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Hi everyone, I'm new to minimins so I'm still figuring out how everything works, but I thought I'd share a 2 syn mug cake that I made tonight that was delicious!

1 options belgian chocolate sachet
2 eggs
2.5 tablespoons of sweetener
1 teaspoon of choc shot

Mix it all together in a mug and microwave for 50 seconds, take it out and check it, then return to the microwave for another 50 seconds!

I've got a blog that I'll be posting more recipes and such on, so if you like this please check it out!:p
If anyone has any other low syn desert ideas, please let me know, as this was delicious!
Might be a silly question but what is choc shot? o_O

It's a product which is a thick chocolate syrup/sauce but only 1/2 syn (14 calories) per level teaspoon or 2 syns for a level tablespoon.

It's lush - you can make hot chocolate from it, use it as a sauce on fruit, mix it in with quark to make a thick mousse-type dessert - LOADS of uses. It's fab. You can buy it from most big supermarkets and it's usually next to all the other hot chocolate stuff. Comes in spiced orange and coconut flavours too.

Looks like this
Thank you! I found it in sainsbury last night. Are all the different flavours the same syns?

I put a little on top of my strawberry frozen yogurt and it was fantastic!