2 Big to walk !! (chanel 4 )


Minimins gal x
Did anyone watch the programme on chanel 4 "2 big 2 walk".
It was an experiment with 10 very overweight men and women weighing from 21 stone to 31 stone and they are walking across the uk and walking 500 miles in all.

Each day they have 2 walk 6 miles and i think they are all very brave to be doing this challenge.
I weigh practically 28 stone and i am not able to hardly walk and some of these peolpe weigh the same as me and are doing this challenge.
I am practically crippled with back pain and cant go anywhere without a car i could not imagine walking 1/3 of a mile let alone 6 miles a day.

You can catch the next programme on Chanel 4 tomorrow(tuesday) at 9pm.

These people put me to shame as they are doing so well even though they are suffering big time.
I wish i had the courage and strength 2 do what they are doing, but at the moment i am practically housebound and find it hard enough to get up and down the stairs of my flat let alone walk miles !!
Hi Roch,

Will watch that tommorow,

keep as positive as you are and you too will be walking where ever you want, it just takes time, i thought loosing 3 and a half stone, i would be walking better but im not really, not yet. x
Thanx Pebbles its hard 2 be positive sometimes as i feel like i will never lose weight.
My back probs are so bad that i am taking 9 painkillers a day and 3 anti inflamatory tabs just to be able to stand up it has never been this bad b4.

These peeps on the show are so strong i wish i could take a leaf put of their book !!
YOU ARE STRONG ROCH!!!!! Stop having a go at yourself. If your best friend had crippling sciatica you would not point the finger at her for not being good enough would you? Well stop doing it to yourself.

I am on your case girl, everytime I catch you being horrible to my friend Roch I am going to tell you off! You have been warned, think before you ahve a go at her, she is a VERY GOOD PERSON!

I watched it last night and thought it was excellent.

I hope they do acheive it but apparently the remaining episodes are them all arguing all the time so not sure I will continue to view!

I am enjoying it, I just wish they (the film co) would concentrate on their achievements rather than the negative aspects.

I felt so sorry for the lady who left yesterday - she so wanted to do it.

Who in the name of God does Adam think he is??? Honest to God a reformed dieter who hasnt lost any weight yet...The goddamn 'no-fun allowed' police.... oh hes some piece of work.

If i was Hayley i'd go beserk. I wouldnt take half as much crap as she is enduring. Feel really bad for her. The ganging up is incredible.

Sure Hayley is at least extremely honest about her life...

Really Ivy?? Hayley makes me want to screeeeeeeeam!!!

Why on earth did she do this considering she knew her kids wouldn't be with her....and she moans every step of the way and cheats for no reason at all!!

I'm also hacked off at her poor me act. I personally was bullied every day at high school.....woop woop. I'm not there now, and I've done things to change my life.

Bullying has affected me slightly, I'm not as confident as I should be but at 27 she needs to get over it and stop bringing it up and move on. Maybe thats a bit harsh, but I can't stand this "victim" mentality.

Honest....erm...."The nurse said that I have to take a day off...." hahaha. The can't lie to the camera but everyone else...thats another matter.

She's got me right wound up!!! Soooooo many people would have loved to be in her place on that programme and shes taken up a space and moaned all the way. You can't lose weight and yet not want to change anything. You can't have it both ways love!!

Right....enough of my rant...must go and chill out now.......
I have to agree that Hayley got on my nerves too. I missed what the nurse said to her so didn't realise she'd lied about needing the rest - Cheeky mare!!!

However, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will relate to this, she clearly just wasn't in the right frame of mind to do something so incredibly hard a that moment.

It was an achievement to start it and last 6 weeks, not having children myself I can't comment on how she must be feeling not seeing them, but I can imagine it must be so incredibly difficult.

Some people can't find answers to their problems alone, some need counselling before they can even begin to start unravelling what's going on for them. She may have been discovering core beliefs on this trip, discovering them can be painful and she couldn't turn to her usual comfort blanket of food and hiding away.

I guess in a nutshell, she got on my nerves, but I recognised patterns of denial that I've seen in myself in the past regarding my weight. Looking for any excuse not to have to address my issues.

Kitty x
I totally aggree that Hayley was wingeing loads but i think we have 2 see both sides.One side being that at least she did make an effort and although did non stop winge she lasted 3 weeks more than i could do lol, but i also think that her excuses were very lame as the reason she was there was 2 lose weight to make sure she is there 2 see her kids grow up.I think she gave up as she knew the group realised she was telling porkys and they did give her a hard time especially Adam and she most prob thought why should she carry on with the stick she was getting !!


He is seriously a strong man he is struggling so much and he just gets on with it wouthout hardly any moaning enough respect 2 him !!
I've been really enjoying it too. I don't think adam is saying anything that doesn't need saying to hayley but i agree - pot and kettle! It does infuriate me when people sign up for these things knowing what it entails, ie time away from their families and then moan relatively early on. But i am finding it very interesting as all their moaning and groaning and defiance about cheating is because they have been taken out of their comfort zone. They are doing new things and that makes them nervous but the one thing they would use to sooth themselves is not available - its true that fat people are desparate to be thin but one they start coming out of their comfort zone it can make us incredibly nervous which can manifest itself as grumpiness, cheating and the whole self sabotage thing.

Will be interesting watching tonight!!!
Seems like i am on hayleys side...

Stacey gets on my nerves and lets face facts here - you dont get away with being 20stones + and not face public ridicule. what she said - that she NEVER gets called names...well she must never go out...its horrid but sadly true. Most people will relate.

And its not a regime as such...its not necessarily to lose the weight...i know even being less than half Hayleys weight - i'd puff and pant too because its a long treck.

Anyhoo, i likes her. i do hope she will lose the weight because she really does seem to want to - but maybe not as fast or as rapid as the rest

After all, we see statistic even here with VLCD that some people do lose less than others...and i bet she is one of them. she lost 7lbs, not gained it...and she got little credit for it.

Ivy - Supporter of the underdog.
i am totally engrossed in it!!!
Cant wait for tonight to see who actually makes it and if moaning minnie (AKA Hayley) makes it back...me thinks..not!!

I would love the challenge of the activity. I love activities like that. What an opportunity. There cant be many in the world who have done it.
I agree that many should have been prepared for what would have lay ahead of them (i.e. homesickness/missing family etc)..i doubt on paper whether it would have sounded easy. What i dont get about the girl (maoning minnie) either is how she says she lacks confidence and does not got out but was prepared to sit in a club/bar by herself the night she skived off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???? I dont get it..if you dont go out..you dont go out? How can you physically get tarted up and head off for a night on your own? Maybe that's just me because i ciould NEVER do that.

I thnk the men are doing well. THe ladies have let me down (bar the one who really wanted to do it but couldnt cos of illness)
yeah, ahem, stacie pees me off too!! All the women moan!!!!!!
Plus that guy who swears every five minutes.