2 week trial. Sarah's diary.

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by slimsarah, 24 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    So after reading about this I'm giving it a shot.

    seems. Bit too good to be true.... That's why I'm gonna try it out.

    Im doing 6pm-6pm

    yesterday I started on an up day till 6pm
    so Wednesday from 6pm until 6pm tonight is my DD. I have had a celebrity slim bar for 204 cals, a pack of Vimto chewy sweets for 115 cals and a few splashes of semi skimmed milk in my coffee. Around 400 cals

    Must admit I'm finding it really hard to get my head around NOT calorie counting on my UD.

    The website suggests 406 cals for DD
    2028 on an UD

    THATS THE 20% mode the 25% mode is 507 cals. I will do this no problem knowing I've got an UD just around the corner.

    Well if I can stick to exante as hardcore as I did, I'm pretty sure I can cope with having 2000 cals every other day xxx
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  3. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    Wow well done on your weight loss to date. What an amazing job you've done. JUDDD does work!
    However if you've come straight over from a VLCD you may find at first your weight goes up a little so you might need a month to see results.
    I do the calendar day version..ie my last proper UD meal is usually about 7.30pm one day & then next day I have under 500 cals all day go to bed and restart with UD the next morning at breakfast. So more like 32 hrs. I do this only Mon/Wed/Fri. JUDDD is so flexible though its great!
  4. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I came off the VLCD a few months back, been trying to calorie count but not very successfully so willing to give this a shot :)

    I am going to try try try to stay off the scales for this 2 week trial...... Eeek, I'm bit of a scale hopper.

  5. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Hi Sarah, so glad to see an old Exante pal converting to this, it really does work and I think it might be the breath of fresh air you've been looking for!!

    I'm doing Fast 5 from today so i have an eating window of 5 hours each evening, a 1 week trial so lets see how we get on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Ahhhh you've just explained fast 5! I asked on your diary earlier what it meant, I think I could do that.

    whats your calorie intake like on your UD? And do you literally eat what you want to eat? xxx
  7. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Ok ok ok I'm a sneaky dirty little scale hopper. I just cannot help my sorry self. I don't know why I do it but I do.

    however I am pleased to report a 2 lb loss so far. I now make a pledge I will not get on those pesky scales until a week weds.

    Im in shock. I have eaten like a pig on my UD's so far and I have had on average around 400 cals on my down days.

    possibly for the first time ever I'm in no rush to lose the weight, of course I would love it to drop off but I realise that the only way that will happen for me is VLCD, and as much as I love the push exante gave me I also realise I cannot go down that route again. That was a case of desperate times call for desperate measures. My goal is to get there by August 2013.

    keeping my fingers crossed this wasn't a random weight fluctuation and this way of eating will really work for me. I'm reluctant to call this a diet as if you could see what I've eaten on my UD you would think I was on a quest to gain weight.

    i can't remember what day I started JUDDD. I'm starting an UD this evening and I'm going to keep a food diary on here so I can see what I'm putting away.

    yesterday evening until today has been a DD and I've had a celebrity slim cafe latte shake for 212 cals
    a quarter pack of wafer to chicken 45cals and 200ml of semi skimmed milk 100cals and a slice of ham for 30cals

    thats 384 for the day ... And it's been pretty straight forward :)
  8. BedtimeBear

    BedtimeBear Full Member

    Good luck and well done on your weight loss so far. x
  9. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Thankyou, just read your diary, hoping to follow suit :) xxx
  10. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    Well done, so glad you have got off to a good start! Like you I find the UD's harder than the DD's, its sometimes easy to get carried away, but you will soon find out what you can & can't 'get away with'!!:D
  11. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    LOL Jilly, yes it is trial and error!! Mostly trial and then error on my part though!

    Sarah, trust the plan it does work, you'll find after the first few up days your brain does realise it will have food again............just tomorrow or later on, the UP day binging subsides as well I found.

    DDU for me today as I've binned fast 5, I was eating too much in the evenings, I prefer my JUDDD days it fits better with my weekend as well.

    As you know I am a scale hopper too, I like to weigh every day on JUDDD as I like to see what happens after a DDU or a UUD, but I don't let it get to me if I see a gain as I know my next fast is just around the corner. I've lost 7.5lbs in 2 weeks, nothing this week yet, but like you I am happy to settle for normal losses of 1-2 per week now, I am never doing VLCD again!!!
  12. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    How you getting on?
  13. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member


    I'm here red faced (again) haha

    well I failed but.......

    I am back and I'm pretty sure I am now in the right frame of mind.

    I couldnt crontrol my down days. I was toying with exante again, thinking of slimming world and considering atkins. Yesterday it was like something clicked in my head, so I decided to see if I could manage a fasting day. And I did. Yayyyy.

    Im not doing 5-5 because I have found in that 24 hour period I can eat wayyyy too much. I finfished eating sunday evening around 9pm and fasted from then until today (tuesday) at 8.15 am. I will allow myself to eat today whenever I wish and tomorrow from when I wake until I go to sleep I will be fasting.

    So to sound a little less confusing


    TUES- UP




    SAT & SUN - UP

    The funny thing is i was lying in bed last night convinced I wold wake up and be raiding the cupboards and I woke up not even slightly hungry. I have had a bowl of special K and a few coffees. Will have a jacket pot beans and cheese for lunch and something in work later. Will keep this updated. Xxx
  14. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Yeah totally agree we've talked about this a lot of late about 5-5, I think it's best to start with full UD/DD and then as you get into the swing of it you can make your own tweaks, I'm doing a potato day tomorrow, for both curiosity and the fact I really like potatoes! LOL

    You've got the right wurzel head on this time, I can tell
  15. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    God my spelling is awful, its not really! Its cos im posting off my phone or ipad, you cant beat a proper keyboard xxx
  16. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    :pcwhack:I think what has 'clicked' for me is....

    I have had a very indulgent few weeks, takeaways etc. after this weekend, i hopped on the scales and saw the number 15. This TERRIFIED ME. This is my slippery slope. Obviously the weekend weight had dropped by monday morning but just seeing a 15 was the wake up call I needed. I dont want to go down the vlcd route again or be logging into minimins this time next year saying I am back at square 1.

    So this morning the scales read 14.10 PHEW. Obviously not ideal as in june last year I had gotten down to around 12.12.

    I know that I can easily lose a stone in a matter of a few of weeks If i put my mind to it. Im in no rush though and ideally, realistically speaking I would like to lose 3 stone by around july/august.

    I cannot see a 15 on those scales again. I just will not let that happen. I realise that wasnt a true weight as I dropped 4lb over night so most of it was water but still had that OMG WHAT THE F**K moment haha.

    This time last year I was on minimins weighing around 18 stone only wishing to weigh what I weigh now. I dot want to get to summertime and weigh that again because believe me I am more than capable of gaining that kinda timber in such a short amount of time haha.

    I will do this without resorting to vlcd :) xxx
  17. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    God, I could have written that post 3 months ago. Just before moving from AD to Dubai life was a bit upside down with jobs and the house move and stuff and of course leaving Abu Dhabi parties, I managed to get myself up to 14.10 at the beginning of December 2012, it has been a long time since I was that on the scales and I really battled to get it back under the 14's, I thought it'd drop off but it didn't and I was pretty scared :eek: at how much I had piled on so quickly, I got down a bit before JUDDD and my weight loss has been erratic to say the least, but I've probably persevered more with this plan than any other I've tried because I have to find a way to make this work and if it's a pound a week then so be it, because I really can't go back to counting anything, points, syns, carbs, just no!! Nor do I want to be on a diet for the rest of my days.

    You've done the hard part and got the scare you needed, we can do this together, just like before!! xxxxxxx
  18. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Thanks for that post! At least I know I'm not alone. It's scary how quick it goes on.

    Well I'm fasting again today and its going ok. Don't get me wrong I'd rather be not fasting haha but it's all ok. Had 100 cals so far. I can see this plan working for me, I've just got to actually do it rather than sit about chatting about it or thinking about it. I don't mind losing it slowly just so long as I know it's coming off. Sooo scary seeing a 15 again though, if I'd of ignored it I can guarantee it wouldn't be too long before I was seeing a 16. I found an old exante pack earlier, it's out of date but I opened it and smelt it..... NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN. I can't go back to 3 of those a day, just the smell took me right back to last summer, a fridge full of coke zero (which I am still quite fond of) the blender permanently on the kitchen side and having a constant argument with myself about wether I should treat myself to a hard boiled egg.

    At least with this I can plan my fasting days around my life rather than plan my life around a diet. And I can drink YAYYYY.

    I will have a sneaky mini weigh in on Saturday morning just to see how I'm doing. I will give it a full two weeks though to get a true weight loss number. My first goal is to get into the 13's again. I'm comfortable there. I know it's only a number but I like seeing that number. xxx
  19. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    I had a very brief flirtation about going back on S & S last week, but I remember how fed up I got of it and having no social life just drained me of the will to live, the losses are fab but they come at a price and I reread my exante diary recently and put a very facetious comment in it about not being sure why I ever gave it up, I was so happy on that diet, god I really wasn't I think it was 50 odd pages of moans and groans and permanent headaches, not to mention the hair fall and eczema. My hair has only recently gone back to normal too!

    I know what you mean about the DD's every DD I say is this really worth it, then I realise what the alternatives are and decide it's a pretty fair trade for living a normal life, I haven't told anyone I'm doing it and poor Gerry has given up trying to understand what I'm doing! Anyway with all the talk about 5:2 I'm sure it's much more widely accepted as a norm than VLCD ever will be. I also get very put off the VLCD route again by looking at the sheer number of re starters on the forum, it just doesn't bode well for long term losses.

    You've hit the nail on the head about JUDDD it works for us, not the other way round and I think thats why I've persevered with it, because honestly, I was out of options and could just see myself losing the same 3 stone over and over and over again.

    LMAO at the boiled egg, the things we put ourselves through, pair of nutters!
  20. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Hahaha I just asked over on your thread about how your other half feels about you dieting. Mine is sick of hearing about it. I'm gonna go and read my exante diary! xxx
  21. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Omg the hair loss! I really really really suffered with hairloss. Terribly. It's just starting to get back to normal thankgod. I though I was gonna end up bald. Was really worried at one point, that is my main reason for not wanting to VLCD again. It was coming out in handfuls. Even the other half commented on how he was finding my hair everywhere, how bloody scary. Xxx
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