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1st Weigh in :)


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and i've lost 7lbs :) I'm really pleased as I'm now 15 stone 12 so no longer in the 16s yay :)

I'm on ss+ so can have a coffee with a bit of milk, which I've had today, we went to a organic farm shop on the way back from WI and hubby had his lunch and I had a nice fresh coffee with a tiny bit of milk (I was unsure what it was) but think it was semi-skimmed which is why I had only a tiny bit, so it was almost black, but it was lovely and filled me up. I've just had a choc tetra for lunch and that was lovely too (could be bigger though ;) )
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aww thankyou, I think its a great diet but it is hard, I'm just amazed I got through the first week
Its a bloody hard diet. I managed to stay 100% for 9 weeks and then i go off the rails and for the last 4 months have not been able to stick to it for even one day. I am now on day 2 so feeling really happy with myself hehe!! Cant wait to get to my WI and see how much i have lost to give me that extra boost hehe!! xxx


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I can't think of it as a week of sticking on the diet, I just have to think 'I just have to get through today'

I'm not going to my college graduation party because I'm worried that I'll eat something, and I can't drink so don't want to be the weirdo sat in the corner with a glass of water lol, I'm a bit put out but, I just want rid of this weight in time for starting uni in march.

you've done brilliantly so far though, thats amazing to stick on it for 9 weeks its a very long time.
Thank hun but its not long enough for me haha! I am also just taking it one day at a time and see how i get on. Little steps at first. I used to think about getting slim for summer etc etc but i found that just put pressure on me so i just think now i want little weight goals no time limits. <3 xxx


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to be honest I've not set any goals for that same reason because if I don't meet them, I'll be discouraged.
Yes that happened to me and once i didnt meet them i went off the rails haha. But at the moment i just want to get under 20st lol I know if i work hard and stick to this diet i cant fail :D xxx


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great 1st loss well done
Amy! good girl .... 7lbs and just keep drinking that coffee :)


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Thanks and will do :) and I went to new look yesterday for a maxi dress, they didn't have an 18 so tried a 16 and it fitted :) it is a maxi dress and they are baggy so thats probably why but 3 months ago I was in a size 20

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