1st Weigh in Tue PM-weighed myself no loss :(


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I am new here and joined slimming world last Tuesday(did WW a few years ago and lost 2.5stone but found it hard as was always hungry). I did a silly thing at the weekend Iweighed myself and feel really really down as ive not budged a llb even though ive kept to the plan 100%, not cheated (wanted to but didnt) and only used a few syns a couple of days (not every day)

Has anyone else been in this position as I thought the first week I would lose a few llbs, feeling v down and on the edge of not going back, help anyone been inthis position would love tohear from you

Thanks Lisa :(
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hey hun. keep your chin up and dont panic too much. i have done that loads of times where i have weighed myself the night b4 lost nothing or a small loss and when i got to class id lost :) could be a number of factors such as different scales calibration or your bloated today and tomorrow everything will be okay. will keep my finger crossed for ya.

let us know the official result tomorrow xxx


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My leaded says that if you have too few of syn's your body dosent like it, so maybe have a few more per day. Don't beat yourself up though, could be a number of things though xxxx


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I'm in the same boat to chick! Ive been doin everything by the book this week and 2moro is my 1st weigh in! But I was sneaky 2day and decided to weigh myself at mums only to discovery that I'd only lost half a pound!!!!!!!!!! Gutted! Don't even want to go 2moro as I'm so disheartened :(


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Gilliansarah how did you get on tonight? I lost 3lb yesterday at my first WI, but felt abit disappointed. Everyone keeps telling me it's better to loose it slower than quicker. Let me know how it goes xxx