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1st WI

I have lost 1.6kg :) which is OK, the only difference was I got weight in the morning when I started and today it was in the evening so there might be litlle difference.From now on it is going to be evenings.I like the diet, easy to stick to.
I am starting to have a problem with constipation :eek: does anybody else experience this? If yes what do you take?
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That is brilliant, well done. Hmm, can't say I've had any constipation - are you drinking lots and eating fruit as your snack and veg with evening meal? Good luck for a brilliant 2nd week too x
Well done on your weight loss Bibiana - 3 and 1/2lbs is a great start but you have probably lost alot more than this because your weight fluctuates by up to 2 and 1/2lbs during the day - that's why they say you should weight in at the same time of day. I'm always loads lighter in the morning than the evening.

With regards to your other problem I suffered at the start and actually used laxatives for a couple of weeks (which I don't recommend) because I was in agony! I now take 2 spoons of 'Benefiber' twice a day; it is a powder, has no taste, no colour and can be mixed in any drink apart from a carbonated one. Its not a laxative but a soluble fibre food supplement. It took a good week to 10 days for it to work but now I don't suffer from constipation, wind or stomach cramps and I am regular every day. You can get it from Boots and Tesco (but not Rowlands chemist unfortunately). I put it in my morning shake!

Keep up the good work.
thank you girls. I will have look for the fibre. I am doing Archery, on monday we have a competition, there is going to be BBQ Bacon & sausage sandwidges,cakes etc. it is all day outside so it will be challenging.I have to be good. Would like to be size 10 by Xmas( prove my huby wrong) which is only about 19 weeks away (sorry) and between now and then I have friends coming to stay from abroad for 1 week and my B'd :innocent0001:. can we do it yes we can :D
I love BBQ's because I love meat (I just love food). I always have loads of meat and salad - by the time the cake comes out I'm normally too stuffed!

You can be a size 10 by Xmas you know - it is possible.
Yeap you can be, stick with it and prove hubby wrong. I know everyone is waiting for me to fail on this diet (purely because I always have) but that is making me more determind to do it. Go go em girl x
Well done on your weight loss Bibiana, any loss is great because it soon mounts up. I remember at a weight watchers meeting the leader passing around a bag with 1/2lb of lard in it and thinking I'm glad that's in there and not on my tum - it wasn't nice!

I love salmon - had roast chicken & veg tonight, now going to have some fruit & cream (is this really a diet?)
Ohh silly me, I should read all the posts before I ask questions - well done on your 0.4kg. Out of interest how far off the rails did you go at the weekend? I only say as I'm finding the last few days REALLY hard, harder than my first few days infact. I think it may be because I had a couple of cow biscuits??
My problem is going out for the all day. Had Archery tournament, and all day outside on my feet I got starving and had a bacon sandwich, and big roast dinner and I made a blackebery cake (big mistake)

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