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2 weeks to get to 11st


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Hi, I have been dieting for 12 weeks now and have lost 28lbs, started calorie counting then VLCD. I am on a 12lbs in 12 days challenge, I am going to stick 100% as I have my sisters wedding and need to fit into my dress LOL.
I am on day 2 and so far so good. I did VLCD 2 weeks ago and lost 8ls in 5 days then had weekend off for a family do, the next week I did it and lost 2lbs in 4 days (plus whatever I gained over the weekend). I had a wedding last weekend so gained 2lbs which is why I am now giving myself this challenge.
Keep me posted on how you are doing;)
Your doing really well there, 12lbs in 12 days is quite an ambitious target, but if you don't try you have no chance of succeeding.

I have done vlcd's in the past and although the first week loss is great if I can maintain 4lb a week thereafter I am pretty happy. I snuck on the scales this morning and am down to 11 5.5, so not doing too bad.

How about you so far, or are you resisting the daily weigh-in!!!?


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I only weigh once a week as I got a bit addicted a while back so I limit myself, but I know I have lost already as my trousers were really loose today and they had just come out of the Tumble, also 3 people commented on how much weight I had lost , still sticking to it and feeling good. It is ambitious but I am hoping for about 8lbs this week and then 4lbs next week, well I am hoping anyway.
You are nearly there, good going;) My weigh in will be Sat morning and I am really looking forward to it, that sounds so sad doesn't it:eek:


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Lost 5lbs this week (5days in) really pleased with that, not sure I will make my target but I will keep plugging away. How are you doing?
That is great, well done!. I feel horribly off the wagon this weekend and am struggling to get back on, with only 7 days to go I don't think I'll manage it now, but I must keep positive and get back into the right frame of mind.

Good to hear from you, it's helped me get my mind sorted to get back on the case!!


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Put your 'bad' days behind you and focus on the next 7 days, I got very wobbly over the weekend but tried to keep busy and it has worked. Keep focused you CAN do it;)


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Lost another 5lbs this week didn't expect that as I really couldn't see or feel any loss, but absolutely delighted. I didn't quite make 12lbs in 12 days but lost 10lbs in 11 days so pretty close;)
How are you getting on did you manage to get back on the wagon?
I see everyone saying they're on a Very Low Calorie Diet and they've lost this and that....but what diets are you on?

I'd LOVE to loose 12lbs in however many days to kick start my new eating plan. Anyone care to share? :D

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