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1st weigh-in, only 7 pounds(guted)

day 7 first weigh-in, 7 pound loss, yip i know its good but look at what every one else has lost, start off 5 ft 10 18.1 stone, was expecting a wee bit more, i have been so good, got ketones on day 3, now the are off the scale! must admit not been to the loo if you know what i mean since Fri, CDC said could be retaining water due to this I have been drinking at least 4 1/2 litres per day, HELP is any one else like this want to cry. Jx:cry::cry:
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7lb is incredibly good! Im not sure why u r upset it wasnt more. please try not to measure ur weight loss by other peoples as its such an individual thig. if u didnt have everyone here to compare urself to u would probabl be chuffed with ur loss. some people lose more that 7lb in week one but some lose less as well. the bottom line is...YOU have LOST 7lbs. ur 2nd weigh in may be higher than average, it may not but it'll be YOUR loss and YOUR body shrinking. pat urself on the back, u have done really well :D

as for the bowel situation...have u tried fibre 89 or husks? that always did the trick for me. xxxx
good morning yummie mummie.

7lb is a great start. if this was weight watchers you would be over the moon with 7lb. Pat yourself on the back for sticking to the diet for a whole week because that is a massive achievement in itself.

There could be loads of reasons why you didnt lose more. Water retention, totm, constipated even the time of day you have your weigh in and how much water you have drunk before hand. a litre of water weighs about 2 1/2lb.

If you are constipated try dulcolax. its really gentle and works over night but only take one tablet!

Keep up the water intake and stick to the packs and the weight has to come off. However much water you are retaining or losing the fat is melting away every second you are in ketosis.

Stick with it. See what your loss is next week. Our starting weights were the same although you are taller than me (im 5ft7) and I have lost over 2 stone in 5 weeks. The weight will come off if you just persevere.
Thank you Girls, i have given my self a good talking to, yip your right if it was WW would be chuffed, so I should be, stood at the hot chicken counter in tesco, was very tempted but walked away bought a coke zero and duclcolax instead. I have stuck to this 100% and realy want to do it.
Hi yummy mummy You did really well to lose 1/2 stone in one week, as everyone said we are all different and you might have another good weight loss next week! You are doing really well and well done on resisting that chicken. Good luck with your weight loss.:)

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