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1st day done but...

First and foremost i hope your dad is ok. Its a scary thin to watch loved ones go thru things like this....and im sure he is a very lucky man having you all to support him thru it.

Secondly, i totally sympathise. Ive never been a comfort eater....im more a tv at night with crisps in a bowl kinda greedy person lol. If im upset or angry i find it hard to eat. BUT the very fact that you recognise your weaknesses is a strength, and the fact that uve identified it before youve done it is great too. Its hard....and i wont preach at you cos weve all blipped....but try and stick at it. It will make you feel worse in the morning if u binge tonight.

My thoughts are with you all xxx


Rebel without a calorie
I hope he's alright.
I can symapthise as I'm a comfort eater and it being your first day makes it even harder as you could just think oh well I'll start tomorrow or when he's better.
Fingers crossed for you all x
Hi Wendy, I hope your dad is OK, you did say it was a mild heart attack? That is one thing to be grateful for. I can symapthise with you on this as I have suffered the same thing, believe me the family takes it harder than the person it is happening to. I had mine in Jan 06, mild heart attack, had 2 stents fitted, and felt fine but my family really took it badly no matter what I said. Listen to what your Dad has to say and keep your chin up, these days with the technology they have, a heart attack is easily fixed.

With regards to you diet, this is a very stressful time and if you need to restart later then do it. You need to feel secure and safe and if the diet makes you feel anything else then start it later. This is not an excuse like I'm feeling down or having a bad day, this for you is serious.
Best wishes to your dad for a full recovery. :)

BUT (and I've made it a big but!) please explain to me how YOU eating is going to make HIM better? :confused: Answer is, it isn't. It might make you feel better for a few minutes, but even that won't last.

He's possibly going to need you to be strong, healthy and there for him now that this has happened so grit your teeth and get on with it cos losing your excess weight is the best way you can do that for him.

Food is NOT the answer! x
to update a little, at 1am he had a major heart attack, the saving grace was if you're going to have one the best place to be is in the coronary care unit! he had a procedure done in the middle of the night, it turned out 3 of his arteries were blocked and they have completly unblocked one, and another partially, we're now waiting to see whether they operate now or wait a few weeks.Today has honestly been one of the hardest day of my life, I never realised that even at the age of 35 how much i rely on my Daddy! getting through today without upsetting my 7 yr old twins hasnt been easy and im sure the teachers must have thought i was hung over or something with my red eyes this morning... Though I do feel much happier now ive been to see him.

I have decided to delay starting the diet, mostly because im going to be here there and everywhere over the next few days and I guess the disadvantage of this diet is the only ready to eat thing is the bars! I didnt though comfort eat, and today I've not really had much appetite and what I have eaten has been 'healthy', im going to try and cut down on carbs and hopefully later in the week things will have settled and I can get going. It's made me more determined to make an effort to lose the weight cos i dont want my children going through the feelings i have in the last 24+ hours!

at least i have everything ready to go later in the week....

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