..

Go and have a relaxing bath.. do things that will take your mind of it.....

Dont give up .... its so worth it.. Im on week 8 and have never felt better x

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