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2008 prices


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i pay £47 for 28 and £2 for tetras, dont think prices gone up, just they can charge whatever they want

Shrinking Nicky

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That is right, we can charge whatever we want, however £40 sounds expensive! Personally I sell at £36 per box or £1.75 per item - 25p less per item or 12 1/2% less per item!

I would call around & see if there is anyone else locally that does it closer to the rrp.

CDC Swindon


Live the dream...
That's what I thought, Nicky... I know CDCs can charge what they want, but that looks a bit like too much to me, considering what the RRPs are.

Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep looking...
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I used to pay £40 with my old cdc, now i pay £35 with my new cdc and she posts it down for me when i am not near to her still only costs me £39 with postage lol.....

think some cdc's take advantage..

i would find another one personally :)
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at my cdc training i was told price rise was in july (end of financial year) so its not that... BUT i was also told that in london the cdc's overheads are a lot higher than say those in midlands and up north hence the higher prices i guess!


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My CDC charges charges reasonable prices:

£1.65 for shakes/soups
£1.85 per tetra block
£1.90 for bars [never bought any of them, so not 100% sure if that last price is right...]


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Not sure of individual prices but just ordered 7 bars, 7 shakes & 7 tetras. CDC asked me to make cheque out for £41.30.


Live the dream...
I've found a new CDC who charges £35 for the standard 21 packs. She also seems to take extra care of her clients - was worried that 1 hour for the initial meeting wouldn't be enough, only does 1-1s, and apparently gives you some motivational/mind changing exercises to do daily. Seems to be just what I wanted... :) I'll find out a bit more on Thursday.
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nice one.. glad you foudn the right one :)

blind me sez thats way expensive.. i wouldnt be happy with that ...

no matter what i have from my cdc weather bars tetras packs classes as 21 packs so £34.50 but i allways give her £35 :)
My CDC charged £1.80 for everything, whatever you bought.


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Yvonne is right, as that's still the rrp. The annual price rise is due in July.

As has been said, a cdc is self-employed, and can technically charge whatever they like. Having said that, London cdcs pay exactly the same price as cdcs everywhere, so there's no reason why they should charge more simply because they're in London!

Jo x


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my CDC charges 1.65 per item, whatever i have
and I can buy as many or as little as i like (like when i cheated for a week and had 10 spare ones over!! oops)

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