1st Week Weigh


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Started Day 8 of SS - weighed myself this morning and I've lost 10lbs which I'm really pleased about despite not being able to SS 100% yesterday. :D
I attended a funeral yesterday, which meant an early start; didn't manage to drink my usual 4lts of water, and ended up eating at the reception. Not meant to be an excuse but the lesson for me in this is that I need to be prepared for days outside my usual routine. :rolleyes:
Also prepared for any knock on effect this may have on next week's weight loss and hopefully I've not set myself for any cravings!:(
oh wow thats great losing 10lbs in first week. i had my first weigh in today an i lost 8lbs. How much to u need to lose i need to lose about 3st.

Well Done
Well done Choc Velvet and need-to-lose .... wonderful weight losses!

It's a good idea to have a tetra or bar in your car, OH's car, and desk at work if possible.

i started at 13.4 and i am also 5'6 so we have the same target, i want to get to 9st but will be happy with 10st it will be good to get to 9st so if i do gain atleast i will still be a 10 it seems like it will take such a long time:( but see how i go.

well done again mate
well done to both of you xx
Well done on your weight loss!! I too got my first weigh in (today) and i've lost 10lb!! What an amazing feeling eh?!
How have you been coping??
well done on your 10 lbs loss.

I am on day 7 today and have lost just over 9 lbs but today have been nibbling bits & pieces - why?????

I have decided to go to bed early & restart SS again tomorrow as if it's day one again.

Good luck for your week