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1st weigh in

Oops my 1st weigh in was last mon but i forgot to post as been sooooo busy !
Managed to lose 7lbs :), was hoping for slightly more being as it was my 1st week and i'd seen others had lost around 10 or 11lbs but its half a stone so really nothing to moan about ...lol.
What did make me feel better though was that i lost 1" on my hips, bust, thigh and arm and a fantastic 3.5" around my waist :D.
I'm thinking from what i've read on here that perhaps my weight loss is not as much because of excercise ..... i dance Zumba twice a week and salsa/la rueda once a week as well as cycling the school run every day .... perhaps i'm toning muscle as i go !!
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Have you slacked off on the water drinking? I slacked off a bit yesterday and STS today...Also Mitchsa you don't have as much to lose as some people who post huge losses in the first week, it's all relative! 7lbs for me in a week would be massive! Well done x You're well on your way!
A 7lb loss is fantastic, well done. That's a half stone gone in just one week!
I think as you dont have alot to lose that could be why you'd possibly lose weight slower, but I wouldn't say 7lbs was a slow start!
well done thats great xx
I think that's amazing! Well done. Zumba is bloomin hard work and the fact that you are doing loads of exercise will benefit you in the long run. X
Thanks everyone ...my husband even said my bum looked smaller today ....so the results must be starting to show !!
wkdstepmum yes the water thing is hard for me :-(. I fill up 2 x 1.5 litre bottles everyday but really struggle with drinking that amount a day .....the only time i fully manage that is on the days i do the zumba classes ! I just find that i'm always needing to wee ...lol. I get caught short in the playground ....even the other day when we went for a family walk in the countryside i had to cop a squat twice ...lol


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Congratulations that is a brilliant first loss :) x


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Ha! Mitchsa 'cop a squat' made me lol! I do think drinking as much water as you can possibly manage definitely makes a difference... I had trouble the first few days drinking my quota but I do think it gets easier and as well as the weight loss I've noticed all the water has made my face look fresher and younger! Bonus! Get it into you!!! ;)


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An awesome first loss well done!
I have good and bad days with the water - but I can definitely notice when I haven't had enough (foggy head).
Same issue with the water, I don't think I have ever had to pee so many times in one day as I have had to on this diet - hey ho if it's all in the quest for being smaller and healthier so be it!


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Hey Mitchsa :) that's a great loss, well done!

The exercise will probably make a difference as you will be building muscle which is heavier than fat (I think!) and also it will be doing you SO much good :D

As for the wee-ing...lol...I found the first week I was weeing ALL the time (I am drinking about 4l of water a day) but then it clamed down a bit and although I am drinking the same amount of water, my body seems to be coping better.

That said, I drank 1.5 litres in a 2 hour car journey yesterday to the football and by the time we were there I honestly thought I was going to explode! The queue to get inside the stadium has NEVER moved so slowly :p

If you're stuggling to get water down you, have you tried flavoured water? In Sainsburys, the Peach, Apple and Blackberry, and Rasberry and Cranberry waters are all sugar and citric acid (evil stuff apparently, knocks you out of ketosis) free, and are 70p for a 1.5l bottle. I drink one of these a day and then the rest in cold plain water. They really help me.

Hey Mitchsa :)

That said, I drank 1.5 litres in a 2 hour car journey yesterday to the football and by the time we were there I honestly thought I was going to explode! The queue to get inside the stadium has NEVER moved so slowly :p

LOL.....i really know that going to explode feeling !! I've just been in a car for 1.5 hours and only drank 500ml but still my husband was p***ing himself laughing as i dropped my bags to the floor and raced to the toilet the moment the front door was open.....he finds it soooo amusing !!

Don't know what i'm going to do next Sunday as my oldest has his birthday party and it's camp building in the woods ..... once you leave the entrance and reception then there is no toilets ......for 2 hours !! I'm sure you can buy a female wee thingy that people use at festivals etc....perhaps i need one of those ...lol.

I really will keep drinking that water though .....and try some flavoured water .... though it's not that i don't like normal water ..... i just have never drunk that much of ANY liquids before ...lol.

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