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1st WI tomorrow


is going to loose!

Well I have nearly completed the first week of WW. Like mentioned above it's my first WI tomorrow. I have not exercised due to full on work commitments this week, which I am slightly bummed about but plan to reverse this next week and onwards.

I have been doing Fast Start on 20 pts. The first day I did about 22pts and today I reckon about 23. However, there was one day during the week that I think I only managed about 18.5. SO hopefully swings and roundabouts. Hoping I have a loss!

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is going to loose!
Will do. Not sure what to expect as I haven't been able to gym. I'm a teacher and reports are rife at the moment! School finishes in 2 weeks EEK. We go back on the 1st of Feb and I am wishing to be rid of 17lbs or so??

I love the name of your diet! LOL
Goodluck for your first wi x
ooh :) 17lbs, nice target, that should be pretty reasonable too! I wanted to lose 14lbs by my birthday, which is the 5th January, and I'm 3 down, so 11 to go.... Should JUST be able to do it !!!
Once I get some more Gymtime in.!

Haha, well I generally managed to stick to diets, 5 days a week or so, then it was 4 days a week, then 3... the rest of the time I was stuffing myself like a porker, so I'm really focussed this time, and planning, and quite chuffed with the way it's going!!!

Come on!! Lets lose that 17 lbs!! :D


Up for the challenge
Hey and welcome to WW. Well done on sticking to your points 1st week and good luck for your 1st weigh in. I hope it's a good one for you. xxx


is going to loose!
WELL I have lost 3lbs, that's 1.4kg's, this first week.

I am now going up to 22pts a day and hoping to only do 21 a day, saving 1 everyday for my weekly 3 glasses of wine. If I eat out than I will use my normal points and exercise pts.

One of the visiting members mentioned that WW really does work if you stick to your points.

Just wanted to remind anyone who is struggling, thinking about starting or just cannot figure out why they are not loosing.

Thanks to everyone for the WI suuport!



Has the power of the horn
Will do. Not sure what to expect as I haven't been able to gym. I'm a teacher and reports are rife at the moment! School finishes in 2 weeks EEK. We go back on the 1st of Feb and I am wishing to be rid of 17lbs or so??

I love the name of your diet! LOL
WHAT!! how on earth do you get so long!! I am moving council!! We stop on the 22nd and go back on the 5th of Jan!!! well done on loss..sure you will meet your target as you have SOO long off!! :(
That's fantastic Bren, well done. Jen term dates will probably be different in Australia, I know they are in Spain
Well done you, I started last just over a week ago and although I am the only guy there I am lucky in as much as my wife comes with me so I dont feel out of place. - I lost 3 pounds in my first week also and that was a bad week for various reasons. This week I am sticking to it like glue and just feel so much better, I actually think clothes are starting to fit better - I know its all in my mind and am thinking how much can of a difference can 5 (if I have lost another 2 pounds) really make but I just feel better.

Not had a hard day yet but thats because my wife keeps me in toe :) The support is great.

Anyway, well cone, keep it up and good for you !

Well done Bren :)


is going to loose!
Thanks everyone. I am really chuffed and hope that the plateau doesn't hit soon. I would like to have a loss every week 2lbs preferably. Xmas is in about 4 weeks and it's about WK5 that I stall. Hopefully eating out of the norm at that time will trick my body to keep on loosing.

Yeah Oz term dates are different.
11 Dec - 1st of Feb then 3, 2 week breaks throughout the year. Most countries have there big break over Summer and this is our summer. From memory your is in June/July???

do you know i was just like that! i could always manage the first month and then that would be it! restarted for the 3rd time this year in september and this is the longest ive ever managed to do ww, my resolve is wavering slightly at the mo but im still trying!

goodluck hunni you can do it!


is going to loose!
Well I am pretty positive. I have been on many very restricting diets over the past 2 year but my head has not been in the right place. So lack of sticking with them, stressing my body out so they dont work etc.

My head is in the right spot now and doing WW and being able to eat again seems fabulous. I am rediscovering food again and loving it. Naturally though, in thirds of the amount I wish to loose, my body like to stall and plateau. I usually happens around the 74/73kg mark and again at 71 and 68.

I am committed and really dont feel like I am restricting myself with WW. Hence it's just working. I have been forgetful to take my multi vits this week though.

I have 8 weeks until the new school year starts and would like to have lost 17lbs by then. And would like to loose another 7 by Xmas. Do you have a Xmas goal?

yeah my xmas goal was 10.5 but i somehow smashed it! now 9.13 so 1 lb away from my initial final goal, am aiming for 9.7 and just seeing how i go on, dont know if il get there and i wont be too dissapointed if i dont as i havent weighed that since i was 16!

goodluck for your xmas target xx


is going to loose!
That's fabulous hun! Well done.

Well onwards and downwards as they say. I am very motivated to do this and be successful. It really does help to set realistic goals and try and not make them too definitive. You know like when I get there i'll get there.

Would be nice to be done and dusted with my goal of 65kg's by the end of March or even April. After that my goal will be to maintain for 6 months.



Lovin it !!! :)
Well done on your loss - thats a fab start. Keep up the good work.
You shouldn't really need a multivit if you are including plenty fruit & veg - all low point & filling - well done x

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