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S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Hahahaha not at all, I also like the way you write; and you're so down to earth too. And from what I've come to realize on this weight loss journey, the more you keep it real and engage in hard frank talk with yourself and others, the more you challenge yourself to reach your goal. Many people live lives to either please others or to keep up appearances and stuff and we rarely get people telling you frank stuff in real life. But this weight issue is real for some of us; - its very real for me - and even if in real life I smile and act like it doesn't matter, I still need a place to totally let my hair down and bare it all, and remind myself how much it matters to me and more importantly what steps I'm taking to address it - with like minded people who also share similar thoughts, ideas, woes e.t.c.
One of the reasons I keep coming back to Minimins.
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
It's been a very tasking 24 hours - lots of work pressure. But I still managed to stay 100% on plan, thank Goodness!!! I did something funny last night for my 4th meal - I felt quite blah at the idea of having just pasta or just a bar and got the idea to simply split them up in equal portions. So I had a half bowl of spag bol; and roughly an hour later a half bar of orange choc with my almaretto beanie decaff coffee and had a nice night with sweet coffee laced dreams afterwards:). (a few wee breaks too, but that's becoming old these days:rolleyes:)...My food scale is pretty awesome and seems to be getting a lot of use these days hehehehe:D
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S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
what to wear, what to wear...:(. Sometimes you know exactly the look you want to aim for in the mornings. Other times its just a hit or miss thing and that's today actually. I feel I look like a scarecrow:rolleyes:.

Ah well, let's go get my first meal down the hatch. I'm hungry:p
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
I think the method I'm adopting of setting small intermittent targets is a big factor in the progress I've made so far. Aiming for a 1kg drop per week makes it very doable and realistic. Last week was a 0.1kg drop; but already I'm down to 92.8 within less than 7 days! Which means I'm still on track in overall projections - sod the weekly variations :D. And there's nothing more motivating really than seeing the scale move in the direction you're aiming for! hahahaha. Mmmm, this beanie cookie dough flavored coffee is going down well with my choc orange/toffee bar combo this morning. Smells heavenly too! Having my americano laced with cookie dough beanies flavored coffee this morning, lovely :D

Me love me some beanies. Just ordered another set of flavors off amazon. Mmmmm yummy; can't wait:)
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
I've got my strawberry apple yogurt bar yeyyy! Couldn't get my mint bar, boo...so I picked up a few more toffee bars. I just want to be sure I have enough at hand for my week out of town coming up. Also got some chocolate shakes to take along in case the pressure to have something in the morning communally gets too much. Let's see how this goes, hmmm. On a lighter note, I went shopping!!! Yeyyyy!!! Got a lovely Versace bag today, it's awesome and quite fancy - even for me. And some nice peep toe flats. Just felt like pampering myself lol. I also heard the hotel we'll be lodging in has complete fitness facilities with steam room, sauna and spa. Hope to take advantage of these lovelies while missing out on the nosh. Lolololz....g'nite and I'll see you in the morning after weigh in, you betcha!!!;)
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S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Stat update time! 92.1kg with a BMI of 29. Booyah!!!:wee::woohoo:

Off to have my chocolate shake Irish cream beanie coffee combo with my strawberry apple bar breakfast (half n half of each).

I got a feeling....that today's gonna be a good day....:bunnydance:
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Ok! So what was different between last week with just a 0.1kg drop and this week with a whole 2kg? Apart from being 99.9% on plan this week (had a bit of meat at an office function on Friday:oops:). I think the TOTM may have contributed a bit more than I assumed it did - it never really did affect in the past but you never know with these things... anyway not to dwell on the little stuff too much; I do think it's mostly summarized by just stick to the bloody plan already and you'll see results fast :)
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Saw a woman at the pool today, and first thought was - that used to be me. She was massive but the most important thing was she didn't give a hoot. She was having the time of her life in the pool. I guess I was staring - she avoided my gaze - but if only she could know that I was admiring the hell out of her. I wish I could do that then; even now I still go for all the cover ups possible to wear in a pool without being thrown out for inappropriate or wrong outfit, lol. Speaking of which - I'm gonna have a lot of swimming coming up in the next few days :)
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
So the stupidest of things happened to me today...of which I am still seething. :flamingmade:Crazy enough, there was a time when if what I am bout to talk bout happened, I would be highly amused, albeit a bit irritated, but today it was down right annoying.:rolleyes:

Ok, so I go to get my long expected bank card, no time to do that for over 3 months since it's been due for collection - due to work pressure - and because I have an afternoon flight I felt I could quickly pop in and sort that out at last. And then it happens. They do not recognize me. And I get delayed standing there boiling while a trail of smirking apologetic officials keep glancing at me and at their system while I'm being horribly delayed. The get my signature a couple of times, and when that isn't ok they subject me to biometric testing. What gall. What utter rubbish. And I have a flight to catch. One comes up with a look that says sorry, and says perhaps I may considering updating my details on their file to avoid "future embarrassments". Thanks but no thanks, not today...As I'm about to flounce out in disgust, one quickly accosts me by the door - she want to know 'how did you do it, the change in my looks is really dramatic"... I don't have time for all that now, unfortunately. Me have a plane to catch. #MicDrop:cool:! Toodles!
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Guess I'm getting close to where I was a few years ago, lol. It was fun back then...all the double taking...but it's kinda old now since this is more of a reversal therapy...I shouldn't have regained some of the weight back in the first place. I can't wait to get to target then step myself up to a point where I can attempt to repair or at least normalize my metabolism. All this is so bloody experimental, but it's worth a frigging try, what you think? For the record though, I love looking hot, which I do right now if I say so myself.

Sneak peak at the scale and it's 91.7. Seems I'm gonna hit the 80's sooner than expected :D
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Horribly delayed flight. Bah! And I get the window seat with so many heavy weights between me and the aisle. And I told the lady at the check in counter to get me a bluday aisle seat. The toilet breaks will be real fun on this flight. #sigh. Well I have my bar handy, so when those dried up boring flight snacks go round I can stick out my pinky and look down at the mere mortals stuffing their faces with 'plane' stuff (pun very much intended )while I ingest superior nutrition in the form of my 'toffeeh bahr'!:p
S: 89kg C: 87.8kg G: 75kg BMI: 27.8 Loss: 1.2kg(1.33%)
Bumped into someone who knew me from way back - pre cambridge times, I remember us seeing in 2014 back when I just came off my mega weight drop the first time and all the hype back then. So she comes round to say hi, and also feels quite obliged to comment on awesome maintenance skills - so it wasn't a flash in the pan - that sort of thing. Yada Yada...if only she knew, hehehe... ah well, there's s much pressure one way or the other when one embarks on life changing experiences such as this one, sigh. Do you want to imagine all the 'typical' remarks you may or may not directly or indirectly get when the weight all piles back....or does not.... or why care anyway.... I rant.