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1st time off the rails in 2007 - and the world hasn't ended!

I'm on week 9 of management and I've read a few posts from people who are nervous about eating again, partly for fear of losing control and regaining weight. Well I lost control on Tuesday night but the good news is it's OK - what happened next was quite different from the pre-LL days.

We've had a French boy staying (school exchange) and I took him and my 2 sons down to the beach with some Dominos pizzas after school - that was OK as I made sure I'd had a snack first. When we got back I made them a chocolate fondue with strawberries to dip in. Strawberries are OK so I had some too. I dipped "just one" (well ended up as 4) which introduced sugar into my veins so later on that evening I had an incident with some baked goods... won't go into details for the sake of those in abstinence, but at a rough guess must have had at least 1000 calories worth of cake etc. I ate even more than I would have done because I was so interested in what I was thinking having done the LL programme - had much more insight now! There were a lot of crooked thoughts flying around. Afterwards I identified lots of reasons why it happened (tiredness/changes in routine etc) and intend to use this knowledge to avoid a similar lapse in the future.

I sort of regretted it (must admit the cakes were yummy!) but knew it was going to be a one-off. Pre-LL I would have thought, "I've blown it now; might as well give up..." and that would have started me off on a few weeks fairly full of cake/cheese/extra slices of bread. This time I was confident I could draw a line and eat sensibly. It took a day or so to get the sugar out of my system and stop the cravings. Now I'm fine; my weight hasn't changed; I've learned a lot.

What I'm trying to say is don't worry about eating: even if you do make a mistake you will have the tools to learn from it. You don't need to get stuck in a cycle of overeating ever again. On one of the management CDs there is a bit about lapse - relapse - collapse. I don't have to do all 3 of these things any more; I know there is an alternative. LL has taught me I am in control and it's great:D:D:D.
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Well done on the new 'you' coming out - as you say the old you would have flipped and blown it for a few days but the new you is much stronger than that. You've done the best thing, you've realised that you can have bad moments, minutes, hours and then carry on sensibly as before - ie we can be 'normal'. That's what slim people do - they don't always sit there with next to nothing on their plate, they have times when they have cake/a too big dinner/takeaway etc and the rest of the time they eat sensibly.

Good on you for realising that you are in control :)

Well done on such sensible thinking.
None of us are going to be perfect 100% all of the time, its what we do after we've lost that little bit of control thats going to be the deciding factor in maintaining our weights. I've lost count of how many times I've thrown in the towel after eating just a little bit extra to whatever diet I was on at the time. Thanks for posting your experiences, hope I'm so sensible when I get to Maintenance. I might even watch my LL DVD's this weekend because I keep forgetting to!!! They might prove useful!
A really positive post which helped me get things in perspective. Wherever we are on our journeys, it simply is not possible to be perfect all the time for the rest of ...

Like Kath said, slim people sometimes eat more than they need because the fancy it or whatever reason. The difference I suppose is they don't beat themselves up about it, feel more guilt then open the cupboards to console themselves!

I know my slim husband just moves on and 98% of the time enjoys and chooses to eat a range of food. This is Where I want to be.

Thanks for the light bulb


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Wow, thanks. I had a binge this week as well, I felt like giving it all up, I wasn't real sure why, but your post has made me realise why I did it & what tools I have to get over it & get back on track.
Thanks again.
Goombagirl thanks for that little insight! It really does help me to know that there are people out there who are doing what I probably would but that you have learnt to deal with it. Dealing with it is what LL is all about. It is also interesting to hear that you felt like carrying on bingeing until the sugar was out of your system. I suppose this is where the GI diet comes into it. I have bought a couple of GI and GL books in preparation. Oh dear just thought we have a french boy coming to stay the week after next. Hope he doesn't have that effect on me...

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