1. clayderwoman

    clayderwoman New Member

    I know this is going to sound completely impossible but i need to lose a dress size in 2 weeks.
    I bought a dress for my graduation ball ages ago and it fit beautifully Its absolutely stunning and I felt amazing in it. Since then with all the revision my weight loss plan has gone to pot and i've put on weight and I'm about a dress size bigger than I was (I'd previously lost nearly 2 stone before everything stopped for revision).
    After just finishing my degree I really can't afford to buy another dress.
    I've been to see a dress maker and she can let out the dress about 1/2 an inch but no more :cry:so the weight has to go.

    I know I'm new but I'd really appreciate any advice you guys have.


    Nicky x
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  3. JamesD

    JamesD Member

    I don't really have any specific advice (sorry!), just wanted to wish you lots of luck.


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