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2 Chocolate Bars per day



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You're not supposed to no, sorry.


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I believe having more than one bar can make you windy, and they do have slightly more carbs so it's possible it could bring you out of ketosis.

I think if you feel desperate to, i's worth talking to your counsellor. I had 2 bars a day on Lighter Life when I was travelling, because mixing shakes wasn't possible and there are no tetra bricks on LL. Didn't have any adverse effects on me, but it's different for everyone.

You could try it and see if it has an impact on your losses, and decide from there.

I think it's better to have 2 bars and a shake, than to fall off the diet, but it's a totally personal decision.

My counsellor recommended it to my friend because she just couldn't stomach the packs at all, so I guess some people do it.


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Part of it for me is that I love the bars so much so its a challenge to just limit myself to one and I'm enjoying being able to do that.


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S: 14st0lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1st10lb(12.24%)
Daniel have you tried putting the bars in the fridge or freezer and cutting them up?
I know some people do that. Half in the morning with a tea or coffee and half in the afternoon.
Might be worth a try :)

I'm lucky in that even though I like the bars I don't like missing a choc tetra for one...my shameful addiction lol


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They do have slightly more carbs than the sachets so may affect ketosis also as said above cause flatulence in many and may make you feel unwell however your not gonna keel over and die. :)
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I love all the bars, especially the peanut one, and I must confess to having two SOME days. I spoke to my CDC about this and one of her clients, who cannot drink the shakes or soups has 3 bars a day and has done this from the beginning of her CD journey. My CDC read her losses out to me and some weeks she had lost like 9lbs and 6lbs, I was really amazed at her losses, so since then I know I can have one bar a day and be sure I'm still losing weight, unlike before when I was so paranoid that one a day would affect my losses. Also they are cambridge products so cant be that bad surely!!



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I know they advise to have 1 a day.. but Im not really sure why that is... I do tend to stick to 1 a day sometimes just 5 a week..
I am sure a cdc will be able to help more x
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I read one thread on here by a CDC along the lines of if you must, have a peanut and cranberry as they are lower in carbs. Not sure of the accuracy of this, but each to their own...


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I regularly have 2 bars a day, and it may well slow down my losses, but it does not kick me out of ketosis.

I also did the same thing when I initially lost my weight, 2 bars a day from the 2nd week onwards, and I dumped 102 pounds in 5 months - an average of 5 pounds a week over the 19 weeks. I was happy with that.

My losses are averaging out (so far) at about the same this time even though I started off at 4st+ lighter.

It probably depends on the individual to be honest ....


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I occassionally (actually quite often) indulge in a second bar BUT firstly you need to drink more water (including about 1/2 pint with the bar) as they are very dry AND also they DO give u a bit of flatulence (which doesnt boher me in the slightest...lol)

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