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1st Shake down :)


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Hi all.

Started exante today.

Just had a banana shake for breakfast.
Thought it was a little bland and only had a slight after taste of banana ... but they are meant to be tasty right?! :rotflmao:

So glad to be back on a TFR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only going to be doing this for 3 weeks then refeeding. Hopefully i can drop 1st 2lbs by then :confused: That will leave me 1st to lose on my own to get back to where i was in november :)

So yous might see a little more of me around here at the mo :D
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I started Exante today too :)

Had vanillla shake for lunch, not very pleasant but don't think I made it very well - it was lumpy! Ugh! :jelous:

Lets hope my vegetable soup tastes better this evening!


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How did you make your shake chick?

Do you have to make it at work or summat? If so invest in a shaker. I had one on lipotrim (dont need one now as i will take the bar to work) and they are a god send :)

How long are you planning on being on exante? Do you have much to lose? x
No! they're not meant to be tasty! lol. They're meant to be a low calorie nutrient delivery system, anything else is a plus! If you come at it expecting Nesquick, you will be sorely disappointed I'm afraid. However if you think of it as 'taking your medicine', you may be pleasantly surprised. You get used to them though. If you think these are bad, try some of the competitors...

I find them vastly better with 400ml water and a sweetener or two.


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I think its cuz im so used to the LT Chocolate shake - that was actually very yummy :giggle:
Exante make a point of not adding much (if any) artificial sweeteners to their products. It's part of their USP. Some peeps see that as a plus, but I tend to add the sweetener back in... :)


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Yer, i read that when i looked up exante! :)


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20:43 ... first belly rumbles! :giggle:
I actually really like the milkshakes, especially banana! They do taste like Nesquik to me - but then I do tend to make milkshake really weak normally...


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Hmmm tried the vanilla one today .... im not keen on vanilla things (only icecream and buttercream :rotflmao:) so no surprises im not keen! Thankgod ive only 6 left lol


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Thanks bren :)

I've never ever liked milkshakes which is why when i first started TFR back last january i was so surprised i liked them! :giggle:
I've never been much of a fan of milkshakes either, in fact I don't like milk itself!

I get on OK with these shakes though, vanilla is my fave at the moment followed by chocolate (which is the only one I can never shake all the lumps out of, grrrr) then banana and last strawberry.

A 1/4 teaspoon of plain cocoa powder sprinkled on top can liven them up a bit......:) or the same amount of cinammon, especially on the banana one.


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Is cinnamon & choco powder allowed?

Not keen on the choco powder idea but i :heartpump: cinnamon!
No idea lol but I have it in such tiny quantities that it hasn't hurt so far.

One of the things I like about Exante is that as a fairly new-kid-on-the-block to the VLCD world there aren't so many entrenched rules and regs as with some of the others.

Because there isn't officially anything that says "no" I am willing to experiment and test out different things to add flavour to my soups and shakes. If they affect my weightloss then I won't use them again, but so far cocoa powder and cinnamon a couple of times a week at 1/4 teaspoon at a time has been fine. :)

This flexibility stops it from getting too boring I think!


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Indeed! After doing lt which is vert strict in amazed we can add stuff but yet 'scared' to! Lol
Yeah i've been using a whisk to make the milkshakes at work, I'm getting the hang of it now! I always add sweetners now, that helps a lot. With the vanilla ones I have started adding some black coffee, it tastes like a creamy latte, yum!

I intend to do exante for 4 weeks, have 1 week of adding evening meals then back on the total solution for another 4 weeks.

I've been doing it a week now, lost 9lbs, very happy! I know it's prob just fluid etc but it makes me feel good!

Gotta say, I really don't like the soups, especially the tomato one, ugh! I've tried all the tricks like adding salt, pepper, herbs, garlic, tabasco sauce etc but still think they're gross. I know they're not supposed to taste nice, but I'm getting to the point where they make me gag now, not good! xx

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