1st weigh in disappointed


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Have only just found this forum, and not sure whether I am doing the right thing, but here goes.

Started lipotrim on02/01/10, have been really strict not cheated, even walked 5 miles 1 day cos of the snow, so that should have helped, well, only lost 2lb.

The chemist did say I was getting weighed a day early, well 3 sachets are in work, and I'm snowed in with the kids, so had to go n get more supplies today, he said if I went back tomorrow he would expect weight loss to be 3 or 4 lbs.

What does anybody think?

By the way, thanks for letting me in.

Dawn ________________
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He could be right Dawn, you lose weight every day to be honest.

And were you dieting before hand?

Most off our first losses are pretty much water and glycogen stores, if you were dieting you wouldnt have had much of this!

How much water are you drinking?

Dont over do it on the exercise until your body is fully into the swing of things and used to living on the limited calories or else you could push your body into starvation mode..

Hope this helps x


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Hun you shouldn't be weighed until the sat 9th!! Why has your chemist said tomorrow should be your official weigh in day? If it doesn't open on a sat then make weigh in day a fri or mon. You will be in ketosis now and it will really start to come off so don't feel down.
By the way welcome!!


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Ah thanks for all your support, feeling better already, the chemist is open I think on Saturday, so I will try and get there then.


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Hi and welcome to the site. I agree with Stinkybreath your weigh in should be on Saturday so not sure why your chemist said its tomorrow? Two pounds is still a good loss, don't feel dissapointed - you may get a good loss next week. You also need to make sure you're drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day as that helps with the weight loss. Stay strong and good luck for next week. x


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Welcome Dawn !!

Please don't be disappointed. This diet works.

  1. How much water are you drinking? should be 3-4ltrs per day.​
  2. Is it TOTM?​
  3. are you having all 3 shakes per day?​
  4. Are you in/do you think you are in ketosis? it took me 7 days the first time I did this diet.​
Please don't give up - you may have a large loss in week 2. And what chelly/chemist says is right - you may loose another 2 or 3 lb in one day - that is very feasible !

Good luck and shout up if you need any questions answering !!

Caren. xxx:)


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Hi Dawnie

Welcome to the forum and look forward to you being part of it!!

I would hold off until Saturday,,that is another 2 days really and you could lose another 2-6lb easily in that time!

Dont despair ! We are all different; have different amount of weight to shift, some have been on diets and some havent....it just depends on your body how much you lose on Week 1.

Do ask yourself the questions though that Nerac posted as this will help you if you are not maybe drinking so much, etc...

Let us know how you get on Saturday!


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S: 11st5lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st9lb(5.66%)
Thanks so much for help really appreciated, but what is TOTM?




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Even leave it for another week and you will be delighted then when you weigh in next week...

drink loads of water, if you were dieting straight before this diet then it could be just that you had already lost all water etc... as that is what you usualy loose in first week which makes your lost so big..

keep it up and you will be delighted :)


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It can be very disheartening with a low weightloss. But try and look at the bigger picture LT losses over a month for ladies is 1 - 1 1/2stone. You will catch up and next week will really motiviate you. TOTM is time of the month. Stay strong and stay determined. xx:)

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Aw Dawn, it is a shame to feel so disappointed. We build ourselves up for week one weigh in and expect it to be a biggie. You weighed early and this probably accounts for the low loss. Also, everyone is different, some have smaller losses. Wait till next week and you will see a better result. It does even out over the weeks. Keep your heart up.


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hey welcome along dawniew, i cant really say anything else because all the right things have been said. but you should be the same as me and weigh in on saturday. i wouldnt worry sweetie, if you go by the rules it is impossible to not lose weight, so you will lose it, maybe some more next week you never know, but dont let this push you down, it is a result after all, remember that and best of luck to keep on going..you can do it!!! were all here for you xx


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Don't be worried as everyone said you've been weighed way too early...you'll see it start to drop off. I used to have weeks where i'd lose 9-12lb then the next i'd lose 3-4lb so it all balances out in the end :D


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I cant really add anymore tho what the other lovely ladies have already, said. But it will come off and you will get there =]


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hiya and welcome, i cant really say anything that has not been said, stick with it, will be worth it,
best of luck ;)


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Hiya and welcome, I can only echo what has been said above by everyone else and ask that you stick with it and I am sure that you will have a fantastic loss the next time you are weighed. :D
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Hey, I am sure it will all kick in and you will stand on the scales soon and see the results. I think as long as you focus on doing the right thing every day then it will all even out the results will come. You have had an early weigh in, and I am sure if you stick with it in 2-3 weeks time you will be 1 stone lighter... for sure!! xox


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Hiya and welcome :) cant realy add nothink most aleady said it all :p but u will see the results of this diet it does work :) Good luck :)


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Aw hun don't get disheartened!
i find it does work out at a little over a stone a month but the way the weight comes off is very strange, one week i stayed the same and the following week i lost 9bls! This was 3 months in so don't worry at all, where you don't have big losses, you'll always make up for it another week with a shocker!

Good luck and welcome!


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Hi there dawniew and welcome aboard! As the girls have said, do not despair, things will be way different on your second weigh-in on Saturday. You'll eventually get the weight loss you deserve.

Don't give up! Let us know on Sat how it went.