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1st day and I am *so* hungry and have a headache :-(


Gone fishing
Awwww. Do understand :hugs99:

Have you taken some paracetamol and had plenty to drink ? It'll help.


Stubborn tortoise
Hang on in there honey, it does get better, promise.
Hiya... My 2nd day back here and I have just finally gotten rid of a headache I woke with...
I just keep telling myself it's part of the journey... Just like going to the loo 150 times and hour :D
Hang in there everyone ...it will get easier ...you're worth a few days hun & in a few days you'll start feeling fantastic & be on your way to a new slimmer you!...:)

Remember -
distraction, distraction, distraction
(& paracetamol & water) :D

debs xx


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
We all understand because we've all been there. It does get easier - I'm in week 7 and I'm really enjoying the diet now, and enjoying my new shape even more! :D


Been there

Have a couple of paracetamol, a cup of black tes or coffee for the caffeine and some more water.

Go for a nap if you need to. Its does pass. Promise
Hang in there-it gets so much better :) The constant weeing calms down in week 2(well it did for me anyway) and the headache will go too {{{hugs}}}


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Hi, Im on day 1 of sole source and its been better than I thought it would be so far. I've really tried to space out my meals though so still got soup and half a shake to have. i really hope this works for me!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey ...
hang in there........ the first few days are the hardest but it does get easier..

1) Drink lots of water..
2) take some neurofen..

Go and have a relaxing bath.. do things that will take your mind of it.....

Dont give up .... its so worth it.. Im on week 8 and have never felt better x

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