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1st day over not convinced

i have been on lipotrim a few times and i have always put the weight back on (not lipotrims fault my own stupid fault)anyway i weighed myself this morning and was shocked 19st1 my biggest ever:cry:i had some packs from last time so i dont need to go to the chemist for a few days .only thing is i dont have much faith in myself at the moment but i am desperate to lose the weight ,this forum might help and inspire me anyway big hello everyone and welldone some great losses:)
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fightin the fat !
Hi g&t.. welcome to the forum... you can do this..you just have to believe in yourself..the food as you know will still be there when you finished..although if you have put it back on before you WILL have to make changes in your eating habits/choice of foods... im only going onto week three.. i was over 19 stone also.. was 17 stone in january and put on couple of stone quitting cigarettes..and i just binged on rubbish... but im sooo determined to lose this weight now im using all the willpower i have and it feels GREAT to be in control... as you know we face numerous health issues being so overweight so getting the weight off..keeping the weight off and getting active is a must... you really CAN do this...this forum is great for support... do not give into temptation do NOT cheat not even once...you will only make it easier to give into temptation everytime..and the same applies once the weight comes off....plenty of water...best of luck to you xxxx
hi gin, welcome to the boards, you said this site might help< no it WILL help, it may possibly become your lifeline and if your saviour!!! if it wasnt for this site i wouldnt have survived so keep posting, get in if you need us doesnt matter how small an issue just use it, will improve your chances of achieving your goal massivly, also have faith and beleive in yourself, YOU CAN DO THIS cos we beleive in you. Keep focused hun and if you stick to it, YOU WILL SEE MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS GUARNTEED! jxxxxx
Cant add anymore really, the girls say it all. The only thing I did pick up on was when you said, "only thing is i dont have much faith in myself at the moment" .......As you know with this diet you must be 100% committed, so come on pick yourself up and crack on, lets be positive.
Good luck g+t and we all look forward to your WI results.


Wants it Gone!
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Hey G&T... thats my favourite drink in the summer time ;)

Everyone has already posted so many good postive comments. I know you mentioned that you had weighed yourself and that you didnt need to go to the pharmacist for a while. Maybe no harm to just get yourself weighed on their scales so when you go back in again you are using the same scales. I know my ones and home are completely different to the ones in the chemist!

Anyway, I know you can do it, just take one day at a time, as you know the first week is the hardest.. keep strong, come on here and scream, rant or whatever.. we are all in the same boat and we are all here to support each other!

Best of luck hun and keep us posted!! xxx
thanks everyone you have all cheered me on and i appreciate it ,geoff your right i do need to think positive and actually give myself a kick up the ****weightloss doesnt come for no effort ,so i am gonna give it my best shot so no gin&tonic's for me lolxxx
S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey gin&tonic,

You know that you can do it!!! As the rest of the guys have said come on here when it is getting hard. It is amazing how reading soooo many smutty comments can take your mind of the fact that it should be dinner time :D
your right hopeful slimmer cant believe its 4.30 and i have been occupied all day so far think this forum is going to be better than a gin&tonic lol xxx
good luck gand t.I started and restarted lipo 4 times neve went passed day 3.This is my ninth week nearly over and I've loist 4stones if I can the cats mother can.miaow and good luck.michelle.

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