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1st day - wow that was tough



I knew it was going to be tough, but didn't think I'd end up constantly thinking about food all day.
I think I'm finding it tough as I just keep thinking that I need to do this for the next 6-8 weeks, which is a worrying thought, especially as it's BBQ season...aaaaargh!

I'm glad I'm not on my own and by the sounds of it, it will be worth it, when I'm in a size 12 again by the end of August!!
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You're already over the worst. You've got through today and you can tomorrow and every day until you get to where you want to be.
Congrats on an amazing start.
I did take all my measurements this morning and was going to measure every week, didn't think I'd see a difference in 24 hours!! I will measure in the morning and fingers crosssed!!!
the first few days i'd go to sleep thinking of food and think of it forst thing when i woke up. it gets easier, until one day you realise you haven't thought of food yet and you'd better have your first shake already!
I thought day one was hard but day 3 and 4 were the worse, I got all these pangs for food and seeing melted cheese on toast on telly didn't help. Never realised how much food is on the box. I weigh myself every morning before anything and seeing the scale go down every morning helps keep me focused. I also think having an item of clothing that you want to fit into is a good incentive. Keep going you will see results VERY soon.
Awwww Hun it's tough real tough expect like u said BBQ season I am horrid I pray for rain :) it does get easier, I found day 3,4,5,6 horrible.. Real tough. I am now on 18 I think, have my third weigh in Tuesday and hand on heart, I still think about food, but making the shakes is now normal,routine. And I do feel good. I have already had people saying to me I look well,have I lost weight....keep going u can do this. Xxx
Well done on your first day. Dad by day is the way to go. I've done 8 weeks and lost 32 lbs. U can do and when I was tempted this is what I though, it's hard being fat and it's hard on lipotrim , choose which one u want to be. Good luck
I've not had a chance to get on here for a while and thank you all for your support.
Well it's now day 11 and I lost 8lbs in my first week, which I'm over the moon about, if only I could lose 8lbs every week!!
Sklinky, I like your saying " Being fat is hard and so is Lipotrim" I know exactly which one I want to be and it's NOT FAT!!!

Has anyone got any tips or tricks with making the shakes exciting. I've heard of people mixing them with coffee to have a kind of latte. Think I need something, already getting bored of Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, Pharmacy don't have any soups in :-(

Hope to keep in touch with you all and KEEP STRONG
The vanilla with coffee is a good change!

Have you tried mint hot choc it is a yummy change ... I just make my shake up with 200mls of water ... Add a cup of mint tea and heat n froth it up with my coffee machine.

Or making the choc shake (with some cooled mint tea) into a mouse is good!!

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Sorry if i sound a bit dim, but exactly how do you make the vanilla coffee? Just getting myself prepared as i know i will be tired of the basic shakes soon so just trying to get together other ways of doing things as really do not want to fall off the wagon! :eek:
Lesley - think you add a spoonful of coffee to the Vanilla Powder then use hot water. I haven't tried it yet, I've run out of Vanilla Shakes!
I found another thread that gives the following directions for an iced latte:
"I melt spoon full of coffee in warm water and let cool then mix with the vanilla shake and some crushed ice"
Sound worth a go
im just comin to the end of day two and it actually feels a little better than day one. just had a hot chocolate shake and it was nice to have somethin warm. gettin the chicken soups tomorrow so lookin forward to that. Hopin i can cope tomorrow as theres always chocolates at work. Not drunk as much water today though just cant face it. Desperate to weigh myself lol

good luck
if your pharmacist is out of something you want, make them get it in!!!!
when i went for my 2nd weigh in, ready to start my 3rd week, i had already come to the decision that i did not like the peanut flapjacks, but the coconut ones were ok. so, i asked for 6 coconut ones. the pharmacist only had 1, and wanted to give me the rest peanut. well, as i only get to eat THREE things a day, i stood my ground. i wanted what i wanted, not what they had. luckily, my pharmacist saw my point and i collected the rest of my flapjacks the next day. yes, it was a trip out of my way, but i felt in control and not made to do something i didn't want. so, if you want chicken soup, tell them to order it for you. if they order by 2, it should arrive the next day. i called ahead one week, to make sure they had on what i wanted....
sorry to ramble, but, we pay a lot for this diet, we should get what we want!
for my lovely vanilla latte shake, i make up a jug of coffee and keep it in the fridge, so it's already nice and cold when i mix it. i will also make up mint tea and leave it in the fridge until i use it. i like to make it mint and coffee together, a mint moca latte!
:)This is a wonderful forum and it is brilliant that you are all so supportive. I have just started today and I can see that this place is going to make all the difference.

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