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1st day blues


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Hi, at the end of day 1 and feel hungry. Had a strawberry shake for breakfast, which was ok then flapjack for lunch which was horrible (have been adviced since that I should not have it in my first two weeks). For dinner I had the vanilla with a bit of coffee and had to force myself to have it. My boyfreind is doing lt and had the chicken soup which tasted much better. My chemists havent given me any soup so a bit gutted. does anyone no if you can swap them back to chemist. I am sooooo determined to get rid of the fat that I will put up with the flavours. just hope thing get better.
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you should be able to change them i had 9 packs of soup and i hated it so i just took them back and swapped them

stick with it it does get easier and once you have had your 1st WI and see your loss it will all become worthwhile

good luck x
Get that chin up and cheer up, your chemist will change no problem, cant you have half of one of ya fellas soup, bit of pepper and paprika mmmmmmmmmmm! cheer up kidda x


weighs a lot less
there should be no problems with you swapping them hun,the first couple of days can be hard but just remember why you are doing this,keep drinking the water it does help and a few early nights will help too,sexercise is good for the body and soul xx


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Thanks for that, its so great to have the support on this website. I will attempt to swap them at chemist tomorrow. good luck with your weight loss..16ib loss is great


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Hi hun! You gotta be positive about it...before you know it'll be the end of your first week and you'll be lbs lighter! For the 1st week definately pamper yourself, have nice long baths, paint your nails etc etc. Early nights are a must the 1st week too! It'll all help you feel better and give you other things to do other than sit there and think about the "f" word, lol. I'm in my 5th week now and a couple of lbs off 2 stone so Stick with it :D xxx


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hey vicky oh dont worry hun it does get better!!! If you are finding taking the three shakes is leaving you feeling ravenous, try splitting them into 6 portions a day. I felt hungry all the time at first and I split the shakes, it helped so much!!!

As everyone has said, Im sure you will be able to change shakes, unless you have a meanie for a pharmacist!!

Keep up the good work, the hardest day is over it is worth it!! xxx:D


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S: 19st6lb G: 11st0lb
I did try and get a bit more of my boyfreinds soup but he had already made it up and he worked a 12 hour shift today so felt a bit bad. Now he,s full could try the sexercise idea...thanks!! I am staying positive, not sure what i would have done if I had not found this site...its been a god send. x
With the soup I have it with a litre of water so its quiet a bowl full, watery yes but full bowl yummmmmmmmmmm!


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Sounds like you have this diet down to a T, you have done great on it,your weight loss is brill, Im sure you must feel amazing. you cant have much left to loose.


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Good luck Vicky, the first week is the worse but once you get through it you'll find things a lot easier.

I tried the soup and hated it and my pharmacist was fine about changing them.

Vicky, i am on my 3rd day.. and i am just working through it! day 1 is hard, but just think if you give up now, you will always think damn i could have done it!
Just think of the weigh in how good you will feel to know that actually you can do anything you put ur mind to!!
Splitting shakes really works for me i was starving at 6 so drank 250ml of water then had half a vanilla shake... Then at about 9 i had the second lot so it didnt feel like i was stariving more like i had something to look forward to.

Chin up hun xx


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You'll soon find the hunger goes. I was at an event all day yesterday, had my first shake at 8am, didn't have a spare moment to eat again till nearly 8pm and didn't feel hungry at all. Unfortunately I then had to force my last shake down me before bed coz I just didn't want it but knew I had to have it!



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Keep going hun..it gets easier xx and will be sooo worth it x


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S: 19st6lb G: 11st0lb
Hi, had a choc shake this morning and it was much tasty that the others so feel much more positive today.Like everyone says you just have to get into the swing of things. I will not be giving up just looking forward to my 1st weigh in . thanks for the postive feedback.
Good on ya - things soon settle down and you will really get in to the swing of it - good luck for your 1st weigh in

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