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1st day on LT

Hi everyone ;) my 1st day on LT. I went on it as my neice has lost 2 & 1/2 stone in 6 weeks and she looks fantastic. I haven't found it difficult today but thats not to say I won't tomorrow or the next day. My diet was rubbish anyway, I didn't eat healthy and my downfall was not having anything for breakfast then being ravenous come 11am and call in at the bakery and buy a pie and a sandwich then a packet of crisps and finish it off with some choclate..that wasn't every day of course but that was the pattern.
Today I have been asking myself all day "Am i hungry?" and the answer has been NO... which has made me consious of why I would previously stuff my face, so I think it's good that it's making me more aware. There have been times today were I have thought I could eat something but then I have asked 'The question' and the answer has been NO so that says to me we eat most times NOT becasue we are hungry but out of habit or just because we WANT something so if we keep that in mind and know we are getting all the nutrition we require we will do good, look good and feel good...:D
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Hi Lunamoon,

Welcome to MiniMins and well done on getting through today so very well.

Your niece had exceptional weight loss of 2 1/2 stone in six weeks!!! Not everyone does that well.

I love the discussion you are having with yourself...keep it up, because as you will see when in ketosis the hunger feeling you get then is mostly psychological hunger.

I have nearly come to the end of day 5 myself.

Love Mini xxx
wow!! not hungry on your first day!!! I am on day 6 and really starting to feel better, keep with it and keep up your positive thinking. Your neice did amazing with such a weight loss, last time i did this diet I lost 1 stone a month which is what they promise, any more is a bonus x


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Hi Lunamoon welcome to the forum :)

You sound very positive and with the support of the forum I am sure you will achieve your goal in no time. When I first started I went and read the old posts and that just gave me a boost and during the weeks to come being here is a massive help. I hope it will be easy for you to sail through the weeks. Good Luck!
Hi Lunamoon

Im on day 3 and just having my first shake - got a bit of tummy pain this morning so have to make sure I add Fibresure to some of my liquid. Yesterday was difficult because I was at home all day. I gave myself the day off and let everyone else make their own meals and it worked! I lost 2 1/2 stones earlier this year but put on 7lbs in two months so I'm back on the shakes. The support you can get is brilliant and can make all the difference to your success.

Keep shakin!!

Thanks all for you warm welcome. I have had a vanilla shake this morning which was ok, am getting a head ache at the moment and feeling not 100% and was wondering if I am in ketosis so soon,

have a good day all Lunamoon x


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Don't worry about the headache as it does not last long, I get headaches on diets but with LT it lasted a couple of days. With Ketosis it is difficult to tell, usually within 3-4 days it should kick in but it changes with everyone. It could be sooner or much later. You will know it :)
hello Lunamoon... im starting today (04/10/2009) and so was really interested to come across your post! You seem so positive about LT im actually looking forward to starting!
OMG!!!!! I cannot believe it I weighed myself yesterday at 2pm and I was 13st (182lbs) and I have just weighed myself and I am 12st 11lbs can this be so? ...could anyone tell me how I put my details under my log in name and also create a signature many thanks
Hi Claire I am pretty positive but I am not being complacent that its going to be easy, however the feedback on here and from my neice is that the hardest is the first week. I'm looking at it in that I am getting more nutrition from this than I ever was before and as long as I don't feel hungry (which I haven't done upto now) I can deal it's just the nagging thought of 'I fancy something' but I keep my goal in my head and I have looked at the inspirational pics which are a brilliant motivator and I also keep thinking it's only 6 weeks out of my life in order to feel good about yourself...I think this site is brilliant for motivation and to know you're not alone x


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The scales to go down rapid in the first week as you are mainly losing glycogen and water and then after that you are a fat burning machine.

To add details to under your avatar you go to User CP on top of the blue bar above, click on that and on the left side under profile you will see 'edit your details' click on it and you will be able to fill in your details.

To add a weight ticker click on the link below and it will show you step by step how to add a weight ticker here.

Just remember that you need the 'bb code' for MiniMins.


To get to know your way around here is another link below.


If you need any help be sure to ask.

Love Mini xxx


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And here comes Mini to the rescue lol :)

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